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IBA DU 1 wins IUT IV 2014

Saad Ashraf retains his title. IBA 2 won the Runnersup trophy. Click here to read more

England wins WSDC Thailand 2014

England successfully opposed the motion to win against South Africa with a 7-2 margin. Click here to read more.

SMK DJ (Malaysia) wins ASDC 2014

SMK Damansara Jaya 2 (Malaysia) [Eliza Chow, Evan Wong, Deborah Wong Kai Wai]. Click here to read more

Team Summerfield makes history at ASDC 2014!

They broke in the main category and defeated Ateneo 2, and 1 to reach the semis. Click here to read more

Team Bangladesh wins IUB IV 2014

Adi and Iffat, two school kids, amaze the entire uni circuit by clinching the trophy. Click here to read more

RAJUK ASDC Bangladesh 2015 it is!!

ASDC councils votes RAJUK to host ASDC 2015. Click here to read more

NTU A wins UADC 2014!

Click here to read more

Wasifa and Iffat wins BRAC Womens Open 2014!

Marking the Women's Day, BUDC organised an all women's debating championship. Click here to read more

Harvard A wins Chennai WUDC 2014!

The World Champions in the Open category, Harvard A(Ben Sprung-Keyser and Josh Zoffer). Click here to read more

NSU Wins BUET IV 2013 WUPID Bangladesh

Saad Bin Amjad and Abu Saleh Didar wins the free slot of WUPID 2013. Click here to read more!

ESS 1 won the BDC Pre Worlds 2013

Click here to read more!

JDC and VDC break at AWSDC 2013

Click here to read more!

IBA DU 2 breaks in ESL Category of Australs 2013

Click here to read about the other Australs 2013 results!


North South University 3 (Saad, Didar and Kaisar) wins AUW IV 2013. Full results here.

UPD wins UADC 2013!

Champion: UPD 1 (Carlo Borromeo,Val Inting, Jesus Falcis) Runners-up: NUS 1 (Imran Rahim, Xiao Hongyu, Kelvin Chong )

UT MARA wins the bid: WORLDS 2015!

UT MARA wins the bid to host World Universities Debating Championship 2015.

BSDC 2012 Results, Break and Motions!

Prop: Team Academia (Md. Taosif Amin Khan, Shariar Nobi and Saquib Shahzad) wins BSDC 2012!

Debate Motions

All the following debate motions are from national and international debate championships from 2010 till date (196 championships).

Jul 22, 2013

Australs 2013 Tab!

The tab is out, and it was fast. :)

Here it is: http://australs2013.3tab.org/