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Debate Motions

All the following debate motions are from national and international debate championships from 2010 till date (267 championships).

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BUP IV 2016 

Round 1:

THW establish science councils with the power to veto political decisions

Round 2:

Info Slide:

A government experiment has gone wrong creating a monster within a 11 year old child, the child's body & mind alternates between her original body and the state of a monster. The child has no memory/consciousness when in the monster state of her actions. Attempts at reversing/controlling the procedure have failed.


THW kill the child

Round 3:

THW grant immigrants citizenship in exchange of military service

Round 4:

TH regrets the commercialization of feminism

Round 5:

THBT official inter-government resolution of war atrocities must receive the approval of victims

Pre Semis: 

THW prevent media from covering ongoing events pertaining to national security

Semifinal/ Novice final:

THW severely punish pro athletes for immoral off field behavior


THW oppose the marketing of indigenous cultures for the purpose of tourism

PreWorlds 2016

Round 1

TH will place greater weight-age to the votes of younger voters in all nationals polls

Round 2

TH would replace traditional welfare benefits (Including but not limited to food stamps and housing vouchers) with a state provided guaranteed minimum income

Round 3

Info Slide:

Alternative medicine is any practice that is put forward as having the healing effects of medicine but doesn't originate from evidence gathered using scientific method


THW ban alternative medicine/treatment

Round 4

TH prefers a world where Iran actively propagates shia ideology overseas 

Round 5

THBT Muslim feminists in western liberal democracies should separate themselves from mainstream feminism

Round 6

Info Slide:

Tiger Parent is a term which reefers to a strict or demanding parent who pushes their child to be successful 


TH supports Tiger Parenting

IUB Ascension 2016

R1 - THW offer citizenship to foreign players for the improvement of the national sports team.

R2 - THW prosecute the organizers of inflammatory/racist political campaigns as accessory to all hate crimes that occur during that time period in that region.

R3 - THW prefer to live in a Society where the personal details (background, religion, race, University ;)) of sensational/violent criminals/terrorists is not revealed

R4 - This house believes that feminism should fight the social norm that stigmatizes paying for sexual services.

R5 - THW put an absolute cap on non-medical, non-emergency expenditure by parents on each of their children.

Novice Quarters and Open Pre-Quarters:

Technology has created a blue pill that will make you forget instances, events, persons and parts of life that you want to forget (for example, heartbreak, trauma, failure, etc.)

TH prefers that the blue pill did NOT exist.

Novice Semis and Open Quarter:

THBT all asian nations should reprioritize their foreign policies to create a Pan-Asian super power

Novice Final and Open Semi:

TH prefers the depiction of public/super heroes as characters with both positive and negative traits rather than ideal good characters.

Open Final:

THW create tribal courts for Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) that will have jurisdiction over all crimes committed in CHT, involving indigenous people

WAustrals 2016 

Open Grand Final

THBT the modern breast feeding movement has done more harm than good

THBT feminists should oppose drag culture

THBT feminists should refrain from using the act of sex to further their personal or political goals

ESL Grand Final

THBT we should oppose the Teach for All programme.

THBT as a middle class African-American parent, given the choice between an under-performing but predominantly African American school and a high performing but predominantly white school, we should choose to send our children to the predominantly African-American school.

THBT we should give control of education curriculum administration and policy (eg teacher pay and curricula) to teachers’ unions.

Open Semifinals

THBT we should abolish corporate/company tax.

THBT we should establish an international body responsible for taxing and redistributing income earned by multi-national corporations such as Facebook and Google.

THBT we should allow income splitting. (Income splitting allows a person to allocate part of their income to their partner for tax purposes. e.g. Kirkby earns $0, Nick earns $100,000. Each is taxed at $50,000 each. It is not taxing them at $100,000 as if they are one person.)

Open Quarterfinals

THBT we regret the efforts of the United States to make housing more affordable.

THBT we, as China, should compensate venture capital/private equity firms for investment losses in China.

THBT the pro-Palestine movement should not liken Israel to apartheid.

ESL Semifinals

THBT the narrative that charitable initiatives can be profitable (e.g. micro-financing, impact investment) has done more harm than good.

THBT charities should not accept donations made by public figures as part of a public apology (e.g. public figures who are criticized for being misogynists and then donate to domestic violence charities).

THBT the state should not provide legal recognition and support to charities whose main goal is to raise awareness.

Open Octofinals

THBT, where home schooling exists, we should ban religious individuals from homeschooling their children.

THBT we, as the Catholic Church, would abolish sainthoods and canonisation.

THBT individuals should always have the right to temporarily enter a state for the purposes of pilgrimage.

Round 8

THBT where the state has negotiated a sale of public land they must first offer indigenous groups the chance to purchase the land on the same terms.

THBT the state should exclusively focus on rectifying current inequalities to the exclusion of compensating for historical injustices

THBT local communities should be able to cap the number of tourists that enter their region over a specific period of time

Round 7

THBT we should legalize secondary strikes/solidarity action. (industrial action taken by a workforce in support of another, separate workforce)

THBT we should allow employees to give up workplace rights in exchange for higher wages.

THBT we would prefer a world where the norm is that people hold multiple part time jobs instead of the current norm of one full time job.

Round 6

THBT citizenships should be placed on an international market for sale and purchase.

THBT the European Union should opt for less integration among its current member states.

THBT refugees should be able to bypass standard refugee quotas and procedures if they have an individual citizen take responsibility for them.

Round 5

THBT we should ban animal eugenics programmes (e.g.: selective breeding and pure breeding)

THBT we should cease all state initiated conservation projects

THBT we should oppose giving human rights to individual animals who pass self-recognition tests unless the whole species are granted those rights

Round 4

THBT public universities should not implement speech codes or codes of conduct that limit expression beyond the laws of that country.

THBT we should regret the increasing dominance of academic discourse in civil rights movements (e.g. gender studies to feminism and queer studies to that queer rights movement)

THBT universities and companies should only be allowed to recruit students and employees via a blind application process.

Round 3

THBT we should reject the culture of fearing death.

THBT we would prefer a world with only one language.

THBT humans should attempt to suppress their sense of beauty.

Round 2

THBT we should allow people to sue media companies over harms that are created due to factual misinformation that they published.

THBT we should regret dating/hookup websites allowing their users filtering results on the basis of demographic characteristics (race, gender, age etc.)

THBT Facebook should proactively suppress extremist content

Round 1

THBT where private prisons exist, they should be allowed to train/educate inmates in return for a percentage of that prisoner’s income that they earn after they leave prison.

THBT we should ban litigation funding.

THBT the state should fully compensate the victims of crimes committed by recidivist criminals.

IUB NDDC 7 Round 1.0 2016


Round 1: THBT people should not take part in public discussions concerning identity groups to which they do not belong

Round 2: This House believes that technology companies with significant market shares should not be eligible for patent protection

Round 3: TH as an influential female figure in Hollywood would lobby to ensure the casting of Priyanka Chopra as the next Bond

Round 4: THW prevent the depiction of cult leaders , their ideologies and their actions from all mainstream media

Round 5: This House would require democratic states to hold a national referendum before entering any regional trade bloc.

Round 6: This House believes that the Obama Administration’s foreign policy has done more harm than good

Round 7: TH as a Hijra in a developing nation, would not align himself/herself with the international LGBTQ community


Open Quarter Finals:

THW ban religious institutions from accepting donations from individuals with an income below the national median

Novice Pre Semis:

THW legalize the use of Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sports

Novice Semi-Finals:

THW require universities to pay damages to students who have been unable to gain employment in a field relevant to their studies within a period of 5 years of graduation

Open Semi-Finals:

All his life, Kuddus has been told he's special, because, as his parents said, "everyone is special!" He didn't feel particularly special when he passed out of school, joined a mediocre job, settled down into a marriage and had pretty average kids. Then one day his daughter asked him how she looked in her lal jama and he said, "You look beautiful. You know, everyone is beautiful, in their own way." 

TH, as Kuddus, would prefer to live in a world where no rhetoric or narrative of the uniqueness or specialty of an individual exists. 

Novice Final:

THW cap the salaries and benefits of top executives at major corporations


Donald Trump wakes up one fine morning. After putting on his new gold encrusted toupe and checking the dimensions for the great wall of Mexico, he ponders on how to save the world. He realizes he has JUST enough finances to contact the world's greatest and most powerful private army for one ultimate mission - a blanket and indiscriminate attack on ISIS in the Middle East. 

This attack, which if successful, may result in a landslide victory for Trump as the next President of USA. In fact, you've just gone into the future using your magic ring and, lo and behold, The Donald is sitting in the White House.

The Magic Ring can also take you into the past, change world events and, the best thing, it changes color based on your mood.

TH, as a citizen of the global world, would be chill with unleashing Trump's Army

BUET IV 2016

Round 1: THBT prominent social activists (e.g. Nelson Mandela, Anna Hazare, Imran H. Sarker) should never run for any public office.

Round 2: THBT the education system should teach harsh realities of life to children rather than always instil hope/optimism

Round 3: Info Slide: "Racial Bechedel" test is a test for context in  movies, television etc. that the ADj. core just invented. In order to pass a "Racial Bechedel" Test , a movie must have two non white characters talk to each other for atleast 15 minutes. The topic of conversation can't be a white person.

THW require all the movies to pass the "Racial Bechedel" Test before being released. 

Round 4: TH, as a gay Palestinian, would co-operate with the IDF against Hamas

Pre Semis: THBT militaries should aggressively engage in genetic and bionic enhancement of

consenting soldiers.

Semis: TH prefers a corrupt center left over a fresh right wing

Grand Final: THBT the IMF, World Bank, ECB, etc should require states in need of bailouts to 

provide collateral ( eg. mining rights, land and share in privatized assets).

ASDC 2016

Round 1

Theme: “Ban All”

THW ban all advertisements targeted at children

THW ban all religions

THW ban All Hook-Up Platforms (e.g. Tinder, Grindr)

Round 2

Theme: Feminism

TH, as a feminist, would reject/condemn any laws created specifically in the name of women's safety or protection.

TH, as feminists, celebrates the rise of industries that feature women as purchasers of male sexuality (host-bars, macho-cafes, etc).

Info Slide: FEMEN is a feminist activist group intended to protect women's rights. The organization became internationally known for organizing controversial topless protests against sex tourism, religious institutions, sexism, homophobia and other social, national and international topics. The organization describes itself as "fighting patriarchy in its three manifestations - sexual exploitation of women, dictatorship and religion" and has stated that its goal is "sextremism serving to protect women's rights".

As A Feminist, THW Reject FEMEN

Round 3

Theme: It’s Only Fun If You Make It Fun

In the event an alien invasion happens, THW give up our resources in exchange for assimilation into their planet.

TH, as a time traveler, would go back, kidnap baby Hitler and place him in the custody of a Jewish family

TH, as DC Comics, would reveal Superman to be Muslim

Round 4

Theme: War

Info Slide: A scorched earth policy is a military strategy that targets anything that might be useful to the enemy while advancing through or withdrawing from an area. Specifically, all of the assets that are used or can be used by the enemy are targeted, such as food sources, transportation, communications, industrial resources, and even the people in the area. The practice can be carried out by the military in enemy territory, or in its own home territory. It may overlap with, but is not the same as, punitive destruction of the enemy's resources, which is done for purely political reasons rather than strategic/operational reasons.

TH supports a ‘scorched earth policy’ approach in combatting ISIS

THW manipulate individuals into escalating the war on terror

In post conflict societies, THW recruit former rebels into the new government's military in exchange for pardon

Round 5

Theme: Pop Culture

Info Slide: A 'taboo shocker' is the use of extreme and graphic imagery in order to elicit shock and awe in viewers. (e.g. stabbing pregnant women and rape of teenagers in Game of Thrones)

TH regrets the use of taboo shockers in popular TV and movie series

TH regrets movies and TV programmes that over-glorify villains (i.e. Hannibal, The Joker)

THBT talent shows (e.g. American Idol) should not use their contestant's deeply personal and tragic stories

Round 6

Theme: Guilt

THBT parents should refrain from using guilt to discipline their children

TH regrets politicians resigning for incidents that they did not have direct responsibility over.

THW actively de-emphasize the need for world leaders to apologize for the atrocities of their nations' past

Novice Pre-Semis/Open Quarters

Theme: North East Asia

THBT the international community should pressure South Korea into not prioritizing North Korean defectors in their provision of refugee status

THW launch an airstrike against the Yongbyon nuclear facility in North Korea

THW actively stop China from creating islands in the South China Sea

Novice Semis

Theme: Language & Education

Info Slide: Multidisciplinary graduates are individuals who graduate from universities with more than 1 specialization, preferably with specializations that complement one another.

THW force all university graduates to be multi-disciplinary graduates

THW hire staff in all schools to take over all functions from teachers except the actual teaching of the curriculum

Info Slide: A dominant language, in the context of this debate, refers to the main language of trade and communication used in the country. For instance, in most countries, this will be the English Language

TH supports the growing trend of culturally re-interpreting dominant languages to fit the community (e.g. Singlish/Manglish/Spanglish)

Open Semis

Theme: The Future

Assuming that it is feasible, THW actively encourage private mining operations in space.

THW ban virtual reality applications that simulate real-life relationships (in both their positive and negative aspects)

Info Slide: Cryogenic freezing is a type of freezing which requires extremely low temperatures, generally below -2380 F (-1500 C). By using cryogenic freezing, it is possible in theory to keep an object frozen indefinitely without any "aging" related loss in the object. Generally, cryogenic freezing is used to freeze living objects. It is a process developed to safely freeze and thaw living objects so they can be revived to the exact condition they were in when they entered the freezing process.

THW allow individuals to cryogenically freeze themselves even if they are still alive.

Novice Grand Finals

Theme: United States of America

Info Slide: The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is an agency of the United States Department of Homeland Security. The agency's primary purpose is to coordinate the response to disasters that have occurred in the United States and that overwhelms the resources of local and state authorities.

As FEMA, THW pull disaster relief funds from states that endorse the denial of global warming

THW ban the depiction of violence in the promotion of police and army recruitment videos

THBT Bernie Sanders should run as an independent candidate in the Presidential Elections

Open Grand Finals

Theme: Discrimination

Info Slide: Gawker and its spinoffs (Jezebel, Deadspin, etc.) are known for controversial click-friendly news, and has published content both good (such as synthesizing the accusations against Bill Cosby) and objectionable (such as the outing of celebrities).

Peter Thiel is a billionaire venture capitalist and hedgefund manager, who was outed in a Gawker article in Dec. 2007. He has since paid for lawsuits against Gawker, including the recent lawsuit by Terry Bollea (Hulk Hogan) which won the former wrestler $140 million.

TH supports Peter Thiel's war against Gawker Media

TH regrets the rise of alteration products and services targeted to alter one’s skin

Assuming feasibility, THW no longer allow anonymity on the internet


Round 1: Feminism

(FEMEN is a group of topless female activists. The organization became internationally known for organizing controversial topless protests against sex tourism, religious institutions,sexism, homophobia and other social, national and international topics.)

THBT the feminist movement should excommunicate the FEMEN. 

THBT the feminist movement has failed the African American movement (women).

(Mahila courts are specialized courts set up to dispense justice to women. They speedily deal with and disposeoff cases pertaining to women fighting legal battles following matrimonial discord. Mahila courts are headed by experienced women judges and magistrates and the staff employed in such courts is also predominantly female. These courts deal exclusively with cases pertaining to offences against women. These courts serve the purpose, with great sensitivity, of rendering justice in criminal matters pertaining to women victims. The procedure followed in these courts is informal and comforting for women.)

THS Mahila Courts

Round 2: Middle East

THBT the USA should cut all ties with the current ruling regime in Saudi Arabia. 

TH prefers a secular dictator to a religious democracy

(Anonymous (proper noun) is a loosely associated international network of activist and hacktivist entities. The group became known for a series of well-publicized publicity stunts and cyber attacks on government, religious, and corporate websites.)

TH as the US Govt will support Anonymous to attack the ISIS.

Round 3: Economics

THR the manned moon landings

In times of economic crisis, THW abandon all welfare in favor of economic stimulus.

THW allocate a tradable carbon consumption quota for all civilians. 

Round 3.5: Hoch Poch (Troll)

THBT Bangladesh should re-claim ownership of Kashmir. 

THW allow adjudicators to ask POIs in Asian Parliamentary Debates. 

Assuming God existed and revealed himself/herself on Tinder, THW swipe left.

Round 4: Education 

In countries with subsidized tertiary education, THW mandate individuals who studied in Public Universities to pay back the full cost of their education if they accept job offers outside their home country. 

(In the United States today, many college sports are extremely popular on both regional and national scales, in many cases competing with professional championships for prime broadcast and print coverage, and for the top athletes.)

THR the association of professional sporting bodies, teams and organizations with tertiary education

THR the glorification of tertiary education

Round 5: 

(“I Have a Dream” is a public speech delivered by American civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr.  who wanted to end racism in the United States using nonviolent civil disobedience based on his Christian beliefs.

"Fuck tha Police" is a protest song by the gangsta rap group N.W.A. Protesting police brutality and racial profiling, its lyrics express approval of violence against police.)

Video Slides: Fuck tha Police ; I have a dream

Instead of “having a dream”, TH (African-American community) would “Fuck tha Police”

THW prohibit police departments from having specialized public relations staff

THB states should hire real-life super criminals as consultants in order to combat crime

QF: War Politics

THBT in war zones, war-journalists have a moral obligation to actively assist vulnerable entities.

In post conflict societies, THS formation of a national identity premised on hatred.

In post conflict societies, THBT leaders of rebel groups should not run for office. 

SF: Geo-Phil

Being Pakistan, THW privatize its border control. 

THR the global ubiquity of the American dream. 

THBT annexation premised on racial lineage is morally justified. 

Novice Final: Sex in the city

THBT states should fund pornography that is in line with progressive values (inter-racial sex, homosexual etc). 

Final: Thug life. 

THS organized begging.

NUJS 2016

Round 1: Media

TH prefers crowd funded journalism

THW allow media houses to prevent their reporters from creating brands for themselves on social media or otherwise

TH prefers the portrayal of a hyper-racialised ‘Apu’ over a de-racialisedPriyanka Chopra in mainstream media

Round 2: Refugees

TH being the EU will deny freedom of movement to citizens of states that refuse to comply with their quota obligations to take in refugees

THW allow developed countries to pay developing countries to take in refugees

THW mandate refugees to return to their home states post conflict resolution

Round 3: Body Politics

THBT all fashion models should be solely from minority communities

TH, being the LGBTQI movement would actively discourage monogamy

TH, being Hijras, will reject associations with the international LGBT community

Round 4: Political Economy

Assuming all jobs can be automated, THW abolish all jobs and grant a basic living for everyone

THW abolish credit ratings for states

THBT developing nations should celebrate “Hunting Tourism”

Round 5: Fear

TH rejects attempts at creating citizen surveillance systems

Context: Terror attack in Germany; terrorist found with Syrian passport

TH as the German State would deliberately lie about the nationality of the terrorist

TH regrets the demonization of terrorism and terrorists

Round 6: Feel(osphy)

TH prefers a system of karmic retribution over divine mercy

Context: As a democrat, THW vote Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton

Motion: THW feel the Bern

TH as a left wing individual prefers reform to revolution


THW ban mega-churches

TH Regrets the Dawkins’ narrative on Religion

THS Creamy-layer


TH celebrates the culture of outrage

TH regrets the cult of the individual

TH regrets the culture of the lulz.


THBT France should colonize the Central African Republic. 

THBT Japan should actively confront the Americanized narrative of peace post Hiroshima

THB that the Jewish Diaspora should actively encourage its members to migrate to Israel

Novice Finals:

THW allow the privatization of property on Mars. 


THS the indigenization of modernity.

ILS 2016

Test Round

That top executive positions in sports administration bodies should be filled exclusively by former or current sportspersons.

Round 1: Crime and Justice

1. That the feminist movement should campaign for gender neutral laws to apply to rights relating to divorce (grounds for divorce, maintenance, custody).

2. That the International Criminal Court should prosecute state officials for actively enforcing homosexuality criminalization laws.

3. That, as a woman judge elevated to the Supreme Court of India, you would not accept the appointment unless a minimum number of judges appointed are women.

Round 2: Relationships

1. That the feminist movement should actively support non-monogamous relationships.

2. That Facebook has done more harm than good to interpersonal relationships.

3. This House would mandate parenting classes for all prospective parents.

Round 3: In Regions Where

1) Population density is measured in terms of number of people located per unit of area.

Twenty thousand people per square kilometre is the consensus cutoff point for extreme, almost intolerable strain on physical resources.

It is estimated that about 37 regions globally currently meet or exceed this threshold, a majority of which are in large metropolitan cities in Asian developing countries.

In regions where the average population density is > 20,000 per square kilometre, THW pay people to relocate to less populated regions.

2) Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM) is a measure of ambient air pollution. It captures the number of particles above a certain particle size per cubic centimetre of air.

The most commonly used metric for SPM measurement is PM2.5, named for the minimum size of SPM size – 2.5 microns – it can measure (1 micron = 10-6metres).

A PM2.5 count of ~150 is considered unhealthy for humans and a count > 300 qualifies as hazardous. The majority of SPM detected by the PM2.5  measure is understood to emanate from vehicular emissions.

In regions where the average daily Suspended Particulate Matter (PM2.5) count is > 300, THW make it prohibitively expensive to own cars.

3) A sex ratio is a demography statistic that counts the number of women in a region per thousand men.

Unhappily, sex ratios ~ 950w:1000m are routinely encountered in several developing countries. India, for instance, has multiple regions where the sex ratios are lower than 900w:1000m.

Development organizations around the world are unanimous in their belief that, though efforts to ensure full sex ratio parity are hampered by several systemic factors, figures below 920w:1000m are entirely unacceptable and require States to take urgent steps to rectify the balance.  

In regions where the sex ratio is < 920w:1000m, THW redirect existing social welfare budgets to offer preferential and free social services (education, healthcare, rations) to girls.

Round 4: Religion

1. That religious organizations should declaim theology and rituals that discriminate based on gender.

2. That States should not promote the idea of an ultimate higher power or ‘God’ and abolish all associated subsidies, laws, rituals etc supported by the State.

3. This House would prohibit access of young children to religious institutions and their representatives.

Round 5: Ban for the Buck

1. THW ban the import of luxury products until the fiscal deficit is rectified to an acceptable level.

2. THW ban for-profit dissemination of literature that negatively portrays homosexuality.

3. THW ban the online sale of prescription medication that has primarily gynaecological uses.  

Open Quarters / Novice Semis

1) No Child Left Behind 

Section 16 of India’s Right to Education Act provides that “no child admitted in a school shall be held back in any class or expelled from school till the completion of elementary education”.

Whether related or not to the No Detention Policy (NDP) itself, the fact is that only 41% of rural government school kids in Grade 5 can read Grade 2 texts while the percentage of Grade 3 kids able to do simple arithmetic has fallen from 33% to 19% since the policy commenced in August 2010.

Anti-NDP educationists have been backed by a recent report capturing implementation efforts over the last five years, prominent in which is a chapter called “You Can’t Improve What You Don’t Measure”. However, the problem runs far deeper than the NDP – over 8 million kids in the compulsory education age group are out of school, largely due to a lack of infrastructure, which includes an in-class deficit pegged at a staggering half a million instructors.

During the August 2015 meeting of the Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE), there was a broad consensus that the NDP needs to be go. Conflicting opinions have emerged since then, with sources close to the MHRD claiming that, as far back as the June CABE meeting, the NDP was informally understood to be continuing, with a renewed focus instead on continuous testing throughout the academic year.

A CABE sub-committee has since come up with a white paper that is non-committal on this question but has recommended such gloriously ambiguous steps as “catalysing a performance-driven culture”, “rewarding high performers at every level” and “changing stakeholders’ mindsets”.

It is rumoured that, at their December meeting, the CABE discussed ways of taking away the NDP in a phased manner, scaling upwards to all learners’ levels as and when critical infrastructural, teacher numbers and skill-set requirements are fully met. 

That it is time to scrap the No Detention Policy under the Right to Education Act in India.   

2) The Numbers Game

Mathematics is popularly seen as the ‘killer subject’ in Indian schooling. An extraordinary government report called Learning Without Burden warned, as far back as 1993, that children were not so much ‘dropping out’ as they were being ‘pushed out’, owing to the ‘burden of non-comprehension’ of mathematics.

A 2006 NCERT paper called for an urgent shift towards a ‘participationist’ vision of instruction, central to which is the acknowledgement that mathematics is primarily experienced outside the classroom and that mathematics skills are not ‘acquired’ as in the case of static, textbook knowledge but evolved and individualized through friends, family, community and other collective discourse.

Some startling interdisciplinary research now reveals the insidious role of traditional mathematics pedagogy in contributing to high inequities in school performance, especially of socio-economically disadvantaged groups. Where learning environments available to these groups are more participation-driven and based entirely on realistic, relevant and meaningful contexts, mathematical attainments become more equitable for all children.

The participationist framework thus challenges deeply entrenched beliefs that only some ‘talented’ students are capable of learning mathematics and calls for a dramatic restructuring of school curriculums targeted at these children, as well as of what constitutes mathematical ‘talent’.

Indian children from socio-economically marginalised backgrounds study under State curriculums and a large majority of first-generation learners from this group enter upper primary school without appropriate qualifications for primary mathematics.

Mathematics at this level is premised on the ability to read and write numbers and make sense of arithmetical expressions as a starting point towards algebra. As these children are not equipped to cope with this, classroom transactions get reduced to children copying meaningless symbols from the blackboard or from textbooks, and the cycle repeats itself until they are ultimately ‘pushed out’ by the education system.

Indeed, preliminary research along these lines in India confirms that textbook-based, written mathematics poses serious challenges for socio-economically disadvantaged children, even though they may have some competence when problems are situated in contexts meaningful to them. In one classroom interaction with socio-economically marginalized kids in Grade 6, several learners were found unable to write three-digit numbers and a majority had no understanding of fractions or how to operate on them. Few could make sense of an expression like 95 ÷ 5 =? but were found receptive to the problem in a real-life context, with a few even inventing their own symbol system to distribute and add up ‘shares’ (divisions) between their friends.

In another such classroom, it was found that, owing to poor training at primary grades, most Grade 6 students had to be taught division afresh and they preferred the partial quotients method over the standard division algorithm. Thus, even at the upper primary level, these children bring into the classroom knowledge of numbers learned from their everyday life experiences but very little from the previous five years of learning at school. 

That elementary mathematics pedagogy in classrooms which are populated in the majority by students from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds should abandon textbook-based instruction in favour of participative instruction.  

3) Private Public

A peculiar and entirely under-discussed provision regulating teachers in State-run schools is said to be among the chief causes of the poor quality of instruction that blights the Indian primary schooling system – there is, believe it or not, a blanket prohibition on any State-appointed primary school instructor taking up private tuition for profit in her personal capacity while under State contract.

Critics argue that it locks out several thousand potential applicants each year who would flood into the system and help assuage the teacher crunch at no great risk or loss to the State.

They also point to the potentially powerful synergies with students who need additional academic support who could conceivably offer a readymade demand for these teachers’ services during off-school hours.

However, quite apart from advanced concerns of conflicts of interest, corrosion of professional integrity and perhaps a potential dependence of students on private tuition, proponents feel that dispensing with the ban makes little sense economically as well.

The lack of profitability of private instructors in these areas, they contend, means that the financial crossover point would hardly be met for a significant enough number of potential applicants.

Even if crossover is achieved, they say, it would not be worth the dangerous evasion of priorities in relation to their primary task as State-appointed primary school teachers that is almost certain to follow if the prohibition is lifted.  

That India should lift the prohibition on State-appointed primary school teachers engaging in private tutoring for profit while under State contract.

Open Semis / Novice Finals

1. That Caitlyn Jenner has done more harm than good to the transgender community.

2. That it is legitimate for feminist groups to actively dissociate themselves from the struggles of trans-women.

3. This House would include the transgender community within the definition of Other Backward Classes (OBCs) in India.

Grand Finals

India has a population of 1.3 billion people, of which almost 1 billion are not connected to the internet.

This House, being India, would host a nationwide referendum on the adoption of Facebook’s ‘Free Basics’.

UADC 2016

Round 1

In democracies, THW criminalize the issuance of fatwas which contradicts he

 law of the land

THBT cabinet positions (e.g., minister of foreign affairs, minister of education,

etc) should only be appointed through merit based examinations

THW allow negative voting in elections

Round 2

THBT the LGBT community should reject the notion of heteroflexibility

TH supports the creation of an independent territory for the LGBT

THW require all advertising on personal grooming products and services

to be gender neutral

Round 3

In multi-ethnic societies, THW prioritize the hiring of ethnic minorities for

teaching positions

THW shut down schools that have high incidences of bullying

THW make the fulfillment of an Academic Minor in liberal arts (e.g. social

sciences, humanities, political science, philosophy, etc) a requirement for

all university programs

Round 4

THBT India should not host exiled Tibetans

As India, THW actively incentivise Indian Businesses to invest in Kashmir

THBT Western Liberal Democracies should suspend trade with Bangladesh

until its government takes substantial and effective steps to bring "bloggerkillers" to justice

Round 5

THBT social movements should abandon the strategy of attacking and 

delegitimizing the viewpoints of other people on the basis of their privilege

THW determine income tax based on the relative privilege of an individuals'


THW impose an absolute cap on the non-medical, non-emergency 

expenditure by parents on each of their children

Round 6

TH, as a developing country, would not investigate individuals' and

companies' offshore investments if they bring the funds back and invest in the local community

In developing countries, THW not allow Multinational Corporations

(MNCs) to sue Small or Medium Enterprises for copyrights/patents


THBT government should nationalize all sin industries (e.g. alcohol, gambling,

and tobacco industries)

Round 7

THBT Bollywood should ban item girls/item songs

THBT feminist movement should celebrate the rising trend of open relationship

THBT the feminist movement should name and shame prominent female 

figures who take on jobs that pay men more for the work

Round 8

THW ban diagnose-me websites

You are a fertility doctor. A patient, who comes from a conservative background 

and is married, approaches you to conduct a test to diagnose her infertility.

The test analysis reveals that your patient is genetically male, and suffers 

from a rare disorder which renders the patient's body unable to release

testosterone, resulting in the patient gaining a woman's physique. Assuming

there was no chance of being found out, 

THW not reveal to the patient that he is genetically male

THW criminalize the pharmaceutical companies for shortages/stockouts of

medically critical products

Courtesy: Erfanul Rashik

UIU BDC WSDC Fundraiser 2016 

Round 1:

THBT use of unlawful acts is a legitimate tool to forward cause(s).

Round 2:

Info: Income categories are used by major agencies such as WB, IMF, DFID, to classify economies for operational activities such as donations, lending etc. These categories are determined by major economic indicators such as GDP, GNI.

The range of these categories vary from organization to organization.

THBT Bangladesh’s aggressive drive to reach Middle Income Country (MIC) status is counter-productive

Round 3:

THW Ban religious organizations from providing rehabilitations to drug and alcohol addicts. 

Round 4:

Context: Oskar Gröning joined the SS during the 1940s, and was positioned at Auschwitz concentration camp as a financial clerk. After the end of the war, he remained silent about his experiences for forty years. In response to Holocaust denial by a number of authoritative and well-known individuals, he spoke about his experiences and actions, highlighting the horrors that occurred. This contributed to a decision of the German government to prosecute him as an accessory to murder in 300,000 cases. Although he did not kill anyone while working at the camp in Nazi-occupied Poland during the second world war, prosecutors argued that by sorting banknotes taken from the trainloads of arriving Jews he helped support a regime responsible for mass murder. Gröning does not consider himself guilty of any crime, since he was no way directly involved in the killing.

THBT Oskar Gröning should not be prosecuted. 

Round 5:

THBT highly privileged successful individuals have a moral duty to spend their life working to help the collective good to the greatest extent possible.


THW create policies where children with autism are mandated to be in the same classroom as neuro-typicals (even if it causes disruption in the typical classroom activities)


 Th prefers a world where humans can't feel extreme emotions (e.g. Uncontrollable rage, extreme anger, extreme love etc.)

Courtesy: Adel Mostaque Ahmed

ILS 2015

Round 1: Educa-shun

1. Context: VidyaBharati schools are run by the RSS with specific outreach to tribal and rural areas where other schools are often inaccessible. Although affiliated with the Central Board for Secondary Education, they provide a highly sanskritised version of education steeped in narratives of religion and religious preaching. Motion: THW derecognize all VidyaBharathi schools in Tribal Areas

2. THW disallow working high school teachers from engaging private tuitions or working in coaching centres

3. THBT in developing countries, students who gain admission to professional degree programmes where entry is highly competitive, should compensate the state if they choose to drop out before completion of the course.

Round 2:  Media

1. THBT western liberal democracies should set up Russian language media (such as television or internet channels) to counter Putin’s propaganda war.

2. THW fund the creation of comedies that make fun of dictators and covertly distribute copies in their repressive regimes.

3. THW require movie studios and television production houses in the USA that produce shows depicting crime and violence to show people of all races engaging in roughly the same amounts of such activities in all (not each) of their productions. 

Round 3:  Justice 

1. THBT the judiciary should be selected or appointed so as to proportionally represent the regional, cultural, religious and other forms of diversity in a country.

2. Context: ‘Paying costs’ refers to the practice where the party that loses a court case he, she or it initiated would have to pay the legal and other costs incurred by the other party while defending the case. Motion: THBT citizens should never be required to pay costs for cases they bring against the State, even if the case is frivolous or vexatious.

3. THBT convicts who have served their sentences with good behavior deserve the right to be forgotten on the Internet as soon as they are released.

Round 4: Feminism

1. Context:  Priya's Shakti is a comic book that seeks to illuminate attitudes towards gender-based violence. The protagonist is a rape victim named Priya who is empowered by the divine intervention of Goddess Parvati, who then spreads awareness amongst women on issues of sexual violence. As the website of the comic says, "the project is rooted in ancient matriarchal traditions that have been displaced in modern representations of Hindu culture. It creates an alternative narrative and voice against GBV in popular culture through the Hindu mythological canon." Motion: TH, as a feminist, will regret the comic Book ‘Priya’s Shakti

2. Context: Surveys and studies show that women are significantly more likely to take selfies than men. TH, as a feminist, regrets the rise of the selfie as a means of expression.

3. THBT Naxal women should sex strike in conflict zones such as the Red Belt.

Round 5: Good guys vs. Bad Guys. I.e. Axis vs. The Allies (not to be confused with ~aXiS~ vs. the allies) 

1. THW criminalize police officers protesting by going on strike or adopting go-slow methods at work.

2. TH, being a western state will provide financial incentives for its Muslim citizens to sign up for the armed forces.

3. THBT the African-American community in the USA should denounce the violence that erupted in the wake of the Eric Gardner and Michael Brown verdicts. 

Quarterfinals: IR

1. THBT the US should work with anti-democratic or authoritarian regimes in Africa in the fight against the Boko Haram.

2. THBT the US should cut all aid to the Palestinian Authority in the wake of its membership bid to the International Criminal Court.

3. THBT India should secretly fund and advise the political campaigns of people in neighboring countries (like Sri Lanka) whose interests align with Indian foreign policy interests

Novice Semifinals: Potpurri

1. Context: The Zoroastrian Cooperative Housing Society is a housing society that requires its residents to sign a contract which allows the selling or renting of their property only to Parsis. In 2005, this was unsuccessfully challenged in the Supreme Court of India. Motion: THBT the state should declare such contracts made by housing societies with individuals null and void in case to the extent that they are discriminatory.

2. Context: The term 'Euroscepticism' is used to describe a sceptic opposition towards the European Union and its policies. Motion: TH celebrates the rise of eurosceptic parties in the Eurozone.

3. THW make election manifestos legally binding on individuals running for office. 

Semifinals: Religion

1. THBT atheists should fund research that is likely to expose as false historical claims made by religions (for example, the claim that a religious figure existed in a certain place and time in history).

2. THBT the LGBT community should oppose religious organizations such as the Church declaring that their opposition to LGBT rights is not a priority for them.

3. In countries with long-standing religious conflict between the majority and minority communities, and a history of persecution of the religious minorities, THBT human rights organizations should pay the religious minorities to migrate to other countries where they would be in the majority.

Novice Final

TH, as the global community, believes that adherence to environment protection laws should be mandated as a precondition to development aid.

Finals: On Human Behavior

1. Context: Recently, poker was declared as a game that has been solved by a computer. An algorithm has been created that makes a computer unbeatable at Poker. Motion: THW, as part of gambling therapy, make serial gamblers play against therapists who are being covertly aided by this algorithm.

2. THBT marketing wings of companies that claim to offer tailored products/solutions based on consumer preferences, should be mandated to disclose the techniques/algorithms used by them.

3. Context: The Behavioral Insights Team of the Cabinet Office of the UK (colloquially referred to as the Nudge Unit) comprises of a group of economists and psychologists that utilize insights from behavioral science to encourage people to make better choices for themselves and society. By looking closely at how people make choices, the unit tries to nudge people into making desirable choices by framing these choices and presenting them differently. Motion: THBT it is illegitimate for the State to utilize the Nudge Unit in order to influence citizens' choices. 

VITDT 2015

R1: TH as Modi would reinstate the Haj subsidy.

R2: THBT all government aid should be directed to programs that demonstrate the highest ratio of lives-saved-to-cost.

R3: THW do away with birthright citizenship in favour of earned citizenship.

R4: Context: During Obama's visit to India last week, "India set in motion a major overhaul of its foreign policy by formally signalling the end of the policy of non-alignment. India finally came out this week after years in the closet, declaring itself a firm friend of America."

Motion: THBT India's decision to end non-alignment and align with the US is a mistake.

R5: THBT Fortune 500 tech companies should be required to have 50 percent women employees at all levels by 2020.

Semis: THBT software developers should be required to build 'back doors' into cryptography programs to allow security agencies to access data.

Novice Finals: Context: The US Senate Committee Report on Torture. Motion: THBT the USA should prosecute people at all levels of the government and military who authorised, committed or were complicit in torture.

Finals: THBT developing countries should abolish their armed forces in return for assistance from the West.

SLS PD 2015

1. TH, as NarendraModi, would explicitly publicly denounce GharWaapsi.

2. THW compel media in WLDs to sensationalise news stories on crimes committed against ethnic or religious minority groups that are stereotyped to be violent or terrorist in nature.

3. THBT feminist movements in conservative societies should glorify Mia Khalifa as a role model.

4. THBT the State should disallow its citizens from participating in the Mars One Project

Semi: THBT Greece should pivot towards Russia in terms of economic and foreign policy and away from the EU.

Novice Final: TH celebrates the rise of insult comedy in conservative societies. 

Main Final: THW classify all genomic research (both data and results) as public record.

MSRM 2015

R1: THBT it is time for the LGBTQ movement to reject the "born this way" argument as a basis for rights/entitlements.

R2: THW place substantial limits on the amount of time spent by elected officials on political campaigning during their term in office.

R3: THBT freedom of expression should not be limited in cases of expression against State units

R4: In Western Liberal Democracies, THW ban Lolicon

R5: TH, as the US congress, will reject the Obama-Iran nuclear deal

Quarters: THW unbundle Google search engine from its other services

Semis: THW immediately and fully cease all research in artificial intelligence

Novice Finals: TH, as women in blue-collar jobs, would reject the policy of one women in boards of all companies

Finals: THBT, after all legal processes have been extinguished, that the decision to hang a convict should be subject to a nationwide referendum

RVDT 2015

Round 1 - THR the narrative of fat acceptance culture 

Round 2 - As the Republican Party, THW embrace Donald Trump. 

Round 3 - THS religious proselytization in impoverished communities 

Round 4 - THW stop telling children that they are unique. 

Round 5 - THBT the EU should cease all trade with rich Gulf State's (Eg: Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE, etc.) that refuse to accept refugees from nearby conflicts until they agree to do so.

Quarters - THBT prominent civil society activists should choose not to run for public office 

Finals - THBT black civil right groups should condemn contemporary hip-hop.

Semis - THW require members of the ASEAN economic community to obtain the consent of other member states before entering into Free-Trade Agreements. 

Novice Finals - THW assassinate Kin Jong Un.

IITB 2015

Round 1: THBT closeted individuals in heterosexual marriages should come out to their partners

Round 2: Context slide: Debate Lokpal is a Facebook page created to identify and discuss issues at Indian debating tournaments. Recently, the page has seen many people engaging in unseemly acts of accusations as well as naming & shaming individuals for things they have done at tournament.

In the interest of the Indian Debating community, THW be politically correct on Debate Lokpal

Round 3: THBT it is legitimate to use unethical means (including but not limited to lying, vote buying and bribery) to push for progressive legislation

Round 4: Context slide: A model minority is a minority group (whether based on ethnicity, race or religion) whose members most often are perceived to achieve a higher degree of socioeconomic success than other minorities and the average population. This success is typically measured in income, education, low crime rate and high family stability.

TH, as Asians who live in the US and believe in racial equality, will actively fight the ‘model minority’ stereotype

Round 5: TH prefers a world where people abandon the pursuit of individual happiness in favor of serving others

Novice Semis and Open Quarters: THBT parents should not have the right to impose religious identities on their children

Open Semis: THBT culturally-different host countries should break up immigrant enclaves

Novice Finals: THW pay citizens of developed nations to adopt orphans from conflict-stricken/disaster zones

Open Finals: THBT the USA should engage in only reconstruction based policies in the Middle East

PEDS Expedition 2015 

THW make salary of teachers contingent on students performance

THW ban the happy meal

THBT that the government should hold criminally liable real estate companies whose buildings collapse during an earthquake of less than 6.0 on the Richter scale

THBT feminist movement should work to deconstruct masculinity rather than mobilize it

THBT that the west should no try to spread universal liberal values

Semis : thw prohibit research on sentient artificial intelligence

Final : THBT public universities have the right to expel Any students who privately or publicly uses hate speech

Courtesy: Adel Mostaque Ahmed

Stamford IV 2015 

THBT the state should not give religious institutions any financial benefits

THBT developing nations should place restrictions on rural-urban migration

In countries where drug trafficking leads to first degree punishment, THW replace punishment with rehab facilities for the drug traffickers

THW replace quota for female politicians in parliament with financial incentives for female candidates in elections

Final: THBT developing nations should not subsidize scarce natural resources.

Courtesy: Adel Mostaque Ahmed

AUW IV 2015

THBT Liberal Democracies should not use economic sanctions as a tool for international relations

TH regrets the dominant narrative of women as non-violent and vulnerable in conflicts and humantarian crises

THS the rise of hacktivism e.g. Anonymous

"Pedophile‘s brains are ""abnormally"" tuned to find young children attractive, according to a new study. The research, led by Jorge Ponseti, means that it may be possible to diagnose pedophiles in the future before they are able to offend.

THBT therapists should be legally required to report any patients who reveal pedo symptoms to the police, even if the patient has not acted on those urges"

THS the individuals who choose to identify themselves from a different race or ethnicity than they were born into

"SEMI: You are a liberal person in a pro-conservative country society working in the election commission of your country and it’s election time! The ruling party has been in power for the last few terms. They are tagged as a right-wing government and criticized for being corrupted.

A new left-wing liberal opposition party gathered momentum and has been providing serious competition to the ruling party this time. 

You are counting votes and no one else has any access to it. After the count you find out that the new liberal party has lost by the most narrowest of margin.

THW rig the election results to make the left-wing party win."

FINAL: THBT development organizations should work closely with religious institutions (e.g. schools, colleges, political parties)

Courtesy: Adel Mostaque Ahmed

IUB WordPlay 2015 

THBT journalists and media organizations should be compelled to provide reasonable assistance to the victims even when it directly compromises their coverage

TH condemns the de-racialization of iconic personalities of foreign origin in mainstream entertainment media e.g. Priyanka Chopra in Quantico

THW subject the funding of all major scientific research projects (e.g. drug development, space research) to a public referendum

THW provide no amnesty to the Death Eaters

THBT children should learn history as a unifying national story rather than a criticism of past generation

Semi: THBT developing countries should violate western medical patents where the cost of the drugs is prohibitively high eg. India

FINAL: THBT governments should remove all limits on law enforcement and military in the fight against organized crime

Courtesy: Adel Mostaque Ahmed

12th Pre-Worlds 2015

THBT developing nations should prioritize economic development over environmental preservation

TH regrets the signing of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

TH regrets the glorification of whistleblowers.

THW allow individuals to enter into Human Capital Contracts with private investors, for financing their tertiary education.

TH believes in the right to be forgotten.

THBT that major civil rights issues (gay marriage, etc) should always be decided by a national referendum rather than Supreme Court decision

Novice Quarters: THW ban beauty pageants

Open Octos: THR the western media demonizing islamic terrorists rather than portraying them as criminals with legitimate grievances

Open Quarters: THBT parents should not inflate children's expectations of what they are capable of achieving.

Novice Semis: THW punish parents for juvenile delinquencies

Open final: This House, as a socially liberal and fiscally conservative voter, would prioritize socially liberal values over fiscally conservative values during elections.

Novice Final: THBT the British Colonization of the sub-continent has done more harm than good. 

Courtesy: Adel Mostaque Ahmed

UIU IV 2015

THBT feminists should campaign to deconstruct masculinity rather than attempt to mobilize masculinity in service of feminist goals.

THW Prosecute organized religion under anti-discrimination laws

"THR the fetishization of race in pornography.

 *Fetish is a form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, item of clothing, part of the body, etc."

THBT adults who wish to have children and are financially able have a moral obligation to adopt rather than have biological children.

THBT no state, in any situation, has the right to demand, encourage or promote its citizen to fight or die for their country.

Semi Final: Assuming the feasibility of measurement & financial capabilities THBT companies that make machines for production automation should compensate the human workforce they make redundant

Final: THR the branding of Burka Avenger as a feminist icon

Courtesy: Adel Mostaque Ahmed

LCLS IV 2015

TH, as a new artist, would not make their music available on streaming services such as Spotify etc

THBT the marriage equality movement should aggressively campaign for the legitimization of polygamy and the rights of polyamorous relationships

THBT a united and independent Kashmir is the best option for its people

THW prosecute excessive wastage as crimes against the poor

THW give the central bank the power to veto major government spending decisions

Semi-final: THBT the USA should break up all policeman's union

Novice Final: THW institute a mandatory buyback and destruction of all civilian owned firearms.

Open Final: THW break up political parties which become too big

Courtesy: Adel Mostaque Ahmed

LCLS Inter School 2015


THBT previous colonial powers have no obligation to pay reparations to former colonies for past atrocities

THBT western states should block ransom payments made by families to release ISIS captives




Semi: THW ban religious charities from proselytizing in the developing world

Final: In countries where organized crime is pervasive, THW remove all limits on law enforcement by the authority

Courtesy: Adel Mostaque Ahmed

EWU Contention 2015 

THBT all rehabilation centers should be obligated to facilitate "sexual healing".

THBT "Tell MAMA" Should Not Ally Itself With Other Opressed Group In It's Fight Against Islamophobia In Britain

THR the belief that soldiers are heroes.

You are a new parent who have just welcomed a lovely child to this world. Two days later the doctors reveal that your new beautiful baby has an incurable brain defect that would render him to live with severe intellectual disability (i.e, the child is not expected to live without assistance). THW allow the parent to euthanise the child

Final: THW make International Development Aid contingent on countries taking in refugees.

Courtesy: Adel Mostaque Ahmed

BRAC IV 2015 

THW put drug traffickers on trial in the countries of consumption rather than production

THBT the EU nations should leave the US led military coalition

As a Development Model, THW prefer trade over aid.

"You are a prominent jew.

Time travel has recently been announced possible with high compatibility limitations. For the foreseeable future, you are the only person compatible to technology and you now have the opportunity to go back to the time when Hitler was a baby and kill him.

You will not kill baby Hitler."

THBT those who live in states that suffer rampant corruption should evade tax.

Open Semi: Assuming technology exists, THW erase all knowledge of nuclear weapons.

Novice Final: THW disallow military recruitment campaigns that are targeted at low-income groups.

"Open final: A planet has been discovered which is identical to planet Earth but currently do not have any political principle prevailing.

And now you (a decision-making entity, not an individual) have the opportunity to introduce one political system all throughout the planet, unopposed.

THW implement Communism all throughout over Capitalism."

Courtesy: Adel Mostaque Ahmed

BUET IV 2015 

THW limit the amount of land that can be owned by a family.

THBT during peace time, bi-lateral sporting events must go on regardless of the political tension between respective countries.

THW ban the corporations which have business models operating under the concept of "sharing economy" in developing countries. (Put Me in Touch, Rentongo, Uber, Airbnb, Snapgoods, etc.)

THW not send women as workers to Middle East.

TH, as post-conflict nations, will not let rebel figureheads to run for public office.

Open Semi: TH, as the USA, will drastically reduce its military budget

Open Final: This House Would require approval from local referenda for all major land development decisions (e.g stadiums, airport extensions, railways, electricity plants etc.)

Courtesy: Adel Mostaque Ahmed

IUT Professionals 2.0 

TH supports trophy hunting

"Background story: Brad and Priya are two 16 years old High School students who are in a relationship. They had unprotected consensual sex which results in Priya getting pregnant. Brad wants to get an abortion (which is legal) but Priya decides not to (for many reasons) and wants to have the baby. 

THBT Brad should never have to pay child support."

THW name the Vatican as co-defendant in all sexual abuse trials which involve Catholic priests as the accused

THW create zones within urban centres where the production, distribution and usage of otherwise illegal narcotics are allowed

THBT Bangladesh should allow the US to set up a military base in Chittagong in return for building a deep sea port for the country

Semi-final: THW redraw Africa’s National borders along tribal lines


Planet Earth has the same shortage of resources and space that exist today. Humanity has discovered a habitable world within reach. However, this world is inhabited by a native intelligent species of far lower technological advancement.

TH, as the human race, would not colonize the new world."

Courtesy: Adel Mostaque Ahmed

BRAC Great Gender Debates 2015

R1: TH supports the decision of female athletes to use their sexuality to market themselves.

R2: THW publicly flog the perpetrators of minor sexual misconduct such as harassment and eve teasing.

R3: TH supports international commercial surrogacy (There was an info slide)

R4: THBT the T should leave the LGB.

R5: THW ban rape pornography.

Semis: THBT states should prosecute sexist or misogynistic comments.

Final: THBT that true womens liberation can never coexist with organized religion

Dristy 2015

R1: THW deny all government subsidized health benefits for individuals who choose to lead an unhealthy lifestyle

R2: THW ban all youth wings of political parties in developing countries

R3: THW give less punishment to the poor for petty crimes

R4; THW not allow countries undertaking military intervention abroad to harvest natural resources while they are there

Semi-Final: Assuming technology exists, THW remove aggression from human behavior

FINAL :THW grant protesters the right to use non-lethal weapons to violently, but proportionately retaliate

BUET Inter School 2015

Theme : Captain , Your Name Please?

R1 Motion: Assuming that superheroes exist, THW make it mandatory for all superheroes to register under the government for future operations

Theme: Baby , Baby Oh

R2 Motion: THW make the rights to have a child conditional upon would-be-parents' financial capability

Theme: Delete Browser History

R3 Motion : TH ban dating sites like Ashley Madison that are targeted at people in relationships looking to have an affair.

Theme: Red Card

R4 Motion: This House Supports Athletes Making Political And Religious Expressions at International Sporting Events.

R5 Theme: Apu Thamen!

Motion: This House believes that First World feminists should not get involved in Third World feminists' battles


Theme: I Had A Dream

Motion: In response to the current discrimination by police against African-Americans , TH as a black police officer in the United States would resign from his job.


Theme: Blow My Whistle Baby!

Motion: TH as the head of the state would covertly fund whistleblowers

Grand Final

Theme : Cele-Bratty

Motion: THBT State Should Provide Harsher Sentences To Convicted Celebrities With A Significant Fan Following

PEDS Expedition 2015

THW make salary of teachers contingent on students performance

THW ban the happy meal

THBT that the government should hold criminally liable real estate companies whose buildings collapse during an earthquake of less than 6.0 on the Richter scale

THBT feminist movement should work to deconstruct masculinity rather than mobilize it

THBT that the west should no try to spread universal liberal values

Semis : thw prohibit research on sentient artificial intelligence

Final : THBT public universities have the right to expel Any students who privately or publicly uses hate speech

ICU 2015

Round 1 - Children

THBT teachers should actively instil values (e.g. political, social, moral) in their students

THW not allow couples, heterosexual or homosexual, to marry unless they commit to raising children

THBT children should be normalized to images and concepts of sex and intimacy

Round 2 - Society

THBT governments should prioritize the influx of immigrants rather than incentivizing higher rates of childbirth from citizens

THW ban convicted criminals from speaking to, or being interviewed by, any media outlet (including but not limited to journalists and filmmakers)

TH regrets the role played by alcohol in East Asian societies

Round 3 - Sex & Sexuality

TH regrets the decriminalization of adultery in South Korea

THBT Western liberal democracies should legalize animated child pornography

TH supports the outing of closeted homosexual politicians by the LGBT movement

Round 4 - Media

TH supports colorblind casting for TV or movie characters that have traditionally been portrayed as a particular race

THBT liberal democracies should actively assist citizens of repressive states in circumventing censorship (such as through funding, technology, proxy sites, etc.)

THW ban owners of media companies from holding any financial interest (such as shares or ownership) in any non-media companies

Round 5 - Islamic State

THBT full and unedited versions of Islamic State (IS) should be shown and made available by media

THBT, as a Muslim, one has a duty to denounce the Islamic State

THW treat the deliberate destruction of important cultural artefacts as a war crime

Round 6 - Women

TH regrets the choice of female athletes who use their sexuality or physical appearance for marketing purposes

TH supports the use of feminist catchphrases about freedom, empowerment and choice in the advertisement of fashion and beauty products

THW ban anti-abortion protests outside abortion clinics

Octofinals - Crime

THBT police forces should reflect the racial composition of the communities they serve

In countries where vaccination is mandatory, THW criminalize 'vaccine denial' (publicly denying the efficacy or safety of vaccines that have been scientifically proven to be effective and safe)

THBT the length of criminal sentences should, in part, be decided depending on the forgiveness, or otherwise, of the victim

Quarterfinals - Economics

THBT the EU should immediately forgive all of Greece's debt

THBT the heads of national central banks should be popularly elected

THW ban companies from building planned obsolescence* into their products

*Planned obsolescence is when companies design a product with an artificially limited useful life, so that it becomes no longer functional, or fashionable, after a certain period of time

Semifinals - International Relations

THW grant the Taliban an autonomous state in the areas under its control

TH, as the US and EU, would arm the Ukrainian government

THBT states with nuclear arsenals should disarm them

Finals - Much Tech. Wow future. Very Japan.

Assuming the technology exists, THW remove aggression from human behaviour

TH prefers a world where humans look and sound alike

Assuming the technology exists, THW revive people who committed suicide

MDO 2015 

Round 1:

A new indisputable evidence has been discovered, which disproves the existence of higher being. Th, as the state, would actively suppress the publication of that research
THBT the vatican should sign extradition agreements with all countries who request it in order to pursue cases of sexual abuses
THW ban satirical caricatures of all religious symbols, deities or entities in the press
Round 2:
TH celebrates the rise of pedophilia advocacy organisation
THBT the state should produce pornography to combat stereotypes
THW legalise sadomasochistic sex
Round 3: 
THBT Saudi arabia should prevent citizens from countries that do not belong to anti-ISIS coallition to come to Mecca for Hajj/Umrah pilgrimage
THW criminalize moslem scholars who interpret religious scriptures in favor of ISIS THW hold social media network such as twitter, youtube and facebook liable for accounts continuously held and propagated by terrorist organization or members of terrorist organizations
Round 4: 
TH regrets the standard of affirmative consent enforced on college campuses in cases of sexual assault
THW ban men's rights movement
THW require playable female characters in all video games
Round 5: 
Assuming that the technology to transfer human pregnancies to an incubator exist, THW ban natural pregnancy
THW ban advertisements targeting children
THW require foreign filmmakers of documentaries to have local content collaborators in order to publish that documentary or film
Round 6: 
THBT ICC should prosecute crimes against democracy
THBT top executive( Board of CEO) should be held criminally liable for corporate negligence( BP oil spill, toyota airbag scandal)
THW break up Google

Summerfield 2015 

R1. TH Regrets The Rise of Multi Million Dollar Commercial Cricket Leagues such as the IPL , BPL & Big Bash
R2. TH Supports Good Samaritan Law
R3. TH Give Seperate Autonomous Governments to Geographically Displaced Indigneous Parties
R4. TH regrets the emphasis in children's education on the narrative that good always wins.
Semis: TH as the feminist movement would aggressively campaign against Gender Re-Assignment Surgery
Final: THBT National War Memorials Should Commemmorate Casualties on both sides of the conflict

OIC InterVarsity 2015 

Round 1: TH, as the West, would establish quotas in universities for students and faculty members from rogue states.
Round 2: THBT leaders of liberation movement should not participate in elections after democratisation.
Round 3: THBT the state should incentivize art that portrays and/or exaggerates the suffering of the poor.
Round 4: THBT Western Feminists should not get involved in battles of women in Muslim countries.
Semi Final: THW revoke citizenship of individuals who travel abroad to join extremist movements.
Grand Final: THBT Political Islam has done more harm than good.

ESS Casuals BP 2015 

R1:  THW prevent any live coverage of  ongoing rescue missions by news channels
R2:  THW give less punishment to the poor
R3: THW abolish term limits in democracy
R4:  THW not allow illiberal democracies/ autocracies  to host any international sporting events
Final: THW allow corporations to hire hackers to retaliate against cyber attacks where the state is unwilling/ unable to do so.

WUDC 2015 

R1: THR the decline of tightly integrated families
R2: THBT environmental movements should support climate engineering that fundamentally alters the environment in an attempt to combat global warming.
R3:THBT in areas of socio-economic deprivation, schools should train students in vocational skills to the exclusion of the liberal arts.
R4: THW prohibit the media from reporting on the mental illness of those accused of crimes.
R5: THBT the international community should cut off internet access in Syria.
R6: THBT developing countries should adopt economic development policies that heavily disincentivise urbanisation
R7: THW ban the research and production of moral enhancement drugs.
R8: THBT the US and EU should seek to promote peace by heavily subsidising Israeli businesses who invest in the Palestinian territories.
R9: TH, as a medical professional employed by the US military or security sevices, would, and would encourage others, to refuse orders to provide medical treatment to individuals undergoing 'enhanced interrogation techniques'.

R1: TH regrets the rise of art that celebrates gaining material wealth.
R2: THBT judges should deliberately misinterpret constitutions to protect important liberties.

EFL Semis:
THW ban its citizens from visiting illiberal states whose economies depend on tourism.
EFL Final: THBT progressive politicians in conservative societies should pander to bigots, racists, hardline conservatives and others with regressive views in attempting to win elections.

ESL QF: THBT the African-American community should actively oppose 'broken windows policies'.
ESL Semis: THW strictly limit the replacement of workers with technology by companies.
ESL GF: THBT liberal democracies that overthrow the governments of other states should impose power-sharing, even when this severely overrides or delays democratic representation.

Double Octos: THW allow corporations to use hackers to retaliate against cyberattacks where the state seems unwilling or unable to do so.
Open Octos: THBT disadvantaged groups should emphasise their conformity with, rather than distinctiveness from, dominant culture, as a strategy for improving their social position.
QF: TH regrets the decline of secular pan-Arab nationalism.
Semis: THBT all states should create special economic zones in cities, where all economic activities (except the purchase of goods and services) are carried out by women.
GF: THBT humanitarian organisations should, and should be allowed to, give funding, resources or services to illegal armed groups when this is made a condition for access to vulnerable civilians.               

KLOC 2015

Round 1: This house believes that the ICC should prosecute George W. Bush and Barack Obama for war crimes.

Round 2: This house, as the Malay people, would give up Bumiputera privileges in exchange for the abolition of vernacular schools. 

[Bumiputera is a Malaysian term used to describe the Malay race and natives of Sabah and Sarawak. Bumiputera privileges include quotas for entry into public service positions, trade or business licenses, public scholarships and public education. National schools have Malay as the medium of instruction. Vernacular schools have Tamil or Chinese as the medium of instruction.]
Round 3: This house believes that the Feminist movement should oppose sex change operations. 
Round 4: This house would actively discourage home ownership in the developed world.
Round 5: This house believes that courts should enforce Ulysses contracts. 
[Ulysses contracts are contracts in which there is only one party to the contract. The contract restricts the party’s liberty in some way, usually by imposing a financial punishment if certain terms are not met by the party in the future.

  • A smoker could sign a Ulysses contract stipulating that if he has not quit smoking after a year, he will pay a large fine to the state.
  • A young person could sign a Ulysses contract stipulating that if at any future time her income exceeds a certain threshold, the excess will be donated to charity.]

Pre Quarter Final: This house believes that companies in the sharing economy (Uber, Airbnb etc) should be liable for offences committed by service providers against customers.
Quarter Final: This house believes that the US should cut ties with the ruling regime in Saudi Arabia.
Semi Final: This house opposes the culture of outrage.
Grand Final: This house believes that development organisations should work closely with religious institutions. 


Round 1: THBT voting rights should be granted on the basis of residence rather than citizenship

Round 2: THW ban prosecutors from entering into confidential out of court settlements with corporations

Round 3: THBT all natural resources, regardless of their geographical location, should be administered by the UN and divided equally among the world's population

Round 4: THC the rise of Poz-Porn (Porn that depicts sex between a HIV+ individual and a HIV- individual)

Round 5: THBT the South should secede from the Indian Union

Quarter Final: THW take criminal justice policy out of the hands of the legislature and give it to technocrats

Semi Final: THBT states should put lithium, or other antidepressants with little to no side effects, into the water supply in times of increased unhappiness eg. a recession

Context Slide for Novice Final

The Detroit drug rehabilitation program worked on the principle of reward substitution. People who signed up, authorized the program to carry out certain pre-determined actions in the event of a relapse. Eg. If I relapse withdraw 10k from my account or send a letter to my mother.

Following relapse, participants petitioned the court to stop the program from carrying out these actions and were subsequently granted the right to withdraw. The program was found effective in rehabilitating addicts who did now withdraw.

Novice Final: THBT participants should not have been allowed to withdraw.

Grand Final: THBT the state should separate married couples in cases of ongoing domestic violence, regardless of the consent of the victim

MSRM 2014

Round 1.

THBT media houses should cease all coverage of political parties whose members make insensitive statements about rape or rape victims, Until Such time as those members are suspended or expelled from the party.

Round 2

TH regrets the portrayal of lovein popular culture as a one-time,everlasting feeling as opposed to a set of active recurring choices.

Round 3.

THBT the right to be forgotten is antithetical to the spirit of the Internet.

Round 4.

THBT in such States members of racial, sexual and religious minorities should be allowed to contribute significantly more money to election campaigns than other members of the society.

Round 5.

THBT the Major should not divulge the truth of their circumstances

Open Quarters: THS the NaMo model of centralized government communication

Novice Semis: In post conflict societies aspiring to a democracy, THW break up dominant political organizations

Open Semis: THR the definition of national growth and development in purely economic terms

Novice Finals: THBT states should compel both public and private universities to provide temporary but substantial financial aid to students who choose to pursue their passion over conventional employment or further studies

Open Finals: THBT the feminist movement in the west should openly and actively oppose the notion that women can "have it all"

VIT 2014

THBT UNESCO should not endorse historical sites that were built using slave labour

THBT laws pertaining to abortion should be decided by a women-only referendum

THBT opposition parties should not boycott elections in democracies.

 THBT rankings should factor in gender equality policies and practices of universities.

THW incentivise indigenous people to move away from their communities into mainstream society

THB politicians should not make references to God or religion in their speeches.

THBT India should give the North Eastern states (7 sisters) the option to secede.

THBT ArvindKejriwal should contest the 2014 LokSabha elections.

IITM 2014

Rd 1- THBT women should throw tampons into temples to protest religions’ contempt for menstruation

Rd 2- TH supports an internationally strong and assertive Russia

Rd 3- THW display the mutilated carcasses of fallen despots in national museums

Rd 4- THBT the working class should reject the politicization of the trade union movement

Rd 5- TH prefers being born in China to being born in India (phrased as a hypothetical where you have to pick between India and China only, from behind a veil of ignorance)

Pre-Semis- THBT the US should not implement the proposed cuts to its military budget without the consent of its allies.

Semis- TH (being India) will prosecute intercourse with sex workers as rape

Finals- THW impose collective punishments on aggressor communities in instances of caste and communal violence.

NLS 2014

Test Debate: THW unpublish Megan's List.

Round 0 - Theme: Plain Vanilla

1) THW abolish the practice of executive pardons.

2) THW abolish the ‘management quota’ in private universities in India.

3) THBT that students should meet minimum academic thresholds to be eligible to contest student elections.

Round 1 - Theme: Jobs

1) THBT that college recruitment committees should not allow people to hold on to job offers.

2) THS the right of employers to aggressively ask personal questions to candidates during job interviews.

3) THW limit the number of overtime hours redeemable by employees against incentive payments.

Round 2 - Theme: ...why?

1) THBT the principle of separation of powers should not bind freshly democratically elected governments in post-conflict societies.

2) THBT it is in the interest of gun owners for the NRA to support stricter gun control regulations.

3) Assuming free and informed choice, THBT radical feminists must support the right of the woman to seek sex-selective abortion.

Round 3 - Theme: The Law

1) THBT Super-Injunctions have done more harm than good for society.

2) THS a ‘pastiche defence’ against claims of copyright infringement of famous literary and artistic characters.

3) THW allow litigants to sell the right to sue.

Round 4 - Theme: IR

1) THBT the United States should not sell arms to countries facing separatist movements.

2) THBT the Philippines should prioritise fighting the Muslim rebels over participating in the ASEAN arms race.

3) THBT states are justified in intervening in areas that are within the political territory of other states, but are outside their effective control.

Round 5 - Theme: Economics

1) THBT that the State should subsidise the entry of companies into monopoly markets.

2) THBT governments should fix an upper limit on the extent to which foreign countries can acquire their national debt.

3) THBT the new state of South Sudan should introduce heavy exit taxes on all multi-national corporations operating on oil extraction.

Round 6 - Theme: Other Houses

1) You are an environmental scientist. THBT you should reject offers of corporate funding for your research.

2) You are a migrant of a family seeking a better life that moved to the West from a developing country. You have the opportunity to go back to your country of origin to be part of its becoming an emerging economy. THBT you should stay in the West.

3) You are the Chinese Communist Party. THBT You are justified in sacrificing socio-political rights as a strategy of pursuing national development.

Octofinals, Main Break - Theme: Tampa

THW prescribe Tampa as mandatory reading for high school students.

Quarterfinals, Main Break / Semifinals, Novice Break - Theme: The LGBT Movement

1) THBT that the Naz Foundation's decision to challenge Section 377 in court has done more good than harm to the LGBT movement.

2) TH, being a Western country that respects gay rights, will send openly gay persons as diplomats to African countries that oppress the gay community.

3) TH, as the LGBT movement, will refuse to publicly characterise personal, professional and physical attacks on homosexual politicians, as motivated by homophobia.

Semifinals, Main Break / Finals, Novice Break - Theme: Religion

1) THS an international effort to rebuild the Bamiyan Buddha statues in Afghanistan, partly using the remnants from the rubble.

2) THBT the Nobel Committee should revoke Aung San SuuKyi's Peace Prize for her refusal to speak up for the Rohingya community.

3) THBT that Islamic countries should grant political asylum to Indian Muslims if NarendraModi is elected Prime Minister.

Finals, Main Break - Theme: Pakistan

As the Pakistani people, TH regrets the recent return of democracy to Pakistan.

Masters Debate: THW decriminalize necrophilia / THW pass Vipul Nanda.

ILS 2014


Theme: Religion

THS the right of government doctors to abstain from performing medical procedures that offend their religious beliefs.

THBT secular governments should not fund ethnic/religious separatist movements in other countries.

THB that States should actively enlist the help of religious collectives in providing assistance to victims of religious riots.


Theme: FUN!:D


THW sedate crying babies on aircrafts.

THW mandate free condoms and contraceptives for students above the age of consent.

TH would cage and display people found committing micturition in public areas.



THW force higher education institutions to incentivize students to vote in general elections.

THW elect positions of principal/dean/director etcetera in educational institutions with the students being the voters.

THBT the fees within an educational institution should depend on family income regardless of the course.

Round 4


In this round, we invite teams to engage with the State’s role in facilitating alternatives and the methods – whether through financing, regulating, trading or picking a different policy point in that engagement – by which these alternatives can be accommodated to the benefit of all parties.

Teams may also want to evaluate what is characteristic to these alternatives and what motivates the people and policies behind them.

THBT developing countries should fund alternative sexuality movements.

THW abolish all patents over alternative medicine.

THW allow members of communities that have lost faith in democratic governments to trade in their right to vote and access to publicly-funded resources for the right to set up self-administered alternative governments with non-interference by the State.



TH being Pakistan regrets the move to democracy.

TH being the U.K. will abolish the monarchy.

THBT India should have a freely competitive alcohol market.



Medicine and medical ethics have long shared an uneasy relationship with the law, largely on account of the inability of legal principles to accommodate the scientific uncertainty inherent in medicine and the ethical standards/duties that emerge therefrom.

In this round, teams are required to re-visualize the understanding of the law to make it flexible to medical and ethical considerations, in the form of evaluation of medical evidence and the modification of legal standards to account for the characteristics of medical information.

THW try for legal misconduct defence attorneys who canvas insanity as a defence for clients who are subsequently medically proved to have not been insane at the time of the commission of the crime.

THW liberate Plaintiffs in product liability cases from the burden of proving individual medical harm as a consequence of the consumption of the product.

An injunction is an order of a Court which restrains a specified set of persons from committing a specified set of actions. ‘super-injunction’ is an order of a Court which grants an injunction while also keeping anonymous the identity of the plaintiff.THW allow super-injunctive relief to HIV/AIDS patients who learn that information about their medical history has been compromised by their doctors.


THEME- Mudda’s decision


In the recently concluded elections in Bangladesh, the main opposition party BNP, among others, withdrew from participating. As a result, more than half the seats went uncontested and Sheikh Hasina’sAwami League was voted back to power. TH regrets the re-election of the Awami League in the 2013 Bangladeshi elections.

TH condemns the artificial extension of life of endangered species of animals beyond their natural lifespan.

THBT MalalaYousafzai deserved the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize.


THW allow humans to wrestle alligators for entertainment.


THW make the Line of Control the official international border between India and Pakistan.

Pan Africans Debating Championship 2014

Round 1
THW not grant demands for hazard pay during times of epidemics in developing nations.
Round 2
THBT China should subsidise families for every daughter born.
Round 3
Given that you discover with 100% proof that God does not exist, THW not disclose the information.
Round 4
THS a unisex FIFA World Cup.
Round 5
THW grant the police unlimited access to data collected by private companies (e.g. telecommunications, GPS services).
Round 6
INFO: You are a heterosexual male in his twenties living in an impoverished African state. You have been given the chance to be smuggled on a ship to a country in the West.
Motion: THW choose to go to the West.
Round 7
Assuming the technology existed, THW allow for the cloning and growth of brain-dead human beings for the purpose of organ harvest and scientific research.
Round 8
THW require victims of recurrent domestic violence to move to homes for abused women for a limited period of time.
Round 9
THBT previous colonial powers should pay reparations to former colonies for past atrocities (including but not limited to slavery) in addition to development aid.
THW institute a “Beauty Privilege Tax” for individuals whose physical appearances are conventionally appealing.
INFO: Corporate negligence occurs when a company is not able to fulfil the standard duty of care to a third party, consumer or employee.
THW incarcerate the decision makers of companies that commit corporate negligence.
THW exclusively fund African NGOs instead of Western NGOs working in African countries.
INFO: Saartjie Baartman, an African woman in colonial times, took the chance to leave the country and stay overseas on display in Western museums, in which she would sing and perform for onlookers. She was often naked. After a few years, she also resorted to prostitution to support herself. The people of the West were fascinated with her culturally distinct physical features, which were embalmed and put on display after her death. However, she has also been hailed as a courageous woman for taking the chance to go overseas and refusing genital examination up until her death.
Recently, Kim Kardashian's set of photographed poses were likened to those of Saartjie Baartman.
THR Kim Kardashian's recent photoshoot.

NDDC 2014

Round 1: THBT all the public services should be provided by private providers.
Round 2: THBT western education system should never rationalize their colonial history.
Round 3: THBT West and Nigerian Government should arm Nigerian Citizens against Boko Haram,
Round 4: THBT the media should not report on street crimes.
Round 5: THW bar its citizens from tourism trips to countries with high rates of child prostitution.
Semi Finals: THW bar government agencies from taking personal information from tech giants.
GF: TH, as the People's Republic of Bangladesh, would allow transit facilities to India.

NSU IV 2014

R1: THW allow corporations to incorporate child labor in return for educational opportunities

R2: THW Shut down all state owned media (eg. BTV, BBC,RT, etc)

R3: TH Regrets Obama's Immigration Policy

R4: THW break up tech companies that get too big

R5: THW ban the killing of animals for commercial purposes (except for medical research).

BRAC Masters 2014

R1- THW financially incentivize men to take up jobs that are traditionally dominated by women or become house husbands
R2- THW allow victims to chose the punishment for convicted sexual offenders
R3- THW Ban logos from luxury goods
R4- THBT political assassinations are a legitimate tool of Foreign policy
R5- THBT nations should hold the Catholic Church financially liable for   of Catholic HIV/Aids patients in areas where the church has strongly campaigned against condom use
Finals- THBT states should withhold democratic elections during economic crisis

Oxford IV 2014

R1: THBT laws should be passed by the legislature and then by a body selected at random from eligible voters.

R2: THBT the media should not publish or buy the work of freelance war journalists.

R3: THBT the EU should suspend Hungary's membership.

R4: TH, as the gay community, regrets the existence of Grindr

R5: THW deny public funding to parties with explicitly ethnic membership or platform.

 QF: THS the legalization of child labor in developing countries

SF: THW ban sex selective abortions

GF: THW prefer a society in which people are content with their status to one in which they aspire to social mobility.

Durham IV 2014


R1: THW ban religious organizations from providing rehabilitation services to drug and alcohol addicts.
R2: THBT democracies should extend voting rights to migrant workers.
R3: TH, as a feminist, would oppose products marketed to help women protect themselves from date rape.
[Info slide - Undercover Color are a company that are developing a nail-varnish that changes colour in the presence of date-rape drugs such as GHB and Rohypnol. Many bars provide bottle toppers such as 'the Spikey Bottle Topper' that encourage customers to protect their drinks.]
R4: THBT Arab-Israelis who successfully seek election to the Knesset should opt not to take up that seat.
[Info slide - The Knesset has 120 seats. 12 seats are taken up by Arab-Israelis, who are divided into six parties.]
R5: THBT the state should construct false historical narratives that promote social cohesion (e.g. racial and religious tolerance)
Semi-Final: THBT true women’s liberation is incompatible with the existence of organized religion.
Novice Final: There is a potion which can stop you falling in love. TH, as an 18 year old, would take the potion.
Open Final: THBT FB should manipulate users’ newsfeeds in order to promote progressive content.

Stamford 2014

R1. THW prosecute communities for complicity in honor killing.
R2. THW not have any retirement age.
R3. THW forcibly displace children (even without their parent's concern) from conflict prone areas.
Semis: THW make it mandatory for political parties to ban their student wings and instead replace it with limited internship oppurtunites.  
Final: THW ban RMG trade unions.

SAOS IV 2014

Round 1: THW require parents to vaccinate their children, except where doing so is not in the child's medical interest.
Round 2: THW ban the paying of ransom insurance in the case of kidnapping.
Round 3: THW impose very high taxes on the rich, even when doing so will not increase total tax revenues.
Round 4: THBT feminist campaigns directed specially at men are harmful to the femionist cause.
Quarter-Final: THBT the state has a duty to provide the long term unemployed with lasting employment which pays at least the minimum wage.
Semis: TH regrets Lara Croft.
Finals: TH supports a federal UK.
ESL Finals: THW offer full ammensty to any European citizen currently fighting on behalf of the ISIL as long as they immediatley return to Europe.

RAJUK 2014

R1:  THW allow students to choose corporal punishment in place of detention at schools

R2: THW financially incentivize closeted LGBT individuals to come out and declare themselves.

R3: THW ban conspicuous consumption

R4: THW provide sexual amenities (porn, sex toys, prostitutes, etc.) at military bases.

R5: TH regrets the peace deal  negotiated between the Nigerian Government and Boko Haram to secure the release of the abducted school girls.

Quarters: THW forcibly separate couples who undergo domestic abuse regardless of consent/

Semi: THS the use of forced population transfers that create separate, ethnically homogeneous states as a solution to prolonged ethnic conflict

Finals: THW remove all passages from religious texts (such as Quran, Bible, Geeta) that promote sexism and homophobia

NSU Dailogue 2014

Round 1: THBT the feminist movement should support online dating websites which romantically link rich men and attractive females.

Round 2: Assuming technology exists, THW erase memory of prisoners (of major offences) instead of sending them to prison.

Round 3: THBT USA should use Iran as a key strategic ally to fight the IS.

Round 4: TH supports financial incentives given by corporations to their female workers for not getting pregnant.

Semis: THBT in the place of police repression, protestors should have the right to retailite back violently with proportional but non lethal methods.

Grand Final: THBT public universities should only provide subjects which will ensure employment opportunities for their graduates.

Asian BP 2014

Round 1 TH supports athletes making political and religious expressions at international sporting events
Round 2 THW abolish all systems that attempt to rank universities
Round 3 As feminists, TH celebrate sugar babies
Round 4 TH regrets the Occupy Central movement
Round 5 As friends of the US, THW grant asylum to whistleblowers who disclose sensitive security and military information regarding the US
Round 6 THW allow corporations to vote
Pre-Quarters As Fatah, THW collaborate with the US & Israel to bring
down Hamas
Quarters/EFL Semis THW always require police officers to wear
surveillance cameras while on duty
Semis THBT the UN should establish a minimum quota for global refugee acceptance, allocated to and tradable amongsignatory countries of The Convention relating to the Status of Refugees (CRSR)
EFL Finals THW financially incentivize closeted homosexuals to come out
Finals THW compel religions to remove the concept of the afterlife from their religious doctrines (including, but not limited to preaching,
discussing, publishing)

Edinburgh Cup 2014

R1: THBT govs should negotiate with terrorists when their citizens are taken hostage by terrorist groups
R 2:THW allow commercial surrogacy
R 3: INFO: NUS(National Union of Students) is a student union body. It supports a policy called "no platform" where it does not allow or invite speakers who offend or may incite hatred through their speeches. It has been used to block Nick Griffin in the past.
THS "no platform" policies
R 4: Info: All mining companies used to be nationally owned in UK. In 1984, Thatcher closed down most of the mining companies. This caused protests and strikes. The workers were let go without compensation.
THW pay reparations to the former mining communities in the UK
R 5: THBT gov regulatory bodies should break up big banks such as RBS, Goldman Sachs, which are deemed "too big to fail"
Semi: THBT govs should prioritise economically productive public spending over humanities, arts, etc when deciding budget
Final: Info: David Cameron, the Tory party leader, has said that if the conservatives win elections in 2017, they would repeal the European Declaration of Human Rights and replace it with a new Bill of Human Rights
Motion: THBT the Labour party should engage in cross party dialogue with the Tories about the content and thus help create the Bill of Human Rights(not exact wording)

BRAC IV 2014

Round 1: THBT the OIC should raise an army and peacekeeping force to invade Islamic State

Round 2: THBT literature centred around female sexually is good for women in developing countries.

Round 3: THW implement blind voting.

Round 4: Thbt that developing nations should prioritize reducing inequality over increasing economic growth.

Round 5: THW require all food and products whos development or production caused killed or harmed animals to display images of animal suffering on their packaging.

Pre semis : THBT colleges should offer collegiate athletes professional contracts.Semis: THW significantly increase welfare payouts to low income families who's children get good grades in school.

Final: TH supports the relocation of all Palestinians in West Bank and Gaza to neighbouring Arab countries.

IUT IV 2014

R1: THW reallocate subsidies from tertiary to primary education in developing countries.

R2: THW limit the number of expatriate hires in senior positions in MNCs.

R3: THW, as a part of awareness campaign about rape and sexual violence, discourage women from risky lifestyle choices.

R4: THBT the International Community should recognize an independent Iraqi Kurdistan, and arm it to ight against ISIS.

R5:  TH regrets state's involvement in shaping cultural identity for its citizens.

R6: TH, in the case of financial irregularities, will not allow any out of court settlements.

R7: THBT secession should be decided by binding public referendum.

Semis: TH regrets the ubquity of images of human suffering on social media.

Final morion: THW outsource the entire operation of Bangladesh Cricket Board to a foreign corporation.

WSDC 2014

R1: THW Ban Children From Becoming Professional Models.

R2: THBT only liberal democracies should host international sporting events

R3: THW Allow Prisoners To Volunteer for Drug Trials in Exchange for A lighter Sentence. 

R4: THBT Post-Revolution States Should Delegate trials of former rulers and high-ranking officials to the ICC.

R5: THBT Slum Tourism Does More Harm Than Good

R6: THW Disallow Unvaccinated Children From Attending Public Schools 

R7: THW Lift Tax Exemptions from Religious Institutions that Refuse to Recognize Marriage Equality

R8: THW Remove All Patents on Green Technology

Octos: THW not prosecute defamation. 
Quarters: THBT labor unions are becoming obsolete. 
Semis: THBT drone strikes are a legitimate tool of foreign policy.

Finals: THBT an ASEAN political union is an impossible dream

Australs 2014 
Round 1

That vegetarians and vegans have a moral obligation to aggressively lobby their friends and community to not consume animal products
That the West should not import food from nations with chronic food shortages
That we should ban all advertising and education which implies that addictive or dangerous substances cannot be enjoyable

Round 2
That major transactions of professional sporting clubs should be subject to a vote of paid club members
That there should be character tests for owning or participating in professional sporting teams
That we should eject sporting teams from international competitions if their fans are found to have committed racist/sexist/queerphobic etc acts during matches

Round 3
That we regret the depiction of protagonists in children's books and media as aesthetically superior
That children should learn history as a unifying national story rather than a criticism of past generations
That we should promote the notion that the decision to have a child is a selfish one
Round 4
That developed nations should pay developing nations to not extract their fossil fuel resources (coal, gas, oil)
That governments should not preserve habitats purely for cultural or aesthetic reasons
That rather than protecting endangered species the animal rights movement should prioritise maximising the total welfare of the animal population
Round 5
That corporations should be allowed to vote
That we support an aggressively redistributive global income tax
That, once sufficient welfare services have been provided to every citizen, the state should not care about relative inequality

Round 6
That couples should be able to enter relationship contracts which make any future infidelity a state-enforced crime
That we should support online vigilantes to act against perpetrators of crime and police departments/prosecutors who fail to effectively prosecute them
That we should grant overweight people the same protections from discrimination and hate speech as other vulnerable groups

Round 7

That we should abolish NATO
That Modi's victory over the Congress Party should be celebrated
That ransoms should not be paid to Boko Haram
Round 8
That the feminist movement should exclude activists who argue that transwomen are not women
That full equality between the sexes requires the complete abolition of femininity and masculinity
That, as an attractive educated woman, we would choose to marry for money rather than pursue a career

Open Octofinals

That the state should vet all advertisements intended for public spaces to ensure they do not perpetuate racist or sexist stereotypes
That progressive public forums should actively recruit controversial, socially regressive speakers in order to spark public outrage and discussion
That adoption organisations which preference, or facilitate biological parents' preferences for, placing children in heterosexual homes should be closed

ESL Semifinals

That indigenous communities who have historically lived in the Amazon should not be punished for acts of vigilantism against poaches and illegal loggers
That historically oppressed indigenous minorities should embrace and promote inaccurate but positive myths or beliefs about their culture
That indigenous citizens should be paid a salary for life as a form of reparations

Open Quarterfinals

That the West should force the immediate resignation of Nouri al-Maliki
That reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah is bad for Palestine
That, in spite of the opposition of the Burmese Government, the international community should set up a safehaven for the Rohingyas in Burma

Open Semifinals
That the rise of the Tea Party Movement is good for liberal citizens of the United States of America
That we regret that Barack Obama has not made his racial background a significant issue during his Presidency
That it would be better for the United States of America if the Southern states were to secede

ESL Grand Final
That we should ban volunteer tourism
That First Ladies/Gentlemen should not publically advocate for policies or political positions during their partner's term in office
That we regret the American withdrawal from Iraq

Open Grand Final

That Western Liberal Democratic States should take an ongoing public stance against religion
That assuming a medicinal method of becoming heterosexual was developed, it should be banned
In a post-genocide society, the state should aggressively pursue housing policies which promote racial integration

BDC Pro Ams 2014 

Round 1:
TH, as the African Union, would shut down all national parks and animal reserves.
Round 2:
THW charge distribution and downloading of leaked sex tapes as sexual assault
Round 3:
THW allow prisoners to volunteer for clinical trials in return for lighter sentences.
Round 4:
THW levy increasing taxes every year on energy companies until they develop and commercialise renewable energy solutions.
Round 5:
THW assemble a coalition of the willing to intervene (with or without invitation) in countries where the local government is overwhelmed by millitant groups.
Semi Final:
THW require European football leagues to aggressively redistribute wealth from successful clubs to less successful clubs.

Grand Final:
THBT the infanticide of newborns should not be punished beyond the penalty for unlawful abortion

ASDC 2014


Preliminary Round 1
Song: American Authors - Best Day Of My Life

- This House would allocate school places solely on geographical proximity and not other criteria such as intelligence, ability or talent.
- This House supports the creation of exclusive schools for students that identify as LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning).
- This House regrets the narrative in education that success in life is contingent on one’s level of academic achievement.

Preliminary Round 2
Theme: MEDIA
Song: Charles and Eddie - Would I Lie To You

- This House would ban all media reporting on suicides.
- This House would remove all songs with anti-minority lyrics from public free-to-air radio.
- This House believes that peacekeeping forces should not be obligated to protect war correspondents behind enemy lines.

Preliminary Round 3
Theme: RACE
Song: Michael Jackson - Black or White 

- This House would prevent dating websites and apps from allowing users to specify their racial preferences.
- This House believes that national police forces should implement quotas to reflect the nation’s racial diversity.
- This House believes that liberal democracies should grant minority races the ability to veto the implementation of nationwide policies.

Preliminary Round 4
Theme: USA
Song: Miley Cyrus - Party in the USA

- This House believes that the United States should not have engaged in a prisoner swap with the Taliban.
- This House believes that the United States should publicly extend support to the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood.
- This House believes that the United States should, given a choice between the two, focus on engaging India rather than China.

Preliminary Round 5
Song: The Who - Who Are You (CSI Theme Song)

- In countries where prostitution is illegal, This House would charge the customers of prostitutes with rape.
- In order to prevent illegal logging and poaching, This House supports vigilante action.
- This House would allow victims or victims’ families to veto the use of capital punishment when sentencing their aggressors, on grounds of religious objection.

Preliminary Round 6
Song: Counting Crows - Big Yellow Taxi ft. Vanessa Carlton

- This House would pay less-developed countries to preserve their forests.
- This House would impose a sin tax on the consumption of meat.
- This House believes that developed countries, that were historically pollutive, have a moral obligation to give up part of their land to nations that will sink due to climate change (e.g. the Seychelles and the Maldives).

Preliminary Round 7
Song: The New Radicals - You Get What You Give

- In states where gay marriage is not yet legal, This House believes that it is better for the gay rights movement that openly gay people not enter into civil unions, until gay marriage is legalised.
- This House believes that the asexual movement is better off engaging in activism separately from, rather than together with the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer/questioning) movement.
- This House regrets a closeted Dumbledore.
Open Octofinals
Song: Tears for Fears - Everybody Wants To Rule The World

- Assuming the technology exists, This House would allow soldiers to permanently remove their ability to experience fear.
- In countries where voting is compulsory and people only get one vote each, This House believes that people should be allowed to cast negative votes against candidates in elections.
- This House believes that it is legitimate for progressive politicians in conservative nations to lie about their political positions in order to get into power.

Open Quarterfinals, Novice Quarterfinals
Song: Bruno Mars - Treasure

- This House would subject CEOs (chief executive officers) of privatised public utilities and public transport companies, to regular national referenda on their performance.
- This House would nationalise all pharmaceutical companies.
- This House believes that adopting a minimum wage for low-skilled workers is a better strategy for alleviating poverty, than subsidising skills upgrading courses.

Novice Semifinals
Theme: WOMEN
Song: Jessie J - Domino

- This House believes that First World feminists should not get involved in Third World feminists' battles.
- This House believes that feminists should condemn female celebrities that choose to stay in abusive relationships.
- This House regrets dude feminism.

Open Semifinals, Novice Grand Finals
Song: Naruto OST - Strong and Strike

- This House regrets the reconciliation of Fatah and Hamas.
- This House believes that it is in China’s interest to take a hardline stance against North Korea rather than continue to support it.
- As the Thai military, This House would not have taken over Thailand’s government through a coup d'état.

Open Grand Finals
Song: REM - Losing My Religion

- This House regrets the emphasis on miracles in the spread of religion.
- This House believes that the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning) movement should fund the creation of genderqueer interpretations of existing religious doctrine.
- This House believes that megachurches do more harm than good.

IUB IV 2014 

Round 1 - THW Abolish The Sex Offenders Registry

Round 2- Assuming Military Capability, Bangladesh should annex the Rakhine region of Myanmar
Round 3- TH Supports Google control, storage & sale of user data.Round 4 - THB organizations such as FIFA, IOA & ICC should auction the right to host major sporting eventsPre-Semis: THW Allow People to opt out of social welfare in exchange for the right to use all kinds of illegal & recreational drugs
Semis : THW Replace IMF/World Bank with the BRICS Development Bank

Final: TH Supports a standing army for minorities

UADC 2014

Round 1:

THBT the trend of placing trigger warnings(sexual content, violence, suicide) for students in singing up for class courses is regressive for education.

THW ban gender based initiatory organizations (Fraternies and sororities)

THBT companies should be disallowed from attaching conditions to the scholarships they give out that lock individuals to specific industries.

Round 2:

THW break up megacities

THW regrets the resignation of top officials over national scandals and/or tragedies

THW remove citizen-first hiring policies.

Round 3:

In nations with high crime rate against women, THBT the international community should saction the poltical elite in the country.
THBT the feminist movement should actively support groups like the Gulabi Gang.
THBT self indentified pro-choice activists who have had an abortion should not publicly discuss their regret or grief about their experiences.

Round 4:
THW prohibit the media from disclosing the political motivation of terrorist groups.
THW only allow nudity in the media that plays a role in the story or furthers the narrative.
THW require judicial approval prior to the release of classified information by journalist.

Round 5:
THW discontinue the practice of victim testimonies during sentencing hearings.
THW prohibit the release of previously unpublished artistic works, after the death of the creator, author or musician.
THW reduce a prisoner's sentence for every state-approved book that they read.

Round 6:
THBT the Philippines should allow other countries to set up military bases in parts of its territory in the exchange for money.
THBT Singapore and Malaysia shoul place a moratorium on importing labour from Indonesia until they reform their environmental practices.
THBT pulbic figures serving in the Japanese government have a moral obligation not ot visit the Yasunki Shrine.

Round 7:
THW, as Dalai Lama, choose to be reincarnated outside of China and Tibet.
THW, as Pope Francis, expose the gay network in the Vatican.
In impoverished nations, when members of the Church have a child beyond their finiancial means, THBT the Church should be responsible for the expenses of rearing the Child.

TH regrets the dominant narrative in children's education that good always wins.
THBT parents who actively try to suppress a child's sexuality should charged fro abuse.
THBT professional sports clubs should not be allowed to contract underage players to their teams.

Octos and EFL Quarters:

TH Supports an African Union led intiative into Nigeria to combat Boko Haram
THBT India should institute an automatic right to refuge for persecuted Hindus.
THBT the Pheu Thai party cede one term of governance to the Democratic Party.

reen Herald Inter School 2014

Round 1 - THW put a CAP on the amount of money one can spend behind ones' pets. 

Round 2 - THW limit the number of cases that can be filed by the police against well known opposition politicians.
Round 3 - THW with-hold the scientific discoveries that have the potential to be used as Biological weapons.
Round 4 - THBT it's better to rule in hell than to serve in heaven.
Round 5 - THBT public servants should prioritize their conscience over their designated duty. Quarter Final - THBT the composition of the national sporting teams should reflect the economic and racial demographics of society.
Semi Final - THW impose "gender imbalance" tax on Corporations.
Grand Final - THBT the WTO should ban nations from placing bans on the export of food.

Corporate Open 2014 
R1: THBT schools should reserve a quota for gay teachers.

R2: THW prohibit financial settlements in lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies.

R3: THBT natural resources should belong to the world and not an individual country.

R4: THW give corporate tax breaks during times of recession.

R5: In exchange for absolute freedom of Ukraine from Russia, THBT the EU and US should accept the annexation of Crimea.

PEDs Expedition Ctg 2014

Round 1 This house (TH) will deny physicians’ right to strike.
Round 2 TH will give more votes to minorities
Round 3 TH will impose gender imbalance tax on corporations.
Round 4 THW freeze memberships of sporting federations of nations that boycott international
Round 5 TH will create provisions for income tax benefits, to high performing individuals who
volunteer, for their contributions to the civil service of Bangladesh.
Semi Finals: TH will re-engineer the politicization of Bangladeshi patriotism (through propaganda
and/or law) to completely exclude existing personality cults (Mujib, Zia, etc.)

IUB Warm Up Open 2014

Round 1: THBT The LGBT Movement has lost it’s momentum
Round 2: THB That Mainstrem Media in developing countries should be banned from participating in election politics
Round 3: THW Tax Physical Attractiveness
Roun 4: THBT The US Should Withdraw Support from Israel

Semis: TH acknowledges the end of the European Union

Final: THBT Iran should take a leading role in Peace Negotiations in Syria

Scholastica Inter School 2014

Theme: #family
1.TH Supports The Use of Tiger Parenting Techniques
Theme: #dress
2. THBT Arabic Nations should stop selling oil to countries that restrict Islamic dresses until the restrictions are removed.
Theme: #art
3. TH Regrets The Commercial Use & Mainstream Popularity of Graffiti
Theme: #health
4. THBT That in Countries with social health care systems, the government has no responsibility to cover the costs of medical procedures for individuals who do not take preventive measures to maintain their own health.
Theme: #heroes
5. THW Modify Human Genetics to create super-soldiers for military purposes i.e. Captain America & Wolverine
Theme: #soccernomics
6. THBT That European Football Leagues should redistribute income from successful to less successful domestic clubs.
THW Forcibly Displace Tribes from forests that are home to endangered species.
THBT The LGBT Movement should abandon the claim that sexuality is not a choice.
THBT Leaders of Abrahomic Faiths should actively promote interpretations of scripture which allow atheists to enter heaven.
THBT Foreign Countries should extradite alleged war criminals back to Bangladesh

BUET InterSchool 2014

[Themes were chosen by the best speaker/s of every round]
Theme: Classic
R1- THW ban plastic surgeries. (non-essentials)
Theme: Valentine's
R2: THBT when we log into social networking websites, love logs out.
Theme: Religion
R3- THW elect imams as part of local govt.
Theme: IR
R4- THBT developing nations should outsource their national elections.
Theme: Women
 R5- THBT the feminist movement should denounce the nude pop culture.
Post Break [Theme by A-Core]
Theme: Education
Quarters: THBT developing countries should re-allocate education funds from arts/social sciences to fueling career paths that are beneficial to the state.
Theme: Environment:
Semis: THBT policies that may have a significant environmental consequences should be subject to a veto by a "Supreme Court" of independent scientific experts.
Theme: Bangladesh
Assuming they are guilty, THBT the execution of  the war criminals without due process is the right move for Bangladesh.

Malaysian Debate Open 2014

Round 1 - Prison
THW offer reduced sentences to prisoners who help convict prison inmates and/or prison officials in abuse cases
THW make house arrest the default punishment for crimes
Upon release, THBT prisoners have a right to compel the state to employ them in government offices
Round 2 - Women
THBT votes of the members of a household should be counted only if women in that household vote
THW ban all commercials that promote stereotypical norms of beauty and femininity
THW impose a "gender imbalance" tax on corporations
Round 3 - Education
THBT developing nations should divert tertiary education funding to improving primary and secondary education
THBT a student's performance should be evaluated relative to his/her innate capacity
THW cut subsidy of schools that have high rates of bullying incidents
Round 4 - Economics
THBT countries with high unemployment rates should ban offshoring
THBT free trade agreements should include free labor movement
THW put a moratorium on mergers and acquisitions in the social media industry
Round 5 - Russia
THBT the international community should declare the Sochi Olympics void
THBT Ukraine should accept the result of a Crimean referendum to join Russia
THBT the West should fund LGBT reformation initiatives in Russia
Round 6 - Post-Conflict Societies
In post-conflict societies, THBT the government should mandate diversity in community living (i.e. housing, schools, workplace, etc.)
In post-conflict societies, THBT the military and police powers should be commanded by an international body and not the country's government
In post-conflict societies, THBT historical narratives should be owned by the government
Open Octo Finals - Health Care
THBT the state, not parents, should make all medical decisions for children until they reach the age of consent
THW deprioritize the elderly in allocating scarce medical resources
Where a scientifically proven treatment has been approved for a condition, THW ban any alternative medication that aims to treat the same
Open Quarter Finals / EFL Semi Finals - Development
THW make development aid contingent on recipient countries having aggressive socially redistributive policies
THBT government contracts involving natural resources should be subjected to a referendum
THBT governments should prioritize investing in populated areas where there's the least private and/or foreign capital investment
Open Semi Finals / EFL Grand Finals - Rights
THW limit the amount of land people can own
THW ban corrective treatment for the mentally ill
THW abolish the constitutional privilege against self-incrimination
Grand Finals - State
THBT the state has no right to demand/request citizens to surrender their lives
THBT the state should never pardon the crimes of individuals
THBT there is no state duty to protect individuals from themselve.

NUJS 2014

PRELIM ROUND 1: Old dog new wine

• THW Legalise all recreational substances for the elderly
• THW give persons convicted of petty crimes the option of choosing public lashing in lieu of a prison sentence
• THW pay parents to abort foeti that suffer from genetic disability (Over and above the cost of the procedure)


• THBT emigrants should pay an exit tax upon changing residency
• THW allow individuals to sell their citizenship
• THW permit communities to establish residential colonies to the exclusion of other communities


• THW reduce subsidies to tertiary education and reallocate the money to primary education in developing countries
• THW ban religious teaching in all schools
• THBT students should elect the Vice Chancellors of their universities.


• THW give Parents the right to be restituted by their children for money invested in their upbringing
• THBT Children should have the right to retrospectively sue their parents for physical and mental trauma, upon attaining the age of majority.
• THW aggressively promote 'Modern Family' on primetime Indian television


• THW not permit the de-racialisation of art & literature
• THW decriminalize and encourage graffiti in public spaces
• THW mandate radio stations to play the music of local artists


• THW ban members of legislatures from engaging in any other profession / business
• THBT Public officials involved in sex scandals (not amounting to crimes) should not resign from office
• THW allow parliamentarians to vote on conscience in defiance of the official party position


• THW Mandate the compulsory donation of blood by eligible candidates
• THBT Medical decisions regarding the life threatening conditions of children should be taken by Medical professionals instead of the Parents
• THW not use unethically obtained data in scientific research


• THBT former colonizers should be obligated to accept migrants from their colonies.
• THW waive diplomatic immunity in instances of alleged Human Rights violations
• THW condition aid to developing countries on the repeal of anti-sodomy laws


• THW mandate labour union representation on the Board of Directors of companies
• THW ban unpaid internships
• THW ban transport and trade unions from having political affiliations


TH regrets the decline of communism

WUDC Chennai 2014

Round 1: THBT the United States of America should fund moderate Madrassas (schools of Islamic study) throughout the Islamic world
Round 2: THW allow first-time offenders to, with the consent of the victims, pay compensation to them in place of a prison sentence
Round 3: TH regrets the rise of a 'hookup culture' (one which accepts and encourages casual sexual encounters focused on physical pleasure, without necessarily including emotional bonding)
Round 4: THBT developing countries should ban members of political dynasties from standing for elected office
Round 5: THBT the Trans-Pacific Partnership is in the interests of the small and medium-sized negotiating countries [info slide: http://goo.gl/qTTLth]
Round 6: THW make the receipt of welfare payments to raise children conditional on the use of long-term, but reversible, contraception
Round 7: THBT government agencies that regulate drugs should only test whether a drug is safe, not whether it is effective, before approving it for public use [info slide: http://goo.gl/gomgDI]
Round 8: THBT NATO should unconditionally offer membership to the states of the former Soviet Union, excluding Russia
Round 9: TH regrets the commodification of indigenous cultures

EFL Semi-Finals: THBT the gay rights movement should abandon the claim that sexuality is not a choice
EFL Final: THBT multinational companies should be liable for human rights abuses that occur anywhere in their supply chain

ESL Quarter-Finals: THW remove all copyright protection for material deemed to be morally objectionable
ESL Semi-Finals: THBT Pope Francis should publicly encourage Catholics to support radically redistributive government policies
ESL Grand Final: THW allow countries to pay other countries to settle asylum-seekers who reach their borders

Open Partial Double Octo-Finals: THW abolish gated communities in the developing world
Open Octo-Finals: THBT Japan should shame its soldiers who participated in WWII, including those who did not commit war crimes themselves
Open Quarter-Finals: THW auction off the long-term right to govern bankrupt cities for profit
Open Semi-Finals: THBT women should reject practices that alter the appearance of their genitalia, such as waxing and labiaplasty
Open Grand Final: THBT India should pursue aggressive economic policies

Masters' Round 1: THB that the feminist movement should actively fight to liberate men from their prescribed gender roles
Masters' Round 2: THW redraw the borders of Africa
Masters' Grand Final: THW never categorize people by their race.

SMU IV 2014

Round 1: THBT all news organizations should be non profit.
Round 2: THBT the feminist movement should actively deny that there exists the oppression of men in society.
Round 3: Assuming it were possible, THW set up a supranational body to govern all quantitative easing measures enacted by individual countries.
Round 4: THBT Kazai should refuse to the security agreement, which will keep US Forces in Afganistan after 2014, unless the US ceases all drone strikes on targets within the country.
Round 5: THBT the infanticide of newborns should not be punished beyond the penalty for unlawful abortion
Quarter Finals: THBT the determination of the 'average and reasonable person' in criminal cases should never be informed by prejudicial (racist, religious, sexist, classist or homophobic assumptions)
Semis: As the Israeli Knesset, THW abandon the Prawer Plan
Novice Finals: THBT the criminal justice system should only rely on secular rehabilitation programs.
Grand Final: Assume you are a state that is about to lose a war. You have in your arsenal, prohibited weapons that will ensure that the war ends in stalemate and that you avert that loss of countless lives. THW allow the use of these prohibited weapons as the last resort.

IMUDO 2013

R1: THW Allow Adults to Retrospectively Sue Their Parents for Bad Parenting (non-criminal)
R2: THBT States Should Set Up Permanent Inhumanity Exhibitions
R3: THW Allow Prisoners Sentenced For More Than 1 Year Nett (3 years gross) to have sex in prisons
R4: THW Always Attach Micro Recording Devices On Police Officers While They Are On Duty.
Quarters: THW Implement Good Samaritan Laws
Semis: THW Set Up Hypermarkets To Eliminate The Middlemen
Finals : THW Allow A Deceased Man's Sperm to Be Extracted For Artificial Insemination By His Partner Without Prior Consent.

Great Gender Debate 2013

1. THW give incentives to women to participate in the military forces
2.THBT we should stop gender affirmative action in refugees admission
3. THS cohabitation as the new marriage
4.THW grant fathers paternity leave
5.THW only give brith to women
6. THBT the government should pay women to become housewives
7. THBT Islamic countries that allow women to drive should openly condemn countries who don’t
8. THW create a quota and provide subsidies for women home ownership
9.THW censor movies that objectify women
10. THW abolish single sex schools
11.THW prioritize the posting of female diplomats to countries with bad human rights record
12. THW ban arranged marriages
13.THW elect the women’s minister through a national elections where only women can vote
14. THBT the state should compel employers to pay half of husbands salary directly into the wife’s account

PEDs Composite Open 2013

R1. THBT shit happens.
R2. THBT Marvel should be made to promote lead protagonist being LGBT
R3. THW require all war based video games to adhere to the geneva convetion in their depictions
R4. THBT Biological Weapons Use Is Legitimate Against Those Nations/Entities That Have Condoned Ethnic Cleansing
R5. THBT Allowing your child to become obese is tantamount to child abuse and should be prosecuted as such.
Grand Final: THBT citizens can opt out of taxes in return for agreeing to give up any claims on social security benefits offered by the state.

Cambridge IV 2013

R1: This house would give primates (e.g. monkeys) and cetaceans (e.g. dolphins) the same rights to life, freedom from physical harm, and freedom of movement as humans.
R2: This house believes that developed countries should set maximum rents for residential properties in large urban centres.
R3: This house believes that, despite the expressed wishes of the Pakistani government, the United States should continue to target the leaders of Tehrik-i-Talibani (Pakistani Taliban).
R4: This house would break up banks, like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase and HSBC, that are deemed ’too big to fail’.
R5: This house would ban religious charities from engaging in proselytisation
Open Quarter's- TBT the Republican and Democratic Parties should select its candidates (for congress/senate/presidential post) through a vote by the party leaders rather than through primaries.
ESL Semi's- THW prevent those who deny climate change from seeking political office.
Open Semi's- Instead of creating a Jewish state in the British Mandate of Palestine, with the benefit of hindsight This House would have created a Jewish State in Germany.
ESL Grand Final- It should be the policy of the US to conduct all of its military interventions unilaterally.
Open Grand Final- THBT it is in the west's interest for Assad to decisively win the Syrian Civil War.

Oxford IV 2013

Round 1: THW provide mobile teachers for the compulsory education of the children of travelling communities (e.g. Roma and Irish Traveller)
Round 2: THBT developed economies should collectively agree to impose radically redistributive tax codes
Round 3: THW ban the gender testing of athletes in sports
Round 4: THW require major polluters to open their borders to environmental refugees
Round 5: THBT national war memorials should commemorate the casualties on all sides of the conflict

Novice Final: THBT when courts sentence offenders, they should give considerable weigh to the views of the victims

ESL Semi: THBT political parties should adopt non-hierarchical organizational structures
ESL Final: THBT liberal democracies should cut all economic and military ties with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Open Quarter: THW, as a liberal democracy, restrict coverage of small-scale terrorist attacks
Open Semi: THBT identity-based social movements should not include in their movements allies who are not part of the identity group in question
Open Final: THBT the United States should dissolve its offensive military capabilities

PEDs Open 2013

R1: THBT the desecration of religious site is a legitimate tactic in mordern day warfare.
R2: THBT deception about gender negates sexual consent
R3: TH(Brazil)W regret the bid to host FIFA 2014 World Cup.
R4: THW ban private investment by MNCs in the areas struck by natural and man-made disasters or a certain number of years.
Final: THS have a public armed militia to counter hartals.

Durham IV 2013

Round 1: THBT that the jury should be entirely made up of the people from the same racial and socioeconomic background as the defendant
Round 2: THBT that the public should be allowed to pardon whistleblowers through a referendum.
Round 3: THBT that the ICC should not indict people for war crimes when the conflict is ongoing.
Round 4: THW not allow for people to sign up for a one-way mission MarsOne programme.
Round 5: THBT energy security is a legitimate reason for military action
Main Semi Finals: THW pay drug addicts to be permanently sterilized.
Novice Finals: THW hold parents criminally liable for repeated offenses committed by their children.
Main Finals: TH regrets the creation of a moral and legal distinction between chemical weapons and conventional weapons

HUBER Debates 2013

R1. THW not pay subjects of clinical research trials.
R2. THBT US aid to South America should not be conditional to coca extraction.
R3. THW abolish all welfare benefits for an unconditional livable annual income.
R4. THW prefer a state without a written constitution.
R5. THW subsidize feminist pornography.
R6. THW include a morality clause for all public officials (incl but not limited to teachers, cops and firefighters).
Quarter Finals: THBT Palestinian Organizations should actively campaign for Israeli citizenship over independent Palestinian statehood.
Semi Finals: TH supports the unionization of prisoners.
Novice Finals: THW permit inmates to raise their young children in prison.
Finals: THBT Pope Francis I should publicly endorse Socialist political parties and candidates.

BUET IV 2013 WUPID Bangladesh

Round 1 : TH does not believe in the concept of joint family
Round 2 : THBT a significant part of funding for the war on drugs should be redirected as development aid to countries where drugs are produced
Round 3: THBT UN should an standing army, under the mandate of ICC
Round 4 :THBT countries which have been recipients of US foreign aid should help the US repay its national debt.
Round 5: THBT all countries should nationalize primary resource extraction
Round 6 :TBHT the LGBT community should be allocated representation in the parliament through a fixed quota system filled by election within their own community. Pre-semis : THBT the modern nobel peace prize has protected the institution of democracy.
Semis: THBT all weapon technology should be open-sourced.
Final: THBT Bangladesh should suspend all trades with India until and unless border and water issues are resolved.

UT MARA Women's Open Debating Championship 2013

Round 1: THBT prisoners who remain unemployed should be allowed to sue the government.
Round 2: Presuming the technology existed to allow the fetus to be painlessly removed and transferred to another womb, THW criminalize abortion.
Round 3: THBT post-conflict societies should abolish their militarized in exchange for security guarantees from Western nations.
Round 4: THBT responsible LGBT advocacy should condemn the hook-up culture.
Quarterfinals: THW impose a universal extradition treaty.
Semifinals: TH regrets the decolonization of Africa.
Grand finals: TH regrets the female narrative that dominates the discourse on rape.

Asian BP 2013 

R1: THW ban all arranged marriages.
R2: In sports/teams w/ a culture of pressure to dope, THW only prosecute the management, not the athlete, for the use of PED.
R3: THW stop teaching classic literary works in favor of recently written texts when teaching literature in schools.
R4: THBT Iran should take a leading role in peace negotiations in Syria.
R5: THW ban Google from retaining user data
R6: THBT the media should never report on crimes intended to attract public attention.
R7: THW prohibit financial settlements in lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies.
R8: THBT indigenous groups who live in geographically separate areas should be given their own autonomous government.
R9: THW allow individuals to contract out of all basic employment provisions (i.e.: Health Care, Safety) in return for inc. wage.
EFL Quarter:    You are a doctor at an IVF clinic. A prominent conservative politician is at your clinic seeking IVF treatment. A "gay gene" has been identified, and one of the politician's embryos carries it. THW implant the gay embryo
EFL Semi:    THBT the US should reform its political system to encourage the creation of smaller parties (for e.g. a Labour Party, a Tea Party, a Green Party, etc.)
EFL Final:    THW ban all donations to religious organizations
Open Pre-Quarter:    THBT Free Trade Agreements should be subject to approval by referendum in the respective signatory countries
Open Quarter:    Michael murdered his wife and 2 children. In his bid to escape the police, he fell and hit his head. As a result of the fall, he lost all his memories after age 5. THW not convict michael of any crime
Open Semi:    THBT Southeast Asian Nations should not help to stop the flow of asylum seekers to Australia
Open Final:    THBT military conscription should be regarded as a war crime

Hart House 2013

Round 1: THW require all criminal defendants to use a government-provided lawyer.
Round 2: THW withhold Government funding from Indigenous Bands and Tribal Councils that do not have democratic forms of government
Round 3: THW aggressively prioritize the posting of female diplomats to countries with poor women's rights records
Round 4: THBT Pakistan should sincerely pursue peace talks with the Pakistani Taliban
Round 5: THW not grant developing countries the right to host major international sporting events
QF: THBT white entertainers should refrain from utilizing modes of expression (dances, etc.) that are primarily associated with minority cultures.
Info Slide: In the Agreement Accompanying the British Broadcasting Corporation's Charter, there is a requirement for all news or political programming to "do all it can to ensure that controversial subjects are treated with due accuracy and impartiality. This effectively results in a ban of editorialising.
Motion: THBT Major Daily Newspapers and TV News Channels should be required to treat controversial issues with due accuracy and impartiality
Novice Final: THW extend the right to vote in Israeli elections to all Jews everywhere - including those who live outside of Israel and who are not Israeli citizens
Final: THBT Religious Leaders should not endorse Political Candidates

NSU IV 2013

R1) THW ban all video games

R2) THBT the West should support conservative political parties over secular autocratic regimes in MENA

R3) THBT that a significant portion of foreign aid should be sourced through local contractors rather than organizations based in the donor countries

R4) THBT secular nations should not permit any separate family laws for minorities.

R5) THW not allow religions to preach using genocidal literature

Pre Semis : THBT the feminist movement should support norms of monogamous relationships

Semis: THBT British colonization has had more benefits than harms for the Indian subcontinent

Finals: THW allocate votes to voters based on performance in a current affairs test.

Nalsar IV 2013

R1. THW impose a tax on meat consumption.
R2. THW not disclose the identity of suspects of crimes until proven guilty.
R3. This house, as Barack Obama, who personally believes in protecting whistleblowers, would secretly help Edward Snowden using his own resources and not as the President of the United States.
R4. THW allow the purchase of private property in outer space and on various celestial bodies. (Infoslide: There already exists a company selling property on the moon; UN Conventions are ambiguously worded in not prohibiting such acts; there have been disputes over recognizing the legitimacy of such purchases)
R5. THW censor films that objectify women.
Novice Semis: THW teach gender neutral pronouns in primary school.
Novice finals: THBT India should adopt nuclear power as its primary source of energy.
Quarter Finals: THBT academic journals should accept and publish 50% of its articles from women.
Semifinals: THW not recognize any more religions than it already has.
Finals: TH celebrates the rise of China as a hegemon.

NUDC 2013

R1. THW abolish single-sex schools.
R2. THW compel media companies to sell majority of shares exclusively to journalists.
R3. THBT companies should have the right to conduct aggressive cracking and hacking in response to cyber-attacks.
R4. As long as the anti-LGBT laws are in place, THBT Western liberal democracies should not send their athletes to the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.
R5. THBT the feminist movement should support the use of hijab.
R6. THW exempt artists and their work from blasphemy, defamation, and hate speech laws.
R7. TH believes in the Chinese model of economic development.
Novice QF. THBT Indonesia should significantly increase its military budget.
Novice SF. THW force individuals who actively do self-harm acts to go to a mental health counselor provided by the state.
Novice GF. THBT Indonesia would be better off without the Ministry of Religious Affairs.
Main OF: As newly democratized states, THW provide reserved seats in the parliament to every group that actively supports the revolution process.
Main QF: TH supports states without army.
Main SF: TH opposes social media.
Main GF: THW only allow individuals who have held a position in the governmental structure to run as presidential candidate.

Taylor's Open 2013

R1: TH regrets the rise of mega rich football clubs (PSG, Manchester City, Anzhi Machakala)
R2: In countries that legalize designer babies, thw allow parents to design disabled babies.
R3: There is a pill which prevents you from falling in love. This house would allow you to take the pill
R4: THBT convicted rapists should be denied custody and visitation rights to children they have fathered out of rape.
QF: Thw extend liability to heads of states of countries that provide military support to belligerent states
SF: In times of recession, THW reduce corporate tax for corporations that agree not to lay off workers
GF: Assuming its existence, TH rejects heaven and hell.

EUDC 2013

R1: THW ban video games in which the player engages in brutal and inmoral violence in a realistic setting.
R2: THW require international development aid budgets to be approved by popular referenda
R3:TH as the Muslim Brotherhood would sincerely offer to cease resistance, participate in elections and respect a liberal constitution
R4: THW allow goverment agencies to conduct automated surveillance without court authorisation
R5: THB that Israel should allow members of the Jewish Diaspora to vote in its election
R6: TH applauds the rise of songs by female pop artists that glorify assertive female sexuality.
R7: THBT it is in China's strat. int. to cease all non-humanitarian assistance to North Korea until it ends its nuclear programme.
R8: THB that Barack Obama should not have granted legal immunity to officials who ordered the use of torture.
R9: THW provide welfare in the form of basic goods and services rather than cash payments. #eudc
QF: THBT men should consistently call out and correct chauvinistic claims by colleagues and co-workers.
SF: THB that environmentalists should launch a campaign of sabotage and property destruction aimed at major polluting companies.
Finals: THB the state should not fund any work of art or perfomance that the average cititzens would not recognise as having artistic merit #educ
QF: THBT African countries should adopt English as the principal language of instruction in schools.
SF: TH Regrets that Western Media has Demonised Islamic Terrorists Rather than Portraying Them as Criminals with Legitimate Political Grievances.
Final: THW give more votes to citizens according to their performance on a current affairs test.

Philippines Debate Open 2013

R1: TH regrets the emphasis on college education
R2: THW financially incentivize the transfer of land to women and the purchase of land by women
R3: THBT parents and educators should actively encourage children to invest in their physical appearance and attractiveness
R4: THBT states should impose a moratorium on natural resource extraction until their economies are diversified
R5: TH regrets civil society’s support for the current military takeover in Egypt

Octos: THBT a greater portion of foreign aid contracts and grants should go to locally-based organizations instead of companies from the donor country
Quarters: THW pay teenage girls to not get pregnant
Semis: THW impose a cap on the number of prisoners incarcerated at any given time
Finals: THBT secular states should not allow minority groups to implement their own family law systems

UKM IV 2013

R1) THW not try minors in juvenile courts
R2) THW compel Indonesia to pay its neighbouring nations for the costs incurred as a result of the haze
R3) THBT LGBT athletes should not participate in the Winter Olympics in Russia
R4) THBT the Arab League should push for the recognition/reinstatement(forgot the exact wording) of Morsi as Egypt's democratically elected leader
R5) TH celebrates sadomasochism

Quarters: THW allow states to pre-determine the career paths of children
Semis:TH supports the autonomous control of federal governments over the interest rates of financial institutions during times of recession
Final: TH regrets the establishment and existence of cultural feminism.

SIDEO 2013

R1: THW allow individuals in Malaysia to possess handguns for self-defence.
R2: THW offer male scholarships to tertiary education institutions to pursue traditionally female-dominated professions.
R3: THW encourage the eating of insects as an alternative to eating meat.
R4: THBT it is never immoral for parents to lie to their children.
R5: THW tax physical attractiveness.
QF: THW abolish prisons.
SF: THW not employ smokers.
Final: THBT victims consent is a legitimate defense for all crimes.

BDC Pre-Worlds 2013


Round 1: THBT racial profiling is a legitimate tactic to fight crime.

Round 2: This house would prioritize geo-engineering over traditional means of environment control.
Round 4: THB That We Should Ban Bitcoin.
Round 5: THW require all prospective parents to obtain a licence before having children.
Round 6: THBT local communities should be allowed to regulate entertainment media according to their culture & beliefs.
Octos- THW Ban Violent Rituals(Religious or Cultural)
Quarters- THW Allow Workers To Exchange Health & Safety Rights in return for an increased salary
Semis - THBT that soldiers have the right to refusal of participation in military action based on their conscience
Grand Finale-This House Would Permanently Deny Migration To Students who have gone through the public university system

Australs 2013

M1. That universities should not have patents.
M2. THW abolish tenure for university professors.
M3. That states that don't provide free tertiary education should subsidize career paths for students that is useful for the state.

M1: That the English Premier League should significantly limit the number of foreign players per team .
M2: That professional sporting clubs should only b owned by the local authority of the area they represent.
M3: That we should ban players' unions in major sporting leagues

M1: We should require criminal judges to be employed in a prison for 6 months prior to appointment to the bench.
M2: That illegally gathered evidence and information should be admissible in criminal trials
M3: That individuals who commit minor crimes should be allowed 2 convert their sentences into corporal punishment

M1: That we should require all free-to-air TV stations to have and adequately fund 60min of ad-free news in prime time.
M2: That journalists should be required to lodge their sources with a press council for verification.
M3: That CEOs of major news companies should be democratically elected in open public elections.

M1: That countries should not seek to regulate digital currencies like the Bitcoin
M2: TWS prohibit credit rating agencies from disclaiming legal liability for the inaccuracy of their ratings
M3: TWS make lenders liable for the losses of low-income customers who are not given independent legal advice

M1: That we should make legislative deliberations & decisions on retirement age and superannuation private, anonymous, confidential and by the secret ballot.
M2: That we should support granting private administrative control of cities on the basis of charters
M3: That gay rights group should disavow the "Gay is the New Black" campaign.

M1: That the US should pay Chinese activists to combat the efforts of China's '50 Cent Party'
M2: That Detroit should sell the Detroit Institute of Art's 1 billion USD collection to service it's debts
M3: That Obama should grant Edward Snowden amnesty from all charges

Round 8
M1: TWS refuse classification to films and TV shows that fail the Bechdel Test.
M2: TWS pay parental leave as equal and non-transferable portions of leave for each parent
M3: That progressive women's groups should refrain from attacking female politicians regardless of their policies

Adj Test: That individuals should be allowed to sell their right to sue to one/more 3rd parties.

M1: That we should abolish Green Belt regulations.
M2: TWS rewrite animal welfare standards to be uniform for each species of animal, regardless the animal's use/context.
M3: That Obama should use the Environmental Protection Agency and other executive powers to aggressively combat climate change

M1: That minimum standards of living should be legally enforceable in developing countries
M2: That political parties should abolish their military wings
M3: That we should select only women as diplomats to countries with poor rights standards for women

M1: TWS support aggressive Palestinian protests, like property destruction, in illegal Israeli settlements
M2: That the Muslim Brotherhood should cooperate with Adly admin and accept Cabinet positions for ending protests against the interim gov
M3: That we regret the rise of the nation state in the Arab World

M1: That China should establish military bases overseas.
M2: That Palestinians should not accept citizenship from Arab Nations.
M3: That we should require UN approval for the giving of military aid or selling of (words missing).

That the media should not have broadcast the footage of British soldier, Lee Rigby, being murdered in London.

M1: That we should abolish the criminal law, expand tort law and provide extra funding for the litigants
M2: That the standard or 'responsibleness' in criminal cases should never be influenced by prejudicial assumptions, even if held by the average person in that society.
M3: That the tax offices should be allowed to retrospectively declare acts of aggressive accounting, which expliot tax loopholes, illegal.

That women should be criminally liable for harm to foetuses in utero as a result of their lifestyle choices

AUW IV 2013

Round 1:

That Governments should abolish patent protection and instead establish a fund that guarantees payments for the development of new medicines for Third World diseases.
That this house would take lifestyle choices into account in the allocation of scarce medical resources.
That all restriction on the advertising of prescription drugs should be removed.

Round 2:

That social disgust is legitimate grounds for the restriction of artistic freedom.
That this house would require independent professional accredation of all individuals who recienve compenstation for providing political commentary
in the media.
That government should have the right to access all private communication on the internet.

Round 3:

That we should ban Bitcoin.
That this house would prioritize geo-engineering over traditional means of environment control.
Assuming technology is available, this house would do away with human referees in international sporting events.

Round 4:

That low income ethnic neighborhoods should be protected from gentrification.
That this house would teach in indigenous languages.
That the state should pay women who choose to become housewives.


That this house supports work for food programs in public schools.
That corporations should be held legally responsible for abuses committed by their contracted service providers.
That this house would allow migrant labor to vote in the country where they work.

That, in Bangladesh, constitutional changes and passing legislation must require a minimum proportion of votes from the opposition MPs.
That this house will require all university students to serve as social workers for a year right after graduation.
That this house supports a constitutional role in government for the Bangladesh military.

UADC 2013

Round 1: EducationTHBT academic researchers should restrict public access to their research that has not undergone peer review.
THW make public universities free.
THW require all public servants to send their children to public school.

Round 2: If I Were A Doctor…
As far as they are able to, THBT doctors have an obligation to disclose to a patient's sexual partners that the patient has HIV/AIDS.
THBT doctors should never administer life sustaining treatment to those pronounced brain dead.
THBT doctors should refuse to administer abortions on patients who insist on maintaining a pro-life stance.

Round 3: Mind Your Own Business
THW abolish all patents.
THW nationalize any company that is deemed to be too big to fail.
TH supports multinational corporations who outsource their production to countries that have loose labor laws.

Round 4: Social Networking
THBT social networking sites have done more harm than good for interpersonal interaction.
THBT social networks like Grindr should not allow users to prevent their profiles from being searched by members of a specific race.
TH condemns dating sites like Ashley Madison that are targeted at people in relationships looking to have an affair.

Round 5: Gender
THW require all employees to take the same amount of leave and work the same number of hours that their average female colleague with a child does.
Regardless of parental consent, THW fund gender reassignment surgery for minors.
THBT homosexual movement should out homosexuals they know to be in the closet.

Round 6: Crime and Punishment
TH supports the indefinite detention of individuals in the interest of public safety.
THBT justice should involve no consideration for retribution and focus on rehabilitation instead.
THW ban proselytizing (to induce someone to convert to one's faith) in prisons.

Round 7: Environment
THW not cut funding to research that seeks to deal with climate change, even in the wake of austerity.
THW stop searching for new sources of oil.
THW stop preventing the worsening of climate change and focus on adapting to its consequences instead.

Round 8: Democracy
TH prefers a system of proportional representation to first-past-the-post voting.
TH supports parties who choose their policy positions on bills being voted on in the legislature through an online vote by their constituents.
THBT majority of the members of the legislature should be chosen from a socially representative random draw from the general population.

Octo Final: Geopolitics and Conflict
In post-conflict societies, THW stop collecting and destroy all information regarding the ethnic and religious identities of its citizens.
For as long as Israel occupies Palestinian territories, TH supports an academic boycott of Israel.
THBT journalists should not use deception to gain access to rogue states or conflict zones.

Open Quarter Final and EFL Pre-mi Final: Economics
THW not tax investment income.
THBT governments should balance their budgets unless they secure consent to the contrary from young voters via referenda.
TH supports the wider use of alternative, non-centralized currencies such as BitCoin.

Open Semi Final and EFL Semi Final: Discourse
TH regrets individualism as the dominant conception of morality in contemporary liberal discourse.
THBT political correctness’ gain is discourse’s loss.
TH regrets the state’s monopoly over historical narratives.

EFL Grand Final: Socio Legal
THW abolish welfare services for the poor and give them the equivalent in cash instead.
THBT spouses with no employment income should be entitled to a significant portion of their partner’s wages/salary.
THW have affirmative action for the ugly.

Open Grand Final: Social Justice
THBT all children should be surrendered to the state’s care upon birth.
THW cap the number of years a person can own land.
THW ban inheritance.

Courtesy: Shafiq Bazari.

ASDC 2013

Round 1: Politics and governance
THW make the salary of politicians equal to the per capita income of the country
THBT believes that corporations should not be allowed to contribute to campaigns
THW prefer a technocratic autocracy over a populist democracy

Round 2: Religion
THW compel religious adoption agencies to accept capable LGBT parents
THBT Free Speech should include the right to offend religions
THW remove all legal and economic privileges granted to religious organizations

Round 3: Finance and Economics
THW break up the big banks
THBT home countries should not penalize is citizens/corporations for bribery in foreign states
THBT multinational corporations have a duty to maintain a strong presence (majority of their industry) in their home countries

Round 4: parents and children
THBT parents should be given access to all password of their children's social networking accounts
THW pay teenagers/young individuals who do not get pregnant/impregnate before they graduate
THW prevent parents from religiously indoctrinating their children

Round 5: Rights
THW force feed prisoners who go on Hunger strikes
THBT welfare benefits should be contingent upon a drug test
THW allow workers to sell their rights

Round 6: What ifs
In the face of Armageddon, THW fill the last boat (the last boat will survive) with seriously ill people instead of criminals
Assuming we had the technology to detect homosexual genes, THW allow individuals to abort their gay fetuses
THBT the government should actively invest in human beings to attain "Marvel Comic" powers

Round 7: IR
TH supports the disbandment of the EU
THBT it's high time for Palestine to absolutely lay down its arms in its quest for independence
THBT the ICC should prosecute crimes against democracy (i.e. Massive electoral fraud and vote rigging, vote buying, suppression of the opposition, etc.)

Open Octo Final: Education
THW abolish affirmative action criteria based on gender/ethnicity in university admissions
THW stream (put them in one class) students based on their academic performance
TH actively supports the move towards online degrees

Open Quarter Final and Novice Semi Final: Environment
THBT environmentalists should exaggerate the effects of global warming
THW subject the conviction or acquittal of environmental terrorists to a referendum
THW prohibit developed nations from dumping toxic waste in developing nations

Open Semi Final: War
THBT it should be the legal obligation of invading countries to pay for the reconstruction of occupied nations
THW launch a full military invasion against North Korea
THW try its citizens who commit acts of terrorism as enemy combatants

Novice Grand Final: Media and the arts
THW rewrite Disney stories to account for political correctness
THR the Hollywoodization of independent films (Hollywoodization: when Hollywood buys the rights over these films and when Hollywood actors star in them)
THW prevent journalists from covering mass shootings in detail

Grand Final: Meta-debates
THBT there is no such thing as animal cruelty
THBT humanity is better off without sexual desires
THBT God is nothing but a social construct

AIUB National Debate Fest 2013

Round 1
Theme: Education

1.THW make it mandatory to teach the principles of every major religion practiced in Bangladesh in all primary and secondary schools
2. THBT public universities should have higher tuition brackets for students from wealthy families.
3. THW make it mandatory for all school students to volunteer for at least one government approved list of community services

Round 2
Theme: Politics

1. THW ban any mass movements that attempt to interfere with the justice system
2. THW allow individuals to run for office in their home country even if they are on political asylum
3. THW allow corporations to run for parliamentary seats.

Round 3
Theme: Economics

1. THBT govt. should set a minimum price on RMG exports which covers the cost of maintaining safety standards.
2. THW not allow foreign firms to operate inside developing countries without a domestic partner
3. THBT state should subconsciously manipulate citizen towards good lifestyle choices.

SF: This house will close all diplomatic ties with Pakistan till it apologizes for the genocide in 1971.

GF: THW would no longer automatically extend the benefits afforded to freedom fighters to their family members.

KDO 2013

Round 1:

THBT Encouraging Private Ownership Is Putting A Break On Public Transport.
THBT Adding 10 New Public Universities Is Completely Mad.
THW Compel Murderers To Attend The Funeral Of The People They Killed.

Round 2:

THBT Social Networks Are A Real Stinker To Cross-Ideological Exposure.
THBT Airline Passengers Should Stand To Save Up Save.
TH Disagrees With Restriction On Employees Use Of Social Media During Working Hours.

Round 3:

THW Impose A Fat-Tax On Confectionery.
THBT The More You Consume, The More Taxes You Should Pay.
THW Impose A Higher Levy On The In-Take Of Low-Skilled Foreign Workers.

Round 4:

THW Say Goodbye To The Party And Play On Their Own.
THW Go To The Ballot Box, But Not Bother To Vote.
THW Allow Permanent Residents To Vote, Instead Of Citizens Outside Of The Country.


THBT FIFA Should Not Apply Video Technology In Their Refereeing.
THW Make Clubs Liable For The Indecencies Of Their Fans.
THBT Monkey Chants Are Justifiable Reason For Players To Walk-Off The Pitch.


THBT The Cost Of Funerals For Ex-Leaders Should Not Be Borne By The People.
THBT Israel Should Not Be Blamed For Their Insecurities.
THW Separate Muslim Prisoners From The Rest.


THBT Politicians Should Be Seen And Not Heard.
THW Revoke The Citizenship Of People Who Do Not Vote.
THBT Civil Disobedience Is A Legitimate Expression Of A Citizen's Democratic Rights.

Uniten Open 2013

R1: THBT individuals who fail to appear in court for crimes against humanity should be assassinated
R2: THB in the absolute right to secede.
R3: THBT journalism should abandon its stance of being “non-interventionist” when covering atrocities.
R4: THBT people who have been denied the right of statehood by the international community should be given the right to abode in any nation of their choice.
R5: Assuming the duplication/replication of pain was possible, THW administer pain to convicts in proportion to the crimes they have committed.

Octos: In this modern era, THBT states should recognize the consent of minors.
Quarters: THBT the United States should extend its antisemitism laws to islamophobia
Semis: THBT moral relativism is an obstruction to peace
Finals: THBT post mortem, your body belongs to science.

Moscow Open 2013

Round 1: THW legally bind children to take care of their parents once the parents reach old age.
Round 2: THW erect a memorial statue for President Ronald Reagan in the red Square.
Round 3: This house, as a feminist, would marry a closeted homosexual in order to help him keep his sexual identity secret.
Round 4: THW, as Russia, offer all Western European millionaires a low tax asylum and full Citizenship in the Russian federation.
Round 5: THW abolish NATO
Semi:  THBT the state should never ever fund the arts or cultural activities.
Final: You are a member of the Pussy Riots. You are presented with a fail safe plan to runaway from prison and start a relatively comfortable life in the west. This house would stay in prison.

Courtesy: Michael Shapira

HWS/IDEA Round Robin 2013

Round 1: THW allow legislation through voter initiated referenda.
Round 2: THW establish a US federal court with the authority to approve targeted killings of unlawful combatants.
Round 3: THW prohibit provincial and local governments from offering tax incentives to lure corporations to open business in their domain.
Round 4: THBT the discovery of a means to stop the human aging process would be a curse to humanity.
Round 5: THBT governments should use corporal punishment instead of incarceration for a significant number of crimes.
Final: THW use diversity quotas for university admissions.

Canton IV 2013

THBT in public universities, tuition fees should be directly proportional to wealth
THW make arts and literature classes optional in all levels
THW establish exclusive schools for the LGBTQ

TH rejects the resignation of politicians over sex scandals
THW outlaw negative advertisements during election campaign period
THW no longer reserve seats in parliament for minority groups

TH rejects Earth Hour
THBT witnessing the slaughter of an animal must be a prerequisite to eating meat
THW allow governments to sell parts of their land to other countries for waste dumping 

THBT self-identified feminists have an obligation not to make any cosmetic changes to themselves (ex. Makeup, surgery, etc) 
THW allow pro-life organisations to pay a woman to deliver the pregnancy to term
THBT feminism should reject monogamous relationships

Rd 5 IR
THBT it’s high time for Latin America to democratise
THBT African countries should reject increasing Chinese involvement in their development
THBT non-government entities should not be allowed to meet leaders of rogue states
Rd 6 SEX
THBT victims of sexual abuse by priests of the Catholic Church have a moral obligation to reject financial settlements
TH celebrates the rise of “virginity sales” online 
TH regrets the rise of divorce insurance
THBT tax evasion must be punished with the loss of citizenship
THBT it is in the ASEAN’s interest to restore tariffs on Chinese products
THW withdraw all state benefits from the voluntarily unemployed

In liberal democracies, THW allow criminals to financially compensate families of victims for a lesser sentence
THW keep a criminal record of juvenile delinquents
THW pardon illegal immigrants who agree to become material witnesses to a crime

Debated: TH regrets the use of explicit and graphic imagery of suffering to promote altruistic causes
THW ban reporting on suicides
THW allow individuals to run for office in their home country even if they are on political asylum

Griffith Easters 2013

Round 1:
M1: That access to state schools should be means tested
M2: That we should, in the context of a limited budget, halve the number of teachers and their pay should be doubled
M3: That we should ban children from participating in reality television shows

Round 2:
M1: That left-leaning Australians should vote for the Greens
M2: That Australians should be able to call a by-election for their local electorate if a significant number of constituents sign a petition
M3: That the Australian Labor Party should immediately replace Julia Gillard with Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister

Round 3:
M1: That we should not give development aid to countries without population controls
M2: That South Korea should pre-emptively strike North Korea
M3: That we should support Obama's use of drones in the war on terror

Round 4:
M1: That Australia should cut taxes on income and profits in remote communities
M2: That severely indebted nations should take money from the bank accounts of their citizens to pay for the nations' debt
M3: That employees should be able to permanently opt-out of union membership in return for higher wages

Round 5:
M1: That people who go on killing sprees should be given the death penalty
M2: That the state should financially compensate all people found not guilty at trial
M3: That early guilty pleas should not result in sentence reductions

Round 6:
M1: That transgender people should form a new movement separate to the gay and lesbian movement
M2:That individuals should be able to opt-in to legally enforceable, permanent bans from vice activities (e.g. smoking, drinking, gambling, soliciting prostitution, viewing pornography)
M3: That local communities should be allowed to censor media consumed in their area on the basis of their moral or political beliefs

Octo finals:
M1: That home births should be banned
M2: That custody of children born to mothers under 16 should go to the baby's grandparents
M3: That we should abolish foster care

M1: That we should cut military aid to Saudi Arabia until they liberalise policies towards women
M2: That the invasion of Afghanistan has done more harm than good
M3: That it would be better for Palestinians to be absorbed into neighbouring Arab states than to continue to fight for a homeland

M1: That feminists Christians should leave their church if it is sexist
M2: That we should ban religions from advocating self harm as a form of penance
M3: That the Catholic church should choose to elect its pope by a popular vote of all church going Catholics

GF: That we would grant the Northern Territory to Indigenous people as an independent nation.

Leiden Open 2013

R1: THW criminalise gang membership
R2: THBT adoption agenices should seek to place children in families with similar culture to that of their biological parents.
R3: THW require re-ratification of all international treaties, including the EU, by popular referenda every decade.
R4: THBT the international community should treat espionage as a justification for military retaliation.
R5: THBT the news media should also represent the criminal's point of view when reporting on the criminal convictions.

Semis-Novice Final:
Infoslide: SOme people believe that they are born LGBT, some LGBt people believe that it is a choice that they made. Currently, the LGBT movement uses being "born this way" as a legitimizing equal rights.
Motion: THBT the LGBT rights movement should abondon the ""born this way" campaign.

Final: In the times of war, THBT the relatives of civilians killed by military occupation, should be able to sue the soldiers responsible for their relative's death in civilian court.

Courtesy: https://twitter.com/dkwien/status/316582683780202496/photo/1

22nd ICU Tournament 2013

Round 1
Theme: Criminal Justice
THBT bosses should be held criminally liable if their subordinates commit suicide due to overwork
THBT states should fund the identity change of prisoners when they are released
THBT states that have abolished the death penalty should never extradite criminals to states where they face the death penalty

Round 2
Theme: Minorities
THBT there should be a quota to ensure that the majority of supreme court judges would be composed of ethnic, religious or sexual minorities
THW ban all research that attempts to find a 'cure' for autism
If the technology exists, THW allow parents to alter the sexual preference of their unborn children

Round 3
Theme: All is just in WAR….
THBT state-run media entities should be legitimate targets in times of war
THBT terrorists who are also citizens of a country should be punished more severely than foreign-born terrorists
THBT assassination should never be a legitimate tool of foreign policy

Round 4
Theme: The perfect motions for a Sunday morning :)
THW not enforce patents of large tech companies
THBT the government should not support development of new fossil fuels
THBT welfare to the poor should be in cash rather than through services

Round 5
Theme: Politics & Democracy
THBT self-professed progressive politicians whose children also seek to be elected have a moral obligation to officially back other candidates 
THW ban corporations from influencing their employees during elections
TH regrets the rise of caste-based parties in India

Round 6
Theme: Where the Sun Rises
THBT Japanese history textbooks should be submitted for approval by an international panel of experts from nations who experienced Japanese occupation
THBT monarchies should have no place in democracies
THBT teachers in public schools should have the right not to sing the national anthem

Pre-Quarter Finals
Theme: Immigration
THW pay youths to not move to cities
THBT multi-ethnic states should base immigration policies on maintaining the ethnic balance of that state
THBT citizens should be made to pay an exit tax once they change citizenship

Quarter Finals
Theme: What’s missing from the ICUT Adjcore?
THW make all decisions related to abortion rights by holding referenda in which only women can participate
THW allow only women to establish companies that reject or discriminate against men in employment
THBT feminists should oppose the practice of "Lady's Night" in nightclubs ('Lady's Night": Where nightclubs allow women in for free or on a discount so as to attract paying male customers)

Theme: Nostalgia
TH regrets the Arab Spring in Egypt
THBT the world was better off during the Cold War
THBT figureheads of national liberation movements (Aung Sang Suu Kyi, Dalai Lama) should not become politicians after their movements succeed

Grand Final
Theme: Adjcore’s Favorites
THBT states should be allowed to openly fund political parties in other states in order to further their own agendas
THBT developing countries should prefer the Chinese model of development over the Western model (Chinese model: the sacrifice of civil-political rights for economic development)
THBT, if the end of the world is coming without hope of survival, governments should keep it secret from society
MSRM 2013

THW legalize betting in cricket

TH supports higher taxes on the purchase of luxury goods.

THW compel political parties to disclose the identity of their financial contributors.

THW allow parents to access their children's social networking accounts.

THBT India needs a fresh reorganization of states

THW prohibit the digital alteration of images to improve physical appearance

THW scrap the decision review system in cricket

THBT the LGBT community should reject the notion of marriage

THBT the state should not fund any religious pilgrimage

THW not prosecute insiders who leak state secrets 

East Asian IV 2013

R1: THBT Movie and music awards do more harm than good for the industry
R2: THBT states should impose higher consumption taxes
R3: THBT democracies shld ban the election of close family members of current or recent office-holders
R4: THW force treatment on the mentally ill
R5: THBT religious institutions and organizations should be denied access to television broadcast licenses.
R6: THBT casinos should be required to pay for the treatment of gambling addicts
R7: THW financially reward people who post vids of serious crimes/police brutality on popular sites (FB,YouTube,RenRen)

Semis: Assuming feasibility, THW allow people to voluntarily erase their memories

GF: THBT Israel should exempt from military duty its citizens who morally oppose the occupation of Palestine

MDO 2013

Round 1: Education and Love
THW abolish all private schools
THW ban school uniforms
TH rejects the stigma on student-professor relationships in universities

Round 2: Somebody gonna get a hurt real bad
THW punish top-level corruption with the most severe punishment in the country’s judicial system (ie, death penalty or life imprisonment)
THW abolish executive pardons
THW allow prisoners to serve in the military for a reduced sentence

Round 3: War and Revolution
In the event that organized crime of a nation affects its neighbors, THB in the right to breach that nation's sovereignity
THW pre-emptively attack North Korea
TH celebrates Hugo Chavez's impact of South America

Round 4: Human Nature
If the technology exists, THW allow people to stop the aging process and choose the time of their demise
Assuming that extraterrestial life exists, THW treat all forms of alien life with aggression
Assuming another species is developing intelligence comparable to humans, THW actively surpress their evolution

Round 5: Media and Culture
THBT Hollywood should never cooperate with the Pentagon or the CIA in making movies
THBT black entertainers should not use the “N” word
THBT DC comics should re-boot Superman as homosexual

Round 6: Robin: Should we do econs for round 6? Val/Arinah/Hyewon: No... SEX!
THW ban pedophile rights groups (e.g. the North American Man-Boy Love Association)
THBT consent should be the only standard for any sexual relationship (not age, not genetic relationships, not number, etc)
THBT sex education in schools should move from teaching safe sex to teaching good sex

Round 7: Your very friendly Adjcore :):):)
THBT the Philippine government should not abandon the Sultanate of Sulu
THBT Singapore should continue importing high numbers of immigrants to combat the population deficit problem
THBT South Korean government should actively reduce the influence of chaebols (multinational business conglomerates like Samsung and Hyundai)

Octos: The Dismal Science
TH supports China’s right to manipulate the Yuan for economic advantage
THBT government contracts in developing countries should only be given to domestic firms
THW impose a supertax on the rich even if it does not lead to more revenues for the state

Quarters: Geopol 2.0
THW, as Fatah, abandon the two-state solution to push for a one-state solution
THBT the international community should never support non-united opposition to dictatiorships
THBT the African Union should suspend the membership of countries with individuals in government who have been/are being indicted for war crimes

Semi: Dedicated to the Glasgow University Union
THBT self-declared feminists must never take on the names of their husbands
THW financially incentivise men to either enter professions that are traditionally female dominated (eg pre-school teaching, nursing, nannies, etc) or become house-husbands
In a world with unwanted children, THBT fertility therapy should be condemned

Finals: Religion
THBT the Catholic Church is a force for good in the world
THBT it is justified to present only the positive narrative of popular religious figures
THBT fear should not be used in proselytising or instilling religious beliefs (Debated)

VUDC 2013

Round 1: Elections
THBT elections for public officials should be solely funded by the state
THW elect the members of the Supreme Court
THW ban relatives and spouses of incumbent officials from running in public elections

Round 2: Entertainment
THR the popularity of award-giving bodies for the arts
THR the system of popular voting in talent shows
THBT artists should not set out to sympathetically portray characters who hold morally repugnant world views

Round 3: Gender
TH supports rape porn
THBT feminists should celebrate portrayals of women in the media as sexually aggressive beings (i.e. nymphomaniac women, porn stars, sado-masochists, etc.)
THBT the state should pay women who choose to become housewives

Round 4: Environment
THBT the first world must pay the third world for the effects of climate change
THW forcibly displace tribes from forests that are home to endangered species
THW arm the indigenous in fighting illegal loggers

Round 5: Socio-legal
THW decriminalize looting in times of calamities
THW remove the plea for insanity in heinous crimes
THBT states should not compensate calamity victims who choose to live in disaster-prone areas

Octofinals: Development
THBT ultra‐luxury brands have no place in underdeveloped countries.
THW force large companies who leave an area to pay the costs of any resulting structural unemployment.
THBT developing countries should limit rural to urban migration.

Quarterfinals: Geopolitics/International Relations
In cases where in a military intervention has been prevented by a veto of a member-state of the UNSC, THW make that country liable
THBT the United States should withdraw its support from Israel
TH prefers a strong dictatorship to a weak democracy

Semifinals: Philosophy
THR the public reverence towards violent sports.
Assuming the technology exists, THW allow the state to forcibly enter the subconscious of alleged criminals and terrorists in their custody.
Assuming the technology exists, THW allow individuals to block or erase any of their own memories.

Grand Finals: Philippines
THW abolish the parliamentary immunity of public officials
THW increase the punishment received by public officials who break the law (GF Motion)
THR the phenomenon of "Pinoy Pride"

MOHEC 2013

Round 1 (Arts):
THBT the Academy Awards has outlived its appeal
THBT there should be no censorship of music
THBT pop music is making our culture less creative.

Round 2 (Health):
THBT marijuana should be legalized
THBT doctor should be allowed to refuse treatment
THBT addiction should be treated as a disease.

Round 3 (Sports):
THBT the politicization of sports is an illegtimate strategy
TH would give academic credit for sport
THBT wrestling should not be banned from the Olympics

Round 4 (Legal):
THBT prosecutors should face consequences when innocent people go to jail
THBT the Battered Women's Syndrome should be treated in courts as actual scientific diagnosis
THBT the Violence against Women act is unfair to men.

Quarters (Economics):
THBT tax reforms should include a consumption tax
THBT the EU should have an agricultural protectionist policy
THBT welfare programs should be eliminated.

Semis (Technology):
THBT companies should be allowed to collect and sell the personal data of their clients/users
THBT Google cannot be trusted
THBT parents should enforce age restrictions on social media

THW make financial records of political candidates public
THW impose a retirement age for politicians
THW remove political parties.

Academia Debate Fest 2013

R1: TH regrets the choice of selection national anthem for Bangladesh.
R2: THBT politicization of sports is a legitimate strategy .
R3: THBT Shahbagh protest is a farce.
R4: THW reveal some existing superheroes as homosexuals.
R5: TH celebrates slut pride.
R6: THBT Corruption/Dictatorship Should never be an excuse to deny Development aid.
R7: THW allow employers to discriminate on personal lifestyle (such as smoking, obesity) while hiring.

Pre-Quarters: THBT developed countries shld automatically accept env refugees.
Quarters: THBT military intervention should be subject to referendum, and the outcome shld be binding.
Semis: THW ban religions from actively seeking conversions.

Finals: THBT a 'Truth and Reconciliation commission' is preferable to a 'War Crime Tribunal'

VNC 2013 Inter Club

Round 1:


Round 2:


Round 3:

Round 4:


VIT 2013

Round 1:THW abolish maternity leave.
Round 2:THW issue sex coupons to the poor. (Assuming that prostitution is already legal)
Round 3:THBT Military should not reveal non-wartime incidents of sensitive nature to public.
Round 4:THW cap rent in the Indian metropolises
Round 5: TH regrets the fall of Hosni Mubarak.
Quarters:THW conceal history and rewrite it in public interest. 
Semis:THBT armed struggle is the only way for Kashmir to achieve its freedom.
Finals:This House Believes That India Should Federate Itself Along The Lines of the EU. 
Novice Finals:THW castrate rapists.

VNC 2013 (Inter School)

Round 1

Theme: Kid's way
M1: THBT Viqarunnisa should be a co-educational institution.
M2: THW ban agencies that recruit and train young children to be the "next big celebrity".
M3: THBT children should have legal obligation towards their parents when they reach adulthood.

Round 2:

Theme: Rights
M1: THBT internet is basic human right.
M2: THBT any and all sorts of vocational education should be state funded.
M3: THW deny politicians medical visa.

Round 3:

Theme:  Country we love.
M1: THW ban any rendition of National Anthem.
M2: THBT Bangladesh should deny help from International organisations regarding infrastructure development of national significance.
M3: THBT Bangla should be the medium of education in tertiary education.

Round 4:

Theme: La La Land.
M1: THBT Superheroes should not get married.
M2: THBT Justice Leauge/Avengers should elect a team leader.
M3: THBT Batman should give gov the access to Wayne Enterprise Applied Science Division.

Round 5: Justice we believe in...

M1: THW televise the war crime trail.
M2: TH supports the criminalization of the political leaders for the actions of their party members.
M3: THBT Shahbagh sit in should now demand apology from Pakistan for 1971 genocide through ICC.

Quarters: Sports

M1: THW have a Truth and Reconciliation Commission for PEDs. PEDs - Performance Enhancing Drugs
M2: THBT money has ruined the sports
M3: THBT female cheerleaders in sporting events actively hamper the process of empowering women.

Semis: Environment:
M1: THBT the state should refuse to assist in rebuilding areas prone to extreme weather events.
M2: THBT home countries should deter multinational corporations those operate and damage environment offshore.
M3: THW allow LDCs to ignore environmental pollution in the course of achieving economic prosperity.

Final motion (Prepared): THW ban the RMG Labor Union in Bangladesh.

Inner Temple IV 2013 

R1: THW Abolish Trial by Jury
R2: THBT, When and Where Gay Marriage is Legal, Religious Institutions Should Be Compelled to Conduct Gay Wedding Ceremonies
R3: THBT All Policy on Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Controlled Substances Should Be Made by Expert Scientific Panels and not Elected Officials
R4: THBT The Arab Spring Has Been Bad for Egypt
R5: THW Punish Illegal Tax Avoidance by the Deprivation of Citizenship (NOTE FROM CA TEAM: “It has been pointed out to us that we confused avoidance and evasion. We are sorry, and a tad embarrassed”)

SF: THBT It Is Impossible to Be A Pro-Life Feminist
GF: TH Regrets that Lance Armstrong Got Caught.

Source: http://paullau.wordpress.com/2013/02/03/inner-temple-iv-2013-motions-results/

WSDC 2013

Round 1: THBT important decisions about children’s health should be made by medical professionals and not by their parents.
Round 2: THBT the media should be prevented by law from intruding the lives of public figures.
Round 3: THS greater US military presence in East Asia.
Round 4: THW allow prisoners to choose death over life sentence.
Round 5: THW cease the exploitation of resources in the Arctic Region
Round 6: THW require government schools to teach religious studies.
Round 7: THS sovereign debt default as a legitimate economic strategy for countries.
Round 8: THW require university students to work in their country of origin for a number of years after graduation.
Octo-Final: THW cut welfare support on compulsive gamblers.
Quarter: THBT social movements in democratic countries should drive social change through the courts rather than the legislature.
Semi-Final: THBT the government should pay house wives and house husbands for their work.
Final: THBT Turkey is better off outside the EU.

NUJS Parliamentary Debate 2013

Round 1: Kids & Education
1.    TH supports the establishment of politically affiliated student unions in ALL universities (public/ private).
2.    (Assuming that the technology is available) THBT parents have the right to install location chips in their children up to the age of 16.
3.    TH mandates that all schools, including minority schools, expose their kids to atheism as part of the curriculum.

Round 2: Jobs
1.    THBT all candidates contesting elections for public office should publish their personal health records prior to the election.
2.    THW allow the Indian Administrative Service to recruit from the private sector for mid and high level positions.
3.    THBT employers should have the right to impose random drug test on their employees.
Clarification: The Indian Administrative Service recruits through an entrance examination for entry into the cadre. Promotions for mid and senior level positions are made from within the cadre in the IAS

Round 3: #DelhiGangRape
1.    THW allow the identity of rape victims to be revealed publicly, even without the consent of the victim.
2.    THW abolish all extra-judicial religious/caste authorities that regulate social and legal conduct (khaps, Imams issuing fatwas).
3.    THBT juveniles accused of rape should be tried and punished using the same standard as adults.

Round 4: Sports
1.    THW let the public elect the Indian national cricket squad from a shortlisted pool of cricketers.
2.    THW punish sporting teams for the misdemeanour of their fans.
3.    (Assuming technology is available) THW do away with human referees in international sporting contests.

Round 5: Maa, Maati and Manush
1.    THBT all companies mining natural resources should allocate a portion of annual profits from the region to the affected local population.
2.    THW limit the ownership of multiple properties by citizens in land-strapped countries.
3.    THW restrict urban-rural migration in developing countries.

Round 6: Doctors & Medicine
1.    THBT medical professionals should be held criminally liable for abandoning their responsibility during an epidemic of contagious nature
2.    THW compulsorily license all life-saving drugs in India
3.    THBT hospitals must compensate patients participating in "medical trials" for incurable diseases/conditions.

1.    Under compulsory license, an individual or company seeking to use a patent can do so without seeking the patent holder's consent, and pays the patent holder a set fee for the license.
2.    A compulsory license is granted by the government. 

Octo-finals: First-world-problems
1.    THBT companies should not be allowed to place contractual restrictions on employee conduct on social networks.
2.    THW force luxury designer clothing houses to include plus-sizes for ALL their collections.
3.    THBT there should be no retirement age for employees (public and private).

Quarter-finals: International Relations
1.    This house believes that the West should provide preferential economic and political incentives to Arab democracies that adopt secular constitutions.
2.    THBT countries should stop penalizing their nationals (citizens and companies) for bribing foreign public officials outside their territory.
3.    THBT Israel should pre-emptively attack Syria
Semi-finals: Rights
1.    TH supports the unregulated trade of human organs between consenting adults.
2.    THBT the Boy Scout movement should be allowed to discriminate on the basis of homosexuality.
3.    THBT historically oppressed ethnic minorities in democratic countries should be allowed to take pre-emptive measures of violence to protect themselves from the State.

THBT Civil Disobedience has lost its value in India.

Berlin WUDC 2013

Round 1: THW create public housing for the poor in wealthy areas.

Round 2:  THBT Japan should acquire nuclear weapon.

Round 3: THW only imprison individuals who pose a direct and continuing threat to society. 

Round 4: THBT international development institutions (such as world bank) should not finance natural resource projects in corrupt states.

Round 5: THBT self described progressive males of dominate ethnic minorities are morally obliged from taking positions of responsibility where there is a qualified alternative candidate from a historically disadvantaged group who would otherwise receive the post.

Round 6: THW legally permit soldiers to refuse to participate in military actions or missions on the basis of conscience.

Round 7: THBT the European Union nations should forgive Greece's sovereign debt

Round 8: THBT Countries with booming populations should allocate every adult a single tradeable permit to have child.

Round 9 - THW ban political parties and require all candidates for national public office to seek election as independents.


Partial Double Octo-Finals: THBT universities should never prohibit research or teaching on the ground of sexist, racist or otherwise discriminatory implications

Open Octos: THBT the US should cut off all military aid to Egypt.

Quarters: THW ban all advertising of consumer goods and services.

Semi-Final: THBT the WTO should never allow nations to place export restrictions on food, rare-earth metals, and other non-oil commodities.

GF: THW not allow religious communities to expel members on the basis of vows or actions that contradict doctrinal teachings.

Quarters: THBT publicly funded universities should be required to reduce enrollment.
SF: THBT the feminist movement should actively promote norms of stable monogamous relationships.
Final: THBT representative democracies with large numbers of foreigners living in their territory (on temporary or permanent basis) should create specific seats to represent them in parliament.

Quarters: THBT publicly funded universities should be required to reduce enrollment.
SF: THBT policies that may have a significant environmental consequences should be subject to a veto by a "Supreme Court" of independent scientific experts.
Final: This House welcomes the decline of the United States of America as the sole global super power.

 Masters' Cup:

Round 1: "Should parents raise their child/ren without gender?"
Round 2: "Should we ever imprison nonviolent offenders?
Final: "Should we support free-schooling?"

IBA Invitational Debate 2012

R1. THW give financial incentives to companies who hire ex-convicts
R2. THW introduce trade union in RMG sectors of Bangladesh
R3: THW ban mega stores (Walmart) to operate in developing countries.
R4: THW Ban pornography on account of promoting male chauvinism.
R5: THBT Palestine's observer state status impedes the peace process.
Semis: THBT it is time to turn China into a democracy/
Finals: THW audit and publish the cost of war on terror.

NDDC 2012

R1: THBT matrimonial agencies/match makers should be made legally liable/responsible in case their clients indulge in future violence
R2: THBT UN should include 'Right to Knowledge & Innovation' as an absolute and fundamental right in its UDHR
R3: THBT Judaist movement and Jews should deny its support to Likud Party and Benjamin Netanyahu.
R4: THBT Criminal Justice System should have the right 2 detain convicts beyond their sentence if there is any legitimate doubt about the completion of rehabilitation.
R5: THBT 3rd/4th generation immigrants, have a moral obligation to learn the language of their ethic origin
GF: THBT Citizens who choose to allow an act of extreme violence, should be considered/tried as the perpetrator of that criminal act.

Singapore Debate Open 2012

R1: THBT nude protests regress feminist movements.
R2: Assuming that it is feasible, THW actively encourage private mining operations on the moon.
R3: TH rejects the universality of rights of foreign workers. 
R4: In the event of Zombie apocalypse, strained of resources, THW abandon survivors in infested areas in the attempt to save more people.
R5: THBT the future of the European Union lies in giving up the Euro currency.
R6: In developed countries with severe population replacement deficits, THW impose a sin tax on contraception
QF: THW allow repeat sex offenders d option of accepting permanent chemical castration in exchange for a lighter sentence
Main SF & Junior GF: THBT social injustice is a legitimate excuse for political violence
Final: THW pay Myanmar to take in the Rohingyas.

Great Gender Debate 2012

Round 1: THBT gender test in sports is justified
Round 2: THW recognise civil partnership of same sex couples
Round 3: THBTnchildren's toys should be gender neutral
Round 4: THBT sex change operations are socially abhorrent
Quarters: THBT forced sterilization of hiv positive women is wrong
Semis: THBT Malaysia should set up an all women's university
Finals: THS 30% quota for women in Malaysian parliament.

WUPID 2012

R1: THW ban race-based parties.
R2: TH Supports A One Country, Two Systems Policy For China And Tibet.
R3: THBT any cyber attack that harms civilians or civilian infrastructure should be considered a war crime.
R4: THBT Encouraging women to withold sex to end conflicts is a good strategy.
R5:THW offer amnesty to assad in return of stepping down.

QF: THW allow minorities to design and teach their own history curriculum in schools .
SF: THW restrict banks from paying their executives in years in which their institutions make a loss.
Final: THBT the UN should grant full membership status to Palestine

Victoria IV 2012

Round 1: THBT artists should choose not to public art that insults Islam.
Round 2: THW ban prenuptial agreements.
Round 3: THBT the US should ban 3rd party campaigns in federal elections & lift limits on direct contributions to candidates.
Round 4: THBT there should be a crime of corporate manslaughter.
Round 5: THBT technology companies with significant market share should not be eligible for patent protection.
Round 6: THBT important decisions about children’s health should be made by medical professionals and not by their parents.
Semi: THBT the govt should use subconscious psychological manipulation on a massive scale to nudge us into making better decisions.
Final: THBT that affluent citizens of first world nations are responsible for global poverty.

BRAC Masters Invitational 2012

R1: THBT pro-democratic movement in ME is counter-productive for Israel and it's allies.
R2: THBT it is mandatory for the First World countries to increase labour quota of the immigrants from target countries instead of giving them development aid.
R3: THS the right to bear arms.
R4: TH regrets the existence of multiple national debating bodies in Bangladesh.
R5: THW have brothels in military camps.
Semis: THBT US Goverrnment should permanently remove the debt ceiling.

UiTM IV 2012

R1: THW Abolish Labor Union.
R2: THBT Massive Destruction of the environment is a crime against humanity.
R3: THBT in Western intervention in Mali.
R4: THW sterilize individuals with low IQ/harmful hereditary diseases without their consent.
R5: TH Regrets the decline of French Capitalism.
Quarters: THBT in Unified Feminist Movement.
Semis: THW Arm Hamas.
Grand Finals: THBT The State Should Not Regulate All Sexual Activities Which Are Consensual.

Cambridge IV 2012

R1:THBT The State Should Pay A Living Wage To Stay At Home Parents.
R2: THB All Donor Countries Should Freeze Aid to Rwanda..
R3: THW Hold the Senior Executives of Major Banks and Rating Agencies criminally liable for their companies' actions during the Global Financial Crisis
R4: THBT Democratic Reform is More Important than Economic Growth for China
R5 THW Never Allow Prosecutors to Offer Reduced Sentences or Lesser Charges in Exchange for Testifying Against Others.
Open Quarter Final: TH Regrets the Rise of the 24 Hour News Media
Open Semis: THBT All Companies Should Be At Least 75% Owned By Their Workforce, in Equal Shares
ESL Semis: ???
ESL Final: THBT that Japan Should Not Abandon Nuclear Power
Grand Final: THBT Egypt Should Provide a Military Security Guarantee Against The Invasion of Gaza.

MMU IV 2012

R1: THW ban reality tv shows that portrays womens as bimbo.
R2: THW ban the international recruitment/trade of sports people below the age of 18.
R3: HBT the gov of MY has no obligation to set better standards for domestic helper over and above what is already SQ
R4: THBT willingness to participate in formal public election debates should be a pre-requisite for candidates running for office.
Quarter Finals Motion: TH Celebrates sex blogging in conservative religious societies

Semis Motion: THW pay beggers to leave congested cities
Grand-Finals Motion: THW grant unlimited speech to religious and ideological extremist if they give up their right to vote.

Oxford IV 2012

Round 1: THBT Google, YouTube & Social Media websites should remove content which it deems to insult religions.
Round 2: THBT South Africa's ANC should nationalize all mines
Round 3: THBT 'Western' Governments should buy the freedom of slaves
Round 4: THBT the Greek military should suspend democratic government until economic recovery
Round 5: THBT companies should not take public stances on gay rights issues
ESL SF: THBT Governments should actively discourage consumerist lifestyles
ESL Final: THW give extra votes to youths over the age of 18
Open Break QF: THBT EMILY's list should fund pro-choice male candidates
Open Break SF:  THBT States should forcibly reverse the transmigration policies of their former dictators.
Open Break Final: THB in the right to bear arms.

JDC Debate Fest 2012

R1: THW adopt a vigilante justice as a part law enforcement plan.
R2: THBT WB should only lend to countries who follow certain environment standards.
R3: THW impose one child policy in Bangladesh.
R4: THBT women should get an equal position in war with men.
Semi-Finals: THBT states should not compensate people who live in disaster prone areas.
Finals: THBT children's shows which romanticize animal abuse should be discouraged.

Huber Debates 2012

R1. THW ban employers from accessing the criminal records of prospective employees.
R2. THBT politicians should not glorify military service.
R3. THW introduce a mandatory maximum working week of 40 hours.
R4. THBT juries should not convict criminals who act in the public interest
R5. THW defriend Facebook friends who post offensive political views.
R6. THBT newly emerged democracies should ban religious parties.

QF: THBT Hook-up culture has been good for women.
SF: THBT schools should aggressively screen students from a young age.
Novice F: THBT it is immoral to eat meat.
Final: THBT the USA federal govt should allow states to secede by popular referendum.
[From: http://globaldebateblog.blogspot.com/2012/11/huber-debates-2012-university-of-vermont.html]

AIDF 2012

R1: THBT athletes cannot be stripped off their medals under any circumstances
R2: THBT Western Liberal Democracies should not sell arms to ME.
R3: THBT International Monetary Fund and World Bank do more harm than good.
R4: THW change the electoral college voting system in the US presidential election.
R5: THW ban all fairness products.
Semis: THW prosecute gov officials tht defect from authoritarian regimes during popular uprising
Finals:  THW make all government schools teach atheism.

BDC Pre World 2012

R1: THW elect US Presidents internationally.
R2: THW create a United States of Europe to solve the Eurozone crisis.
R3: THW legitimize violence used by oppressed minority as a tool of protest.

R4: THW waive jail/punishment for corrupt politicians in exchange of donating his wealth / property for philantrophic purposes
R5: THW ban BDSM sex.

Quarters: THBT Israel should unilaterally attack Iran.
Semis: THW impose a global excise tax to achieve the millennium development goals.
Finals: THBT now we should force Turkey to apologize in the form of ''direct compensation'' to Armenia for their genocide.


Demo debate: THW allow PEDs in sports.

R1: THW abandon diversity as a criterion for university admissions.
R2: THBT the state shldnt grant autonomy based upon religious lines.
R3: THS a quota for homosexuals athletes in sporting teams.
R4:THW ban corporations from making political finance contributions.
R5: THBT the state shld compensate convicts who been wrongfully convicted
R6: THBT EU shld bcm a political n economic federal super state
Pre QFl: THW make environmental policies of countries a standard in granting financial assistance
QF: Assuming that sex selection technology is perfected.
THW financially incentivize families that choose to have female children in patriarchal societies.

EFL SF: THBT a Victim’s forgiveness can be used to mitigate a wrongdoer’s prison sentence.
EFL GF Motion: THBT Nobel peace prize has lost its purpose

SF: THBT The state should prosecute alleged criminals even when they are dead.
GF: THBT Democratic states should hold a refendum before engaging in a military intervention

NSU IV 2012/WUPID Bangladesh

Round 1. THW ban alcohol companies from sponsoring sports.
Round 2. THW allow member of parliaments to cross the floor
Round 3. THW ban art that glorifies criminality.
Round 4. THBT Eurozone countries that are in danger of default should be forced to give up control over taxation and budget spending to ECB in exchange of receiving a bailout.
Round 5. THW not vote for the politicians who are serially unfaithful to their partners.
Round 6. THW decide the extent of abortion rights through a referendum where women and only women can participate.

Pre-Semis: THW no longer invest in the preservation of endangered species.
Semis: THBT "I was following orders" is a legitimate defence in International Criminal Tribunals.
Final: THW reserve a permanent seat in the UNSC for the muslim countries.

China BP 2012

Round 1: THBT the state should provide free, uncensored and unlimited internet access to everyone. Round 2: THW forcefully remove women from situations of domestic violence.
Round 3: THBT all criminal records of individuals who have been punished by the state should be permanently erased.
Round 4: THW ban companies that promote unhealthy lifestyles (fast food restaurants, alcoholic or tobacco companies) from advertising in sporting events and sponsoring of sports teams.Round 5: THW decriminalise statutory rape.
Round 6: THW not allow citizens in their 20s to emigrate.
Round 7: THBT Israel should bomb Iranian nuclear facilities before the 6 November 2012 elections in the USA.
Round 8: THW legalise public nudity.
Round 9: THBT China should compensate its neighbours for causing environmental damage in their territories.
Octo-Finals: THBT hate speech against religions should be an internationally recognised crime prosecutable by the ICC.
Quarter-Finals: THW abolish political parties and elect individuals into political positions.
Semi-Finals: THBT Europe should recolonise Africa.
Grand Final: THBT the consumer technology industry should be patent-free.

BUET Inter-School Debate 2012

R1: THBT YouTube should abide by the rules and regulations set by the countries they operate in.
R2: THW make the directors of MNC personally liable for environmental abuses commited by their companies in the developing countries.
R3: THW restrict the growth of cities for better quality of life.
R4: THBT police officers who commit crimes should receive harsher punishment.
R5: Assuming Harry Potter exists, THW grant unconditional amnesty to all the Death Eaters, after the fall of Lord Voldemort.
Quarter: THW allow cabinet members to be from both govt and opposition parties.
Semis: THW make organ donation compulsory(after death), without any exception
Grand-Finals: THBT state should never lie with its people at times of war.

IIUM Debate Open 2012

R1: TH Supports the use of sex appeal to generate interest in female sports.
R2: THBT in areas that law enforcement has trouble policing, the police should turn a blind eye to vigilantism.
R3: THW remove all scientifically incorrect passages from religious texts.
R4: THW allow the parents of children with severe mental growth retardation to medically stunt their child's growth.
Quarters: THBT Google should lift the ban on the "innocence of muslims" video (i.e the movie depicting Prophet Muhammad)
Semis : THBT developing countries should prefer the chinese model over western model .
Final: THB in a shariah state for muslim majority countries

ANU Spring 2012

R1: TTHB it is impossible to make a great holocaust film.
R2: TTH believes that Japan should formally apologise & pay reparations for atrocities committed between 1937-1945.
R3: TTHB that reducing the relative poverty of citizens should NOT be a goal of government.
R4: TTH would storm the Ecuadorian embassy in London
R5: TTHB incarceration is a cruel and unnecessary punishment for non violent offenders.
QF: TTH would allow soldiers to sue their governments for negligence.
Semi Final: TTH would boycott Israel.

2nd BDC Pro-Ams 2012

Round 1: THW force elected politicians and their family members to use only public education and health services.
Round 2: THW ban aid organizations in developing countries from religious proselyting.
Round 3: THBT refuges fleeing the effect of climate change should be given unconditional citizenship by countries which emit the most carbon dioxide.
Round 4: THW ban the telecast of the recordings produced by terrorist.
Final: THBT western liberal democracies should punish their communication companies (eg. Google, Yahoo) which comply with oppressive government's censorship policies.

EWU Debate Spree 2012

R1: THBT state shld subsidize marriage in order to discourage the rising trend of singleton.
R2: THBT perpetrators of heinous crimes should be exempted from jail time in case they agree to assist the legal system in stopping similar heinous crimes.
R3: THW always support regime change through external military interventions in countries where the rulers are not democratically elected.
R4: THBT portrayal of religious preachers in print/digital media should no longer be criminalized.
R5: THBT countries that are facing severe economic disaster should suspend democratic election and appoint a government of experts (foreign/national)
R6: THBT state funded adoption agencies should prioritize same sex and infertile couples.
Semis: THW ban the ownership of multiple properties in land strapped countries.
Finals: THBT the fate of the caretaker govt should be decided through public referendum.

KLOC 2012

R1: TH prefers civilian trials to military trials.
R2: TH regrets the Arab Spring.
R3: THBT religion has done more harm than good to the world.
R4: TH celebrates Ecuador's decision to grant Assange asylum.
QF: THBT Chinese aid to Africa does more harm than good.
SF: THW subject the funding of all major science projects to a public referendum.
Finals: THW vote Obama.

LCLS(S) III Debate 2012 [Inter-Club]

Round 1: THBT western liberal democracies/donars/UN must discontinue their support who refuse to provide shelter to displaced refugees.
Round 2: THBT any incriminating information related to crime must be disclosed by the lawyer even if it violates 'Lawyer-Client' confidentiality!
Round 3: THW disallow children below the age of 15 from cultural/ornamental piercing regardless of parent's consent.
Round 4: THBT Greece would be better off leaving the Eurozone.
Round 5: THBT schools should no longer preach the traditional roles of male and female in the society.
SF: THBT it is not the court's job to write or verify history.
GF: THBT we are better off with public universities privatized.

LCLS(S) III Debate 2012 [School]

Round 1: THW require children to friend their parents on Facebook.
Round 2: THW allow residents of Dhaka city to keep fire-arms at home.
Round 3:  THW bar countries from participating in Olympics who do not have minimum 30% female athletes in their contingent.
Round 4: THW make the person who ditch a loyal lover pay monetary compensation
Round 5: THW bar political parties who continuously boycott parliamentary sessions
Quarters: THBT state granted benefits for freedom fighters should be limited to freedom fighters themselves and not their immediate family members.ons, from taking part in national elections.
SF:TH supports free labor movement of citizens within SAARC region.
GF: THW remove the President's right to pardon convicted criminals.

BSDC 2012

R1: THW impose an animal adoption tax.
R2: This house believes that corrupt politicians, once publicly exposed of their misdoings, should be barred from taking part in national elections.
R3: THBT citizens above 60 should not require a visa.
R4: This house believes that post conflict Middle Eastern nations should recruit rebel soldiers into state armies.
R5: THW make Oscar awards gender neutral.
R6: This house believes that governments should block the foreign takeover of important domestic companies.
R7: THW disallow prom nights in Bangladeshi schools.
R8: This house believes that constitutions should not be amended without direct citizen
SF: THBT home nation should charge their citizens when they migrate to other countries.
GF:This house would grant amnesty to RAB officials involved in ‘cross fires’ once it is proven that the victim had gross criminal records.

Intramuros International Intervarsity 2012

Round 1: THBT the homosexual movement is better off trying to reform religious institutions from within than rejecting the institution altogether
Round 2: Where capacity and relationship/interest exist, THW allow more than two parents for a child to be recognized by the state
Round 3: This house would punish medical workers who flee from their duties during epidemics
Round 4: THBT political parties have done more harm than good to the democratic process
Octo Finals: THBT the UK Government should forcibly take Assange from the Ecuadorian embassy
Quarter Finals: TH prefers an atheist world
Semi Finals: THBT debt needed to finance the recovery of the Eurozone from the crisis should be collectively incurred by all member states (i.e. THW issue Eurobonds)
Grand Finals: THBT it is legitimate for states to purchase land from and sell land to other states.

TWSDC 2012 (Thailand)

1) THBT the Eurozone should harmonize debt through the use of Eurobonds.
2) THBT that states should not compensate people who choose to live in disaster prone areas.
3) THW the protection of human rights a condition for developmental aid.
4) THS rehabilitation over retribution for juveniles.
5) THW sign a treaty banning the use of cyber warfare.
6) THW require schools to stop teaching genders normative curriculums.
7) THW ban religions from actively seeking conversions.
Octo motion: TH Prefers a strong dictatorship to a weak democracy.
Quarters motion: THBT income equality should be prioritized over economic growth.
Semis motion: THBT military intervention is justified to protect civilians from the state.

IUT IV 2012

R1: THBT Bangladesh should accept Rohingya refugees.
R2: THW require state funded madrassas to employ teachers of both genders regardless of the gender composition of the students.
R3: THBT the West should provide military support to the Free Syrian Army.
R4: THW make pre-martial sex undisclosed to a marriage partner a ground for divorce.
R5: THW allow victims or their family members to determine the punishment of the offenders.
R6: THBT Gov in conservative countries should provide financial incentives to homosexuals who choose to go through rehabilitation.
Semis Motion: THW not allow parents to consent, on behalf of their children, to organ donation for anyone including siblings.
Grand Final: THBT Bangladesh should abolish its armed forces.

KDU Pro-Ams 2012

R1: THW Resurrect The Dead. (Assuming we have the technology)
R2: TH Regrets The Malaysian Government’s Decision To Restrict Freedom Of Expression Online.
R3: THBT The Wizardry World Owes A Duty To Tell The Muggles Everything!
(Muggles is the term given to non witch or wizards in the Harry Potter realm)
R4: TH Supports Germany's ban on infant circumcision.
R5: THW Grant Tax Exemptions On Remunerations and Medals Received By Olympic Medalist.
QF: THW still prosecute government officials that defect from authroritarian regimes facing popular uprising.
Semis: THW Privatize The Police Force.
Finals: THBT prisoners have the right to sexual amenities.

Belgrade EUDC 2012

R1: THB parents should choose not to send their children to private school.
R2: THBT First Nations' Peoples (e.g. Native Americans) who live in geographically separate areas should be given complete autonomous govt.
R3: THBT the music industry should not facilitate the comebacks of artists who committed violent crimes.
R4: THBT the Mexican government should remove all limits on law enforcement and the military in the fight against organised crime.
R5: THBT the ECB should unconditionally buy significant amounts of government debt from struggling Eurozone countries
R6: THW limit the amount that can be spent by corporations in any one course of litigation
R7: THW require the military to recruit solders in direct proportion to the socioeconomic make up of their country.
R8: THBT the Palestinians should accept complete demilitarisation in returned for a guaranteed sovereign state.
R9: THW allow anyone to take up residence in any country, provided that they will not be an economic burden on that country.

ESL Quarters: THS life sentence without parole for serial re-offenders
ESL Semis: TH believes that militaries in newly democratised arab states should act as guardians of secularism
ESL Final: THW retrospectively remove all amnesty granted to those who committed crimes as part of oppressive regimes.

Main QF: THBT Republika Srpska should secede from BIH.
Main Semis: THB schools should aggressively stream students according to their ability from a young age.
Main Final: THW amend the US constitution to prohibit any involvement by religious organizations in the electoral process.

2nd China National High School Debating Championships 2012

Round 1 Women's Issues
This House would promote women higher and faster in employment situations as a matter of government policy.

Round 2 Arts
This House would make public funding for the arts available for the production of video games.

Round 3 Education
This House would test teachers regularly.

Round 4 Rights
This House would encourage its citizens to break laws in other countries that violate human rights.

Round 5 Popular Culture
This House would teach the appreciation of popular culture in schools.

Round 6 Medical Ethics
This house would criminalize healthcare workers who flee from work during a contagious epidemic.

Round 7 Social Dilemmas
This House believes that, upon death, every person’s body should revert to the State for scientific use, or for organ donation, depending on necessity.

Round 8 Sexuality
This House would ban clinics that claim to cure homosexuality.

Octo-Finals: International Affairs
This House believes that the U.S. should stop the use of military drones in Pakistan.

Quarter-Finals: Criminal Justice
This House would ban the hiring of private criminal defence lawyers.

Semi-Finals: Religion
This House believes that States should no longer support, fund or operate religious schools.

Grand Final Politics
This House would ban corporations from donating to political campaigns.

Reserve Motions:

1. Media
This House would ban advertisements which affirm gender roles.
2. Good Governance
This House believes that it is acceptable for politicians to personally profit from their positions of governmental power.
3. Environment
This House would subsidize eco-friendly consumer choices.

Source: http://idebate.org/news-articles/results-report-2nd-china-national-high-school-debating-championships-2012-july-2012

IDC Porto Open 2012
R1: THW end all govt funding of the arts
R2: THBT the media should out gay public figure
R3: THBT the state should not pay any university students tuition fee
R4: THBT if he is deemed to be fully rehabilated, Ander Brevik should ultimately be released.
R5: THBT people should not get married
Semi finals: TH supports the use of racial profiling in law enforcement
Finals: THBT capitalism has failed the worker.

RAJUK InterSchool 2012

R1: THW punish journalist who use entrapment to bring out news.
R2:THBT the US should withdraw from its military bases in Asia.
R3: THS should set up a special school the LGBT students.
R4: THW ban the telecast of Doreamon!
R5: THW pay the youth to stay behind in the rural area.
Quarters: THW remove obligatory military service.
Semis: THBT in times of emergencies doctors should prioritize treatment over police report.
Finals: THBT Bangladesh should recognize Israel.

Bawor Cup 2012

R1: THW shut down all web-based free sharing portals.
R2: THW exempt the right of a nation to participate in international sporting events as a form of punishment for racism
R3: THW sell cannabis as cigarette.
R4: THW use gambling to rejuvenate Euro Zone.
R5: THBT classic children fairy tale should be rewritten with the aim of correcting gender stereotypes.
Main Quarters and Novice Semis: THBT Saudi Arabia should ban Afghans, Pakistanis, & anyone else who have Al-Qaeda bases in their home country to attend Hajj.
Main Semis: THW block the Security Council as long as Veto Power remains available.
Novice Finals: THW convert protected forests into biotech crops.
Main GF: Given tech for full term pregnancy in incubators is possible, THBT humanity should seek to abolish Natural Pregnancy.

BP Track Tourney (IDEA Youth Forum 2012)

Round 1: THBT states should actively promote atheism ‪
Round 2: THBT a coalition of willing states should launch a military intervention in Syria, with or without UN approval ‪
Round 3: THBT militaries should not actively recruit from poor communities
Round 4: THBT Offensiveness is a legitimate standard for censorship ‪‬
Round 5: THBT austerity measures should be approved by referendum
Semis: THW end the war on drugs

Courtesy: Sharmila Parmanand


Australs 2012

Round 1:
1) TWS ban eating contests;
2) That sporting leagues should never suspend players for off field behaviour
3) That developing nations should not host international sporting events.
Round 2:
1) That the government should not receive any revenue from gambling beyond standard taxation.
2) TWS require individuals to disclose that they carry STIs even if protection is used
3) That individuals should be required to pass drug tests in order to receive welfare benefits. 

Round 3:
1) TWS grant higher-level primates more rights than other animals.
2) That doctors should be required to perform medical procedures even when it conflicts with their beliefs.
3) That employers should be allowed to discriminate on lifestyle factors (such as smoking and obesity) when hiring. 

Round 4:

1) That NATO should invite former Eastern Bloc states to be members.

2) That the UN should establish a standing military force. 

3) That the US should impose retaliatory tariffs on China for currency manipulation. 

Round 5:
1) That the state should provide incentives for individuals to grow their own produce and buy locally.
2) TWS adopt a vegetarian diet.
3) TWS celebrate the growth of the fat pride movement.

Round 6:
1) That developing nations should prohibit families of current or former politicians from running for office.
2) TWS make voting mandatory.
3) TWS ban all political campaign contributions.

Round 7: ‪
1) TWS introduce a tax on financial transations.
2) TT EU should create a common fiscal authority.
3) That governments should not fund reconstruction in areas that are prone to natural disasters.

Round 8: ‪
1) That, where gay marriage is legal, religious institutions should be forced to conduct marriage ceremonies for gays.
2) TWS force victims of domestic violence to testify in court.
3) TWS criminalise prostitution.

Octos Motions:
1) TWS repeal the individual mandate for healthcare in the
2) TWS set term limits for US Supreme Court justices.
3) That the US should declare an amnesty for all illegal immigrants.

Quarters Motions:
1) THat the death of print media is bad for journalism
2) That law enforcement should turn a blind eye to drug use and sale in designated areas.
3) That families whose children perform well in school should recieve bonus welfare payments

ESL Semi Motions:
1) That media outlets should be allowed to report on the details of suicides.
2) That the media should not report on the private lives of politicians.
3) That there should be a minimum Body Mass Index (BMI) for women on television.

ESL Semi Motions:

1) That media outlets should be allowed to report on the details of suicides.
2) That the media should not report on the private lives of politicians.
3) That there should be a minimum Body Mass Index (BMI) for women on television.

ESL Final: That workers in services should not be allowed to strike.

Open Semi Final Motions: ???

Final Motion: That we should introduce good samaritan laws (or words to that effect).
Courtesy: MAD Debaters.

NSDC 2012 [Indonesia]
R1: THBT English should be the language of education in developing countries.
R2: THW criminalize littering.
R3: TH supports the commercialization of local culture.
R4: THBT essential state services (incl. but not limited to water & electricity) should not be privatized.
R5: THBT Physical Education should not be a compulsory subject in schools
Octos: THBT medical students in developing nations should be required to undertake 5 years of practice in remote areas.
Quarters: THW no longer require victim's consent to prosecute husbands committing domestic violence.
Semis: THBT indigenous people should be allowed to exclusively apply their tribal law for crimes taking place on their land.
Grand Finals: THBT developed nations should automatically accept environmental refugees.
Courtesy: https://twitter.com/bobyandika
2nd OIC IV Debate Championship 2012
Round 1
THW Replace Animals with Paid Consenting Humans for the Testing of Pharmaceutical Drugs
THW impose an animal cruelty tax on animal products
THW subject owners who spend exorbitantly on pets to spend an equal amount on social/development projects

Round 2
THW Put Imams on Government Payroll
THS a diploma in conventional disciplines, in addition to religious education, as a minimum requirement for imams
THBT OIC Countries should have mandatory Arabic language studies in primary and secondary education

Round 3
THW Ban households from hiring domestic help below the age of 18 in developing countries
THS the use of charity rather than state welfare systems
THBT Host countries of guest workers should pay a tax to source countries

Round 4
THW Determine the extent of abortion rights by holding popular referenda in which only women are entitled to participate
THBT Women will be better off after the Arab spring
THW Require a minimum quota for female athletes in sports contingents competing at international events

Round 5
TH Recognizes the necessity of Tantawi
THBT Military intervention is the only solution for Syria
TH Regrets the Division of Sudan
THBT refugees who accept citizenship from their country of refuge have betrayed their cause
Where surrogacy is illegal, THBT states should still grant citizenship to children born through surrogate tourism
THBT Jordan should give full citizenship right to its Palestinian refugee populations.

Semi Final:
Final: THBT OIC should have their own standing army

Borneo Debating Championship 2012
Round 1
M1) THBT the PTPTN loan dilutes the quality of tertiary education in Malaysia.
M2) THW give the Parents & Teachers Association (PIBG) the authority to sack teachers who they deem unfit.
M3) THW force students to take up a religious subject that is not of their own

Round 2

M1) THW give the the indigenous natives of Borneo two votes
M2) THW make Borneo (Sabah & Sarawak) a self autonomous state
M3) THW return all royalties from the natural resources of Sabah & Sarawak

Round 3

M1) THW place a salary cap on professional players
M2) THBT immigration on the lines of sports shouldn't be allowed
M3) THW ban international betting corporations from sponsoring sports clubs

Round 4

M1) In the context of cultural preferences, THBT the state should recognize polygamy & polyandry.
M2) THW set a limit on the number of times you can divorce your partner
M3) THBT laws against hate speech should also includes hate speeches against homosexual marriages.

Grand Finals Motions:
M1) THW ban race and/or religion based political parties
M2) THW hold and punish political parties liable for political hooliganism by supporters. religion based political parties.
M3) THW revolve parliamentary privileges if its members r caught making seditious statements & claims towards citizens

NUEDC 2012

R1: THBT countries suffering from severe economic crisis should not be allowed to participate in international sport events
R2: THW compel tobacco companies to fund the rehabilitation cost for smokers wishing to quit
R3: THBT public schools should teach atheism
R4: THBT the world should stop the development of Artificial Intelligence
R5: THBT nations of the world should increase protection of the economic and social rights of migrants.
R6: THBT it is within the interest of religious institutions not to reject controversial arts
R7: THW stay out of Syria

QF: THW give lower punishments for crimes motivated by economic reasons
SF: THBT China should end its One Child Policy.
GF: THBT American municipalities should be granted federal subsidies proportionate to the provision of LGBT rights.

Octo: THW no longer recognize wills.
QF: THBT China should implement a full-fledged democracy
SF: THW abandon the concept of gender.
GF: THBT the Indonesian Government should guarantee access to student loans for citizens pursuing tertiary education.


Round 1: Just to warm you up :)
M1: THW criminalize adultery.
M2: THW ban circumcisions for children.
M3: THW allow the denial of genocides.

Round 2: Education
M1: THW require politicians to send their children to public schools.
M2: TH supports the right of teachers and students (non- minors) to engage in romantic relationships.
M3: THW teach atheism as a subject in schools.

Round 3: Love, Sex, and Gender
M1: THW force Disney to feature a homosexual lead character in their next cartoon blockbuster
M2: THW make all awards at the Oscars gender neutral
M3: THW set an expiration date for marriages

Round 4: Culture
M1: TH regrets the way society has come to celebrate Christmas
M2: TH supports the right of States to disallow Lady Gaga from performing in their country, even though a majority of the citizens in that country would welcome her
M3: THW lift the ban on all controversial books

Round 5: Law and Order
M1: THBT the media should not disclose the ethnicity and religious affiliation of individuals who commit violent crimes
M2: THW ban the hiring of private criminal defence lawyers
M3: THW ban ex-convicts from publishing books and making movies about the crimes they committed

Round 6: A Day At the Movies
M1: Assume that we have the necessary technology to trap people in their dreams. These individuals are able to shape the world in these dreams. THW allow the miserable to trap themselves in their dreams until they die.
M2: Assume that mutants walk the earth. They are born with mutant superpowers. They are potentially dangerous to national security. THBT the State should identify and subsequently place them under the sole custody of the State.
M3: Assume that Pokemon roamed the earth. A lot of these Pokemon have been captured by Pokemon trainers and are imprisoned in Pokeballs. These Pokemon are regularly used in Pokemon battles. THW free them all.

Round 7: Politics
M1: THW ban religious lobby groups
M2: THW give sexual minorities two votes each
M3: THBT the state should compensate homeless people for their injuries and deaths

Pre-Octo: Women
M1: THBT the feminist movement should oppose affirmative action for women
M2: THWThis house would require women to seek the consent of the father of the child before she undergoes an abortion
M3: THBT women should pay less income tax

Octo: International Relations
M1: THW establish an ASEAN court of human rights
M2: THBT Israel should unconditionally and permanently stop the construction of all Jewish settlements in the West Bank
M3: THBT cyber attacks should be recognized as the use of military force

Quarters: Corporations
M1: THBT the workers should own a majority of the shares in the companies they work for
M2: THW abolish all labour unions in developing countries
M3: THBT companies should be liable for the violation of labour standards by companies they have outsourced their operations to

Novice Semis: Kids....and Sex
M1: THW allow parents to implant a tracking device into their children
M2: THBT that police officers should should pose as children on Facebook to entrap paedophiles
M3: THW set up brothels in military camps

Semis: War
M1: THB in military conscription by lottery
M2: THBT the UN should hire private military contractors for its military operations
M3: THW allow targeted attacks at civilians if it can be proven to significantly reduce casualties in the long run

Novice Finals: Motions the Adj Core wants to see you debate in the Finals
M1: THW disobey immoral laws
M2: THW strive for immortality
M3: THBT the State should deliberately publish lies to its citizens during times of war

Finals: Motions the Adj Core wants to see you debate in the Finals
M1: THBT individuals should not exercise their right to vote if they believe that the political system is fundamentally flawed
M2: TH opposes organized religion
M3: THBT capitalism is a just socio- economic

MMU UADC 2012 


Round 1 (Eminem & Dr. Dre - I Need a Doctor)

THBT those on organ transplant waiting lists should be prioritised according to lifestyle choices
THW disallow individuals below a certain income level from participating in clinical trials
THBT, in the event of life-threatening illnesses, medical decisions should be made by their doctors and not their parents

Round 2 (Survivor - Eye of the Tiger)

THW mandate equal primetime coverage for men's and women's sports
THW ban all sports that define winning as inflicting pain or glorifying its simulation
THBT companies that promote unhealthy lifestyles should be disallowed from sponsoring sporting events

Round 3 (Jay-Z & Mr. Hudson - Forever Young)

THW forcefully reallocate talent and resources from all the top educational institutions (primary, secondary and tertiary) to those at the bottom
THW require universities to share the burden in repaying the loans of their graduates if they are unable to find employment
THW abolish unpaid internships

Round 4 (Neil Young - This Land Is My Land)

THW exempt indigenous communities from laws relating to environmental protection
THW actively and forcefully reverse transmigration policies instituted by former dictators or colonial masters
THBT tribal law should have jurisdiction over all crimes committed on tribal land, regardless of who the perpetrator is

Round 5 (Star Wars Imperial March)

THBT the ASEAN should have a defense pact stipulating that any attempt by China to occupy the South China Sea islands will be met with military force
THW ban the use of unmanned combat vehicles (i.e. drones) in combat operations
THBT the United States should adopt a policy that in the event Israel launches any attack on Iran, the U.S. will withdraw all military support to it

Round 6 (Rihanna & Eminem - Love the Way You Lie)

THBT liberal states with sexually conservative communities should subsidise hymen reconstruction surgery
THBT the feminist movement should condemn celebrities (like Rihanna) who choose to continue to pursue a personal relationship with abusive partners
THBT the French government should repeal the ban on the burqa

Round 7 (Sister Sledge - We Are Family)

THW legalise polygamy
THBT state welfare should only subsidise families up to a certain size
THBT liberals have a moral duty to abstain from marriage until gay marriage is legalised

Round 8 (Diana King - I Say a Little Prayer for You)

THBT religions should be held liable for making curative claims on illnesses if an individual refuses to seek life-saving medical treatment
THW ban proselytizing in prisons
THW ban gay conversion therapy

Open Octofinals

THW cap the number of patents that a corporation can simultaneously hold
THBT corporations only have a duty to their shareholders
THBT victims of environmental abuses by foreign companies should be allowed to hold them liable in the company's country of origin

EFL Semifinals

THW disallow plea-bargaining in criminal trials
THW make sexual harassment a criminal offense instead of a civil suit
THW elect judges

Open Quarterfinals

Assuming that the technology to predict crime to a very high probability exists, THW use it to preemptively arrest individuals for their potential involvement
Assuming it is possible to do so, THW identify and abort foetuses that will demonstrate sociopathic tendencies in later life
Assuming it is possible to do so, THW permanently alter the minds of violent criminals

Open Semifinals

THW ban associates of deposed dictators from contesting elections
THW reserve seats in legislatures for individuals from lower-income groups
THW grant non-transient migrants the right to vote

EFL Grand Final

THBT contracts for projects funded by development aid or loans should be awarded exclusively to domestic companies in the recipient nation
THBT non-democratic regimes are better at achieving economic goals
THS the use of child labour developing countries

Open Grand Final

THBT former colonial masters have a responsibility to restore stability in their former colonies that descend into conflict
THBT the international community should form a coalition of the willing and intervene in Syria with or without United Nations approval
THBT humanitarian aid does more harm than good in active conflict zones

ICRC IHL Debate 2012

R1: THW ban the use of tear gas.
R2  THBT ICRC should selectively distribute their humanitarian aid.
R3: THW hold nations criminally liable for supporting regimes who use force against peaceful uprisings
R4: THBT ICRC should discard neutrality & name-and-shame countries that breach IHL.
R5: THW impose an international legal covenant of post war reconstruction on nations that unilaterally intervene in conflict zones.
QF: THW provide the protection of armed bodyguards for ICRC.
SF: THW allow the Free Syrian Army to breach IHL in their fight against Bashar Al-Assad.
GF: THBT the IHL doctrine reeks of western intellectual imperialism & can thus have no claim to its universality.

TIB DMC Debate 2012
Round 1 :
Session 1: THBT courts should break up consistently dominant political parties.
Session 2: THBT democratic states should have their own broadcasting corporations.
Quarters: THBT zero tolerance policing is a good tactic.
Semi Final: THW ban the publication of political opinion polls.
Final: THW suspend direct delivery of foreign development aid.

Drishty NDC [English] 2012

Round 1: This House Should Ban reality shows in TV channels.
Round 2: This House Believes That the European Union should only direct aids to nations that persue environmentally sustainable development.
Round 3: This House Believes That people sentenced to life imprisonment should be allowed to choose death penalty instead.
Final: THBT students should have power to influence university curriculum

The Durban Open 2012

R1: THBT vigilantism is a legitimate means of achieving justice in rural communities.
R2: THW cap corporate funding of election campaigning.
R3: THBT formerly oppressed nations, who commit acts of violence or oppression against other nations, do not deserve sympathy from the international community.
R4: THW allow states to claim compensation from credit agencies where their ratings prove to be financially harmful
R5: THBT classical children fairy tales should be rewritten with the aim of correcting gender stereotypes
Semis: THW grant immunity from prosecution to hacktivists who reveal their identities.
Finals: THBT the trial of Charles Taylor is illegitimate.

ANU Easters 2012

Round 1:
1) That neighborhoods should be allowed to veto construction of religious buildings.
2) TWS remove tax exempt status of religions who refuse to have female or homosexual leaders.
3) TWS ban circumcision

Round 2:
1) That Barack Obama deserves a 2nd term.
2) That juries that believe a conviction would be socially unjust should be allowed to return a verdict of not guilty.
3) That the prison system should be privatised.

Round 3:

1) TWS ban forecloures where the occupants would become homeless or dependent on the state.
2) That government contracts in the developing world should only be given to locally owned businesses.
3) That the government should set a national maximum on the hours that any person can work.

Round 4:

1) That Australia should require governments to achieve a parliamentary majority before they are
2) That governments should allow conscience votes on issues of moral controversy.
3) That the media should be banned from speculating about leadership challenges until a challenger publicly announces intention.

Round 5

1) That America should not commit drone attacks in Pakistan without Pakistan's permission.
2) That Australia should pay its Asia-Pacific neighbours to take refugees.
3) That South-East Asian governments should establish government owned brothels for sex tourism.

Round 6:

1) That the state should pay compensation for injuries or deaths to homeless people caused by their homelessness
2) TWS not force feed anorexics.
3) TWS cap the amount of money payable by negligent medical practitioners to their patients.


1) TWS ban corporations from targeting a specific gender in the marketing and promotion of children's toys.
2) TWS regret the social norm towards long-term monogamous relationships.
3) TWS not allow people alleging sexual harassment to settle their sicil law suits out of court.


1) That the West should stop supporting the Libyan Transition Council until it agrees to hand over Gaddafi's associates for trial at the ICC rather than trying them domestically.
2) That the Israeli government should refuse to protect settlements created by Jewish people without the authorization of the Israeli State.
3) That Western charities should engage in simple emotive, social media campaigns (modeled on the Kony2012 campaign) to pursue their policy goals.


1)  That we should actively prevent the contacting of the Amazon tribes that have not yet been contacted.
2) That corporations should be allowed to pay a higher wage to employees who agree not to have children during their term of employment.
3) That the government should fund graphic and confronting advertising campaigns against the production and consumption of meat.

Grand Final:

That vigilantism should be a defence to criminal charges in jurisdictions with extremely high crime rates.

Malaysian Open 2012 

[Thanks to Skanda Prasad for tweeting the results and the motions, some were from the FB group] }
Round 1

M1 : THW stream its students according to academic ability.
M2: THW not prescribe drugs to minors diagnosed with ADHD
M3: THBT indigenous people should have free and unrestricted access to universities.

Round 2
M1 : THW abolish all laws against public nudity.
M2: THW punish passengers in the car if the driver is drunk.
M3 : THW pay other countries to house their prisoners.

Round 3 :

THW abolish the IMF and the World Bank
THS the Occupy Movement
THW abolish vetos at the UN security council

Round 4 :

M1:THW abolish vernacular schools
M2: THW not allow politicians to switch parties after the results are announced
M3: THW say yes to Lynas

Round 5

M1: THW stop supporting HIV medication and focus on prevention, in Africa.
M2: TH prefers chinese investment to western aid, in Africa.
M3: THBT national parks, In Africa should only be managed by the state.

Round 6 :
M1: THBT Governments should ensure a significant portion of food sold is locally produced
M2: THBT food stamps should not be allowed to be used at fast food restaurants
M3: THW disallow groups that glorify obesity

Round 7

M1: THW give terrorist organizations full amnesty if they give up arms and form political parties.
M2: THBT online hacktivists should be treated like terrorists
M3: THW torture terrorists.


M1: THBT States should support struggling major newspapers.
M2: THW allow realistic animated pedophilic porn
M3: THS quotas for locally produced media.

Quarters :
M1: THS an ASEAN court to prosecute transgressions of former leaders
M2: THW create a common ASEAN history textbook
M3: THS free movement of labour within ASEAN

Semi Final:
M1: THS a one state policy for Palestine-Israel
M2: THW arm the Syrian Opposition
M3: TH prefers autocratic to Islamic govts

Grand Final:
M1 THS the welfare State. (It was chosen by the finalists)
M2: THW fund public education without imposing a national curriculum.
M3: THW return to a pre-partition India

Colgate IV 2012

[From: http://globaldebate.posterous.com/colgate-iv-2012]

R1: THW, as the USA, ban negative political advertisements.
R2: THW allocate public housing in order to create racially diverse housing projects.
R3: THW, if it could be proven to have a substantial deterrent effect, use the death penalty to punish serious crimes.
R4: THW ban all depictions of the prophet Mohammed.
R5: THW establish state funded schools which exclusively admit LGBTQ students who choose to attend.

QF: THW, even if it had no effect on the total amount of tax revenue raised, substantially increse txes on the wealthy.
SF: THW determine the extent of abortion rights by holding popular referenda in which women and only women and entitled to participate.
GF: THBT countries that are approaching economic disaster should suspend democratic elections and appoint a government of experts.

Vienna IV 2012 
[Courtesy: https://www.facebook.com/DKWien | https://www.facebook.com/achteminute]

R1: This House would introduce mandatory trips to Nazi concentration camps for Austrian elementary school students.
R2: This House supports the use of charity rather than state welfare systems.
R3: This House believes that Russia was justified in vetoing intervention in Syria.
R4: This House believes that Facebook is justified to censor any of its users' content for any reason it sees fit.
R5: This House supports the appointment of technocratic governments in Eurozone countries suffering fiscal crisis.
R6: This House believes the Israeli Army should adopt a policy of shooting to kill their own comrades where they are likely to be captured.
Semifinal motion: This House believes that EU Countries should promote Christianity and not other religions.
Final motion: Given the technology for a full-term pregnancy in an incubator, THB humanity should seek to abolish natural pregnancy.

21st International Christian University Tournament

[Thanks to Suthen Thomas Tate for tweeting the motions]
Round 1 theme: Religion
R1M1: THW remove tax exemptions given to religious organizations
R1M2: THW prohibit methods of animal slaughter prescribed by religions that cause prolonged pain to animals
R1M3: THW abolish all education institutions established and run by religious organizations

Round 2: Gender and Sexuality
R2M1: THW ban international marriage agencies
R2M2: THBT liberal democracies should send female ambassadors to states that repress women
R2M3: THW include lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender sexual orientation in the teaching of sex education in all schools

Round 3: Japan
R3M3: THW lift the obligation to label Japanese products with their geographic origin
R3M2: THW tear down the Yasukuni Shrine
R3M1: THBT the resignation of a Prime Minister should trigger an immediate general election.

Round 4:

R4M1: THW repeal Three Strikes Laws
R4M3: THBT ex-cons should be allowed to erase past convictions from their criminal record after a fixed period of good behaviour
Round 5: Show me your money

M1: THW abolish all sin taxes
M2: THW impose a 100% inheritance tax

Round 6: International relations

M1: THBT the Mexican state should tolerate drug cartels instead of waging an all-out war against them on the US' behalf
M2: THW make development aid conditional on the leaders of recipient nations denouncing dictators in other nations
M3: TH supports intervention by a coalition of willing nations in Syria without a United Nations mandate

Round 7: Science and Technology
M1: THBT scientific research that attributes negative traits to a particular ethnic group should not be published
M2: THW use taxpayers' money to compensate creators of copyrighted content for losses due to piracy
M3: THBT corporations should not be allowed own the results of university research that they have sponsored

Octo-finals: The kids are not alright

M1: THW punish parents who get divorced while they have children below the age of majority
M2: THW hold teachers accountable in cases of school bullying
M3: THW require doctors to inform the parents of minors on whom they perform an abortion procedure

Quarters Theme: Media

M1: THW subsidize documentary films criticizing government policies
M2: THW exempt journalists from civil and criminal penalties for defamation
M3: THW force journalists to reveal their sources in criminal cases

Semis: Semis theme: Who we let in

M1: THW grant legal status to undocumented migrants who have been employed in the host country for a fixed period of time
M2: THBT universities in liberal democracies should not accept the children of the ruling elite of oppressive regimes
M3: THW remove immigration restrictions that are based on an individual’s HIV status

Grand Finals Theme: This good Earth

M1: THW abolish emissions trading
M2: THBT countries that have starving or malnourished citizens should not export agricultural products
M3: THBT questions on the validity of the science behind human-induced global warming should be irrelevant

Intra IBA Debate Championship 2012

Round 1:
1. This House supports child labor
2. This House will not allow Parents to raise their children in one particular faith
3. This House does not support the idea of unisex schools

Round 2:
1. This House will give two votes to the Poor.
2. This House will not allow teachers the right to strike
3. This House will not give awards to celebrities who glorify or openly use Drugs.

Round 3
Sex and Relationship
1. This House will allow group marriages
2. This House will legalize prostitution
3. This House will allow transsexual sex offenders to be publicly punished by transsexuals.

Round 4
1. This House will shift all military establishment out of Dhaka
2. This House will close all diplomatic ties with Pakistan till it apologizes for the genocide in 1971
3. This House will require a minimum Bachelor’s degree to stand in general election.

Round 5
Love and Affection
1. This House will allow public display of affection
2. This House will allow the over the counter sale of sex enhancing drugs and sex toys.
3. This house will ban all free pornography

Budapest Open 2012

R1: THW not imprison those convicted of non-violent crimes
R2: THW make development aid conditional upon the improvement of women’s rights.
R3: THW lift the ban on Communist symbols in all post-communist EU member states
R4: THW only provide state pension to those mentally or physically unable to work.
SF: THW ban medicine designed to erase human memories
F: THBT violent activities to achieve anti-capitalist aims in Western societies are justified

Northeast Universities Debating Championship 2012

 1. THW make proficiency in a country's official language a requirement for running for office
2. THB that media figures should no comment on Jeremy Lin's race.
3. THW ban companies from owning, staffing, or servicing prisons
4. TH regrets the stigma against speaking critically of recently deceased celebrity figures
5. THW ban non-merit based Greek letter organizations
6. THW build the Keystone XL pipeline
Quarters THW return the Falklands to Argentina
Semis THW abandon austerity.
Finals THBT supporters of a candidate should not criticize the candidate's policies during an election season.
LSE Open 2012

Round 1: THW grant the unqualified right to assisted suicide to all mentally sound adults.
Round 2: TH regrets the strong social norms in favour of lifelong monogamy
Round 3: THBT western countries should invest primarily in air power rather than ground troops for future military interventions
Round 4: THBT the education system should promote equality of outcomes over equality of opportunities.

Round 5: TH welcomes the advent of extreme genetic enhancements for human beings
Quarters: THBT the state should systematically use subconscious manipulation to nudge citizens towards good choices
ESL final: THBT national governments should aim to depopulate rather than regenerate areas with few viable economic activities
Open Break semi: THBT Western foreign policy should seek to prevent China's acquisition of Africa's land and natural resources.
Final: TH regrets the decline of Marxism in liberal Western democracies

Cambrian 2012

R1:THW punish law enforcers who fail to maintain a minimum level of physical attribute with which they got into the force.
R2:Thw impose a special tax on high earning sports personnel
R3: THBT community services should be a mandatory part of academic curriculum.
R4: THW denounce the Western brokered peace deals in Middle East.
Semis: THS set a minimum level of income for anyone to invest in the share market.
Final: THW allow the use of only Excalibur in warfare.

MAD Mini 2012

Round 1

1. That custody hearings should not take into account the biological origin of the child.
2. That we should make pre-nuptial agreements a pre-requisite for all marriages.
3. That we should use early childhood education to actively undermine traditional gender roles

Round 2

1. We shd lower the standard of proof in sexual assault trials to be “on the balance of probability” than  R1M3. That we
2. That we should repeal the statute of limitations.
3. That we should make complete and total rehabilitation the only determinant of prisoner release dates.

Round 3

1. That the West should adopt a one-child policy.
2. That human rights should be considered culturally relative.
3. That we should allow all citizens, including the entirely healthy, to access assisted suicide.

Round 4

1. That countries should be able to prosecute foreign soldiers who commit crimes whilst serving in their jurisdiction.
2. We should allow soldiers to sue the government for negligence.
3. The ICC should consider the targeting of religious sites during conflict a crime against humanity.

Round 5

1. That Glee is good for the gay rights movement.
2. That we would not allow those wrongly accused of being gay to sue for defamation.
3. That we should allow the creation of GLBTIQ only schools.

Quarter Final:

1. That true democracy would allow its citizens to vote for authoritarianism.
2. That we should abolish term limits in established western democracies.
3. Assuming intelligence could be perfectly measured: We should make the power of your vote proportionate to your intelligence.

Semi Final:

1. That doctor shd be allowed to lie in order to create/augment placebo-effect fr their patient when no cure fr their illness is avail
2. That we should force treatment upon the mentally ill
3. That we should allow religious organisations to pay women who are considering abortion to carry their child to term.

Grand Final:

1. That dictators should NEVER be able to access development loans.
2. That the United Nations should tax the profits of all natural resource sales worldwide.
3. That postwar reconstruction contracts should be restricted to companies from countries which actively supported the war effort

Viqarunnessa 2012

R1: TH condemns the hosting of Bangladesh Premier League (BPL)
R2: THW ban the showing of Indian films in local cinema halls
R3: THW try child celebrities as adults.
R4: THW not have Chinese any more.
R5: THW give two votes to the poor.
Masters Round: THW outsource police forces to private companies.
Quarters: THW not make any further direct military intervention in any Middle Eastern Nations
Semis: THW give capital punishment for poaching of endangered animals!
Final: THW allow military personnel to tweet, use facebook profile and blog during war times.

Royals 2012

Round 1: SOCIETY
1. THBT we should not give money to beggars
2. THBT the State should impose a strict curfew on minors
3. THW impose traffic fines based on a percentage of the offender’s income

1. THBT First World Countries Must Accept Environmental Refugees
2. THW recognize animal land rights in development project
3. THBT climate conferences are a waste of time

1. THBT it is time to stop space exploration
2. THW forbid the pursuit of self-learning artificial intelligence
3. THBT intellectual property laws are obsolete in the digital age

1. THW rather support 12 Ramli Burgers stands than one Burger King
2. THW disallow workers in essential sectors from striking
3. THW nationalise all banks

Break Rounds:

Junior Quarterfinals: the MIDDLE EAST
1. THBT the international community should leave Syria alone
2. THW demand the immediate transfer of power from Egypt’s ruling military
council to a civilian authority
3. THW Enforce a nuclear free Middle East

Senior Quarterfinals: IRAN
1. THBT Obama has been “too soft” on Iran
2. THS the European Union’s embargo on Iranian oil
3. THBT the international community should leave Iran alone

Junior Semifinals: “Point and laugh. Or maybe not.” GENDER & SEXUALITY
1. THW no longer recognize being called a homosexual as a valid ground to
sue for defamation
2. THW recognise a 3rd gender
3. THBT in conservative societies, special schools should be set up for
LGBT students

Senior Semifinals: EVERYDAY POLITICS

1. THS the Obama administration’s move that requires insurance companies to
absorb the costs of contraceptive healthcare
2. THBT the Justice and Development Party, not the army, are the biggest
threat to Turkish democracy
3. THW not allow corporations to make political contributions

Junior Grand Finals: Malaysia
1. TH would limit terms of all Members of Parliament to only two terms in

Senior Grand finals: Malaysia
1. THBT serving civil servants and politicians-in-office should not be
awarded honorific titles
2. THW replace moral classes with religious classes for non-Muslims in
public schools
3. THW grant the right to vote only to residing Malaysians

Summerfield 2012
R1: THBT media corporations should show articles and videos made by terrorists aimed to spread their ideological beliefs.
scarce resources such as water should not be subsidized by the government.
ban households from hiring domestic help below the age of 18.
force the porn industry to display the usage of condoms in all their movies.
ban the use of enhanced post-production in cosmetics adverts.

Semis: THBT no international aid should be in the form of money.
Final: THW sever all diplomatic ties with India if they do not apologize for the actions of BSF in the borders. (not sure about the wordings) 

NUJS PD 2012

Judge test for internal pool (January 19, 2012)
• THBT it was a bad idea to invite Salman Rushdie to the Jaipur Literature Festival

Judge test for external pool (January 20, 2012)
• THW hold social networking websites liable for offensive content posted by their users

Round 1 – The dismal science (20/1/2012)
• TH is against private sector participation in the management of pension funds
• THBT devaluation of national currencies is a justifiable tool to boost export earnings
• THBT central monetary institutions should be insulated from executive control

Round 2 – The faith factor (20/1/2012)
• THW no longer impose the requirement of celibacy for Catholic Priests
• THBT the state should offer financial assistance to interfaith couples
• THBT there is nothing wrong with conversion through inducement

Round 3 – Sport (20/1/2012)
• THBT violent sports involving animals should be prohibited
• THBT players on national teams should not be contractually prevented from participating in profit-driven professional leagues
• THW establish a special tax on high-earning sportspersons to fund the development of sports

Round 4 – Beyond Boundaries (Foreign Affairs) [21/1/2012}
• THBT the targeted killings of Iranian nuclear scientists is justified
• THBT national governments should not hire foreign lobbying firms to represent their interests
• THBT there is an obligation to repatriate deposed tyrants back to their home countries

Round 5 – Gender and Sexuality (21/1/2012)
• THW endorse the Slutwalk campaign
• TH supports the idea of paternity leave
• THBT women in developing countries should embrace reproductive tourism

Round 6 –Why this Kolaveri Di? (The ‘frustration’ round) [21/1/2012]
• THBT school libraries should not stock the Harry Potter series of books
• THW tolerate nudism in beaches and public pools in India
• THW allow all communities to freely use the n-word

Octa-finals and Novice quarters – Love thy neighbours, debate their motions (22/1/2012)
• THW not arrest fishermen who cross national maritime boundaries
• THW prosecute the perpetrators of the 1971 conflict in Bangladesh
• THBT armies should not be allowed to operate commercial ventures

Quarter-finals and Novice semis – People Power (22/1/2012)
• THBT constitutions should not be amended without direct citizen participation
• THBT corporations should not be allowed to make political contributions
• THBT democracies should give full voting rights to their diaspora

Semi-Finals and Novice final – Blackboard Jungle (22/1/2012)
• THW not include class participation as a component of evaluation for taught courses in colleges
• THBT student feedback should be given weightage in decisions about promotions of faculty members
• THBT professional bodies should not be involved in the regulation of higher education in their respective fields

Final (22/12012)
• THBT the Prime Minister of India should be an elected member of the Lok Sabha.

Scholastica 2012

1.THW introduce plain packaging for cigarettes2. THW cancel all sanctions against Iran
3. THBT govt. has the right to control access to all sorts of information (internet)
4. THBT we should prohibit discrimination in the media on the basis of physical attractiveness
5. THW take lifestyle choices into account before the allocation of scarce medical resources

Quarters: THW introduce a mandatory course on current political circumstances and legislations in high school curriculum
Semis: THBT manufacturers of technological products should be prohibited from creating upgrades within 4 years of the products release date.
GF: TH support constitutional monarchy.

WSDC 2012

Round 1: THW Ban Alcohol.
Round 2: This house believes that newly democratised Arab nations should not allow religious parties to participate in elections. [Prep]
Round 3: THW allow single parents in prison to raise their children behind bars.
Round 4: This house believes that developing nations should place limits on internal rural-urban migration. [Prep]
Round 5: This house believes that the police should use racial profiling to fight crime.
Round 6: This house believes that the feminist movement should seek a ban on pornography. [Prep]

Round 8: This house believes that states should enshrine legally actionable socio-economic rights
Octo-Final: THBT governments should create schools which teach in endangered indigenous languages.
: THBT Gay rights organizations should out gay public figures.
Semi-Finals: THS a 100% tax on inherited wealth.

Grand Final: This house regrets South Africa's decision to use the Truth and Reconciliation Commission rather than prosecuting perpetrators of crimes committed under Apartheid.

WUDC 2012

Prelim Rounds:

Round 1: THW make fathers take paternity leave.
Round 2: THW prevent politicians from making fact claims,that, while not technically lies, are substantially misleading voters.
Round 3: THW force large companies who leave an area to pay the costs of any resulting structural unemployment.
Round 4: THW require individuals to use all their wealth beyond USD 5 millions for philanthropic projects.
Round 5: THW require deaf parents to send their kids (whether deaf/hearing) to mainstream schools for their primary & secondary education.
Round 6: TH supports politicians who pass progressive legislation even when it is contrary to the wishes of the democratic electorate.
Round 7: TH supports the free movement of labour worldwide.
Round 8: THW exempt academic disputes from defamation law.
Round 9: THW  ban all private healthcare in favour of a comprehensive public healthcare system.

Break Rounds:

Main :

Octo Finals
: THW not allow a single media company to own multiple TV channels or newspapers (whether in print or online)
Quarter Final: THBT "Western" consultants advising dictatorships have a moral duty to sabotage them.
Semi Final:
THBT images designed to even slightly sexually attract/aroused viewer should be restricted to specialist adult site/xxx domain.
Final: TH supports nationalism.


Quarter Final
: THW limit Government ministers' standard of living to that of someone on the current median wage.
Semi Final: In countries with few female politicians, this house believes it is good to have a politically active 'first lady'
Grand Final: THS scientist who fabricate evidence exaggerating certainty of man-made climate change where theres low likelihood of being caught.


Semi Final
: THBT when doctors discover a patient has a STD, they should reveal that information to the patients partner.
Grand Final: ?

Master R1: THW stop public funding for the post secondary education and use the money to give everyone an equal loathsome payment on their 18th Birthday to use how they see fit.
Adj Test: THW ban all reporting of individual hostage taking.
Public Speaking: Why I debate?
Women's Night Motion: THW only sell porn for women made by women.

WUPID 2011

R1. TH would abolish permanent membership of the UN Security Council.
R2. With the benefit of hindsight, TH regrets awarding President Barrack Obama the Nobel Peace Prize.
R3. THBT Asia should welcome Chinese Military Expansion.
R4. THBT Malaysia should embrace the right to peaceful assembly.
R5. THBT The peaceful resolution of conflicts in South America must include the international legalization of cocaine.
QF. THBT the UN should insist on focused assassination attempts prior to approving wider military action for regime change.
SF. THBT all whistle blowers from the military should be given amnesty.
GF: THBT unfettered capitalism is the greatest obstacle to world peace.

Singapore Debate Open 2011

R1. THW cane children in schools.
R2. THW protect uncontacted tribes from the outside world.
R3. THW compel religiously affiliated organizations to provide birth control coverage under the new US health care laws.
R4. TH Regrets Palestine's full membership in UNESCO
R5. THW completely privatize the public transport system in developing countries
R6. THBT states should provide military assistance to environmental militants
QF. THW actively discredit Orientalism, specifically the western conception of an Asian Identity.
SF. TH should only appoint female generals
GF. THW allow citizens to sue their government for mismanagement of natural disasters.

NSU Asian BP 2011

R1: THW ban violent sports.
R2: TH regrets Myanmar's appointment as future ASEAN chair.
R3: THW abolish gated communities with extensive private security.
R4: THW require all media outlets to be organized as cooperatives, owned
and run by journalists only.
R5: THW not allow countries undertaking military intervention abroad to
harvest natural resources while they are there.
R6: THBT feminists should campaign for fathers' right!
Pre Quarter: THW criminalize the refusal to render reasonable assistance to
people in distress.
Quarters: THBT states should punish more harshly acts of terrorism
committed by own citizens than those committed by citizens of their
Semi Finals: THW use state education system to actively promote atheism.
Final Motion: THBT micro-credit program should stop exclusively targeting

Melbourne Mini 2011

R1: THW sell uranium to India.
R2. THBT Facebook should remove pages that joke about rape.
R3. THW take drastic action against Syria.
R4: THW break up companies deemed too big to fail.
R5: THBT marriage licenses should have to be renewed periodically.
Rd 6: THW ban all blood sports involving animals.
SF: THW allow health care professionals to opt out of any stage of abortion, including before & after care.
Final: THBT the US should support Palestinian statehood.

NEAO 2011

R1: The Middle East
THBT Israel should preemptively strike against Iranian Nuclear facilities.
R2: Politics
THW allow individuals to sell their votes for financial compensation.
R3: Economics
THW end all fiscal austerity measures and increase government spending.
R4: Taiwan
THBT Taiwanese government should abandon all efforts towards formal independence.
R5: Ethics
THW legalize polygamy.
Pre QF: Religion
THBT equal opportunity legislation should extend to religious institutions.
QF: Justice
THW try the Syrian dictator, Al-Assad.
SF: International Obligations
THBT all countries must ratify binding targets in any international agreement on climate change.
GF: International Law
THBT international law should recognize the right of each state to unilaterally undertake humanitarian intervention.
EFL SF: Development
THBT all government contracts should buy locally manufactured goods and services.
EFL GF: Environment
THW impose a maximum cap on the usage of water.
[Source: http://project.wtuc.edu.tw/neao/index.php/the-news/116-neao2011-results]

New Zealand IV (Victoria IV) 2011

R1: This House would ban child beauty pageants
R2: This House believes Israel should unilaterally preemptively strike Iran.
R3: This House believes that individuals should be required by governments to invest a defined portion of their salary for their retirement
R4: This House would forcibly remove the homeless from the streets and place them in mental institutions or rehabilitation
R5: This House would consign the European Union to the dustbin of history
R6: This house supports comprehensive parental leave paid for by employers
Semi: This House would camp out in solidarity with the "Occupy" protestors
Final: This House believes newly democratised Arab nations should not allow religious parties to run for office.

Cambridge IV 2011

R1: THW allow family members to forcibly commit proven alcoholics and drug addicts to rehabilitation clinics.
R2: THBT all research organizations should institute codes of conduct that forbid the creation of Strong AI.
R3: THW provide financial assistance to inner city neighborhoods to prevent gentrification
R4: THBT China should make extracting a full apology for Japan's War Crimes a top strategic priority
R5: THBT feminists should not campaign against polygamy in poor countries.
Open QF: THBT the use of conscripted soldiers should be a war crime.
ESL SF: THW take the children of the Amish into care
Open SF: TH regrets the rise of a distinct African American Culture
ESL Final: THB that it is morally legitimate for Occupy Movement to use violence to undermine capitalist institutions
Open Final: THW break up Google's Search monopoly.

Oxford IV 2011

R1: This House Believes That Sex Education Classes in Schools Should Teach Techniques For Pure Sexual Gratification (including, but not limited to, anal sex, oral sex, mutual gratification and masturbation)

R2: This House Believes That in developing countries aid organizations should be banned from religious proselytizing.

R3: This House Believes That Trade unions and labour protection laws should be suspended during times of economic crisis.

R4: This House Believes That Israel Should Materially Support Arab Pro-Democratic Movements.

R5: This House Believes That a tax should be placed on successful artists in order to fund new and developing artists(Note: Artists defined by the CA team to be the arts and the entertainment industry).

Open Quarter Final: This House Believes That International Law should allow states which accept refugees to sue the states they come from for compensation.

ESL Semi Final: This House Believes That the LGBT Movement Should Not Support Pride Marches.

Open Semi: This House would Establish Brothels on Military Bases.

ESL Final: This House believes That the CEOs of the largest corporations should be chosen by the national democratic elections

Open Final: This House Would establish geographical zones where the selling and consuming of any and all drugs are legal.

UVM 2011 Huber Debates Tournament
Rd 1: THBT inmates who hold prison jobs should be paid at least the minimum wage.
Rd 2: THBT Spain should end bullfighting.
Rd 3: THBT Saudi Arabia should prohibit Afghans, Pakistanis, and all countries with Al Quaeda bases to go to Mecca to perform Their hajj and/or Umrah.
Rd 4: THW only issue transfer payments to individuals who vote.
Rd 5: THW pay drug addicts to be sterilized.
Rd 6: In countries with high AIDS rates, THW impose mandatory male circumcision.
QF: THBT major fiscal policy decisions should be subject to a referendum.
Novice Final: THW spoil the ballots.
Semifinal: THBT ordinary police officers should not carry lethal weapons.
Final: THBT black comedians, musicians, and other public figures should not use the n-word.

Hong Kong Debate Open 2011

R1: THW ban the participation of children in clinical drug trials.
R2. THW abolish the minimum wage.
R3: THW ban religious organizations from establishing schools.
R4: TH supports the Occupy Wall Street Movement.
R5: THW ban all approaches that seek to cure homosexuality.
R6: THBT the U.S. should not veto the Palestinian bid for statehood at the United Nations.
QF: THW hold companies liable for the enviromental damage caused overseas.
SF: THW ban agencies that broker international marriages.
GF: TH regrets the policy of assassinating terrorist leaders instead of trying them.

[Thanks to Sharmila Parmanand for tweeting the motions]
1st Jesselton Debate Open 2011
Final: THBT Malaysia should adopt full-scale military national service.
Semis: THBT war criminals should be tried in their home country instead of the ICC
R5: THB in a global ban for online gambling #
R4: THBT denial of global warming as a fact should be made a crime #JDO2011
R3: THBT Borneo would be better of as an independent nation #JDO2011
R2: The involvement of minors in social networking sites bring more harm than good
R1: THBT Malaysia should abolish the death penalty

Source: http://twitter.com/#!/search/realtime/%23JDO2011

Yale IV 2011

Final: THBT the end of US hegemony is good for the world
SF: Thw allow and enforce pre-nuptial agreements that punish adultery with jail time. Semi
QF: THBT scientific journals shouldnt publish research on the subject of racial disparities in intelligence
RD 5: Where someone's mental health renders them unfit to stand trial, THW forcibly treat them to allow them to stand trial
RD4: THB universities should disclose to admitted students, upon their request, if aff action affected their admission
RD3: THW prohibit folks who've been full time employees of political parties or the government from lobbying
RD 2: THB courts should be able to issue assassination warrants.
RD 1: THW punish financial professionals who fail to report others' insider trading as if they had committed the insider trading themselves. [Thanks to Tahmeed Adnan for the last motion, as he debated at Yale IV]



Macau IV 2011

GF: THBT developed countries should punish companies whose sub-contractors use abusive labor practices in the third world
Semis: THW give foreign workers the right to vote in general elections
R5: THBT Marriage should come with an expiry date
R4: THW not allow patients to refuse life-saving medical treatment
R3 motion: THBT all governments should provide low-cost public housing to all their citizens
R2 motion: THW require all social networking sites to have user-elected board members
R1: THW privatise all public universitites
Demo Debate 1: THBT financial assistance for the poor is the responsibility of charities, not government.
Demo Debate 2: THBT schools should actively undermine traditional gender stereotypes.|

[Thanks to Sharmila Parmanand for all the updates]

13th Philippines National Debate Championship
[Facebook Group, Twitter Hashtag]

Finals: THBT in the interest of economic and geopolitical stability, the ASEAN should cede Spratlys to China.
SF: THBT war criminals should be tried in their home countries instead of
the ICC.
R8.TH regrets the implementation of development models that place conditions on transfers of financial assistance for the
R7 motion: THBT social institutions should recognize and support the nature of children and sexual beings.
R6.THBT financial institutions should not divulge info that may risk market stability in times of economic crisis.
R5.THW abandon Zion.
R4.THW abolish the double jeopardy rule for the previously acquitted.
R3. THBT the US govt should not have the power to execute citizens who are alleged terrorists without due process.
R2.THW prohibit universities from preferentially admitting the sons and daughters of their alumni.
R1.THBT it is legitimate for governments to require their people to take vaccines for common diseases.

KDU ProAms 2011
[The motions were tweeted by Debate Tourney]

SF.THBT god should end the world now.
QF.THBT In order to challenge gender roles, children should remain genderless till puberty.
R5.THB in the creation of super soldiers.
R4.THBT celebrating christmas as a national holiday is in US's state endorsed discrimination to other religions.
R3.THBT it is against intergalactic civil liberties for the Jedi to use mind tricks in the course of justice.
R2.THBT people who visit other countries should still be bound to the laws of their county of origin
R1.THW decriminalise dangerous activities and substances for the terminally ill.

Hart House IV 2011
[Thanks to Steve Llano for tweeting the motions!]

Round 5: thw cut foreign aid to countries that persecute sexual minorities.
Round 4: this house supports immigration systems that prefer cultural similarity.
Round 3: this house supports the targeted assasination of US cirizens who participate in terrorist activities against the US abroad.
Rd 2: this house would legalize all drugs.
Rd 1: THW let Greece default.

BDC Pre-Worlds 2011 

R1: THBT Israel should support Palestine's independence to end its own economic problems.(Prep Motion)
R2: TH condemns the government of Japan for its failure to mitigate Fukushima's post nuclear disaster.
R3: THBT transit is a fair trade for rights to international waters. (Prep Motion)
R4: THBT the leadership anarchy of the Libyan Transitional Government will cause the downfall of ongoing democratic movement.

Rd 5: THBT developed countries should allow their companies to bribe officials in developing nations where it is a proven practice. (Prep Motion)

R6: THW cancel Obama's Nobel Peace Prize
Quarters: THW prosecute communities for complicity in honor killings.
Semi Final: THW force priest to break their confessional seals of heinous crimes of individuals to law enforcement authorities.
Final: THW allow human cloning for military purposes. (Prep Motion)

Claremont Mckenna College Open 2011

[Thanks to Steve Llano for tweeting the motions!]

Finals: THS a weak dollar.
Semifinal: This House supports drone strikes.
Round 8: Elected officials should take a polygraph test before taking office.
Round 7: This house would end the use of nuclear power.
Round 6: In the case of cyber attack, this house prefers military retaliation.
Round 5: Individuals should be able to sue their government for inaction on climate change.
Round 4: Wikileaks should be granted status as a digital world treasure on UNESCO's World Heritage List.
Round 3: Governments in violation of UN treaties should forfeit their right to vote or veto UN matters.
Round 2: TH supports computer hacktivism.
Round 1: Barack Obama should return the Nobel Peace Prize.

Mahidol University Mixer 2011 

[The motions were tweeted by Debate Tourney]

GF.THBT thai government should grant thaksin a pardon.
SF. THW televise court trials.
R5. THBT Marriage licenses should have an expiration date.
R4. THBT it is high time for the united states to abandon its assumed role as the worlds international police.
R3. THBT LGBT movements should support the creation of 'gay-borhoods'.
R2. THBT it is legitimate to use human shields in war.
R1. THBT admission to university should be made easier for applicants born into poverty.

Keiv Open 2011

[Thanks to Steve Llano for tweeting the motions!]

R1: THBT there should be no limit on self-defense against violent crimes
R2: THW ban parades and demonstrations that could incite a violent reaction.

R3: THB that the UN should offer large bounties for the capture of pirates and the destruction of pirate ships.

Brad Smith Debate Tournament 2011

[Thanks to Steve Llano for tweeting the motions and we guyz can alos check out #bsdt]

Grand Final round: thw put university curriculum in the hands of the students. 
Novice final: thw make voting in national elections mandatory.
Semifinal: thw not march in the slutwalks.
QF: thw abolish lifetime tenure for supreme court justices.
Round d 6: THW abolish the death penalty. 

Round 5: THW forgive student debt. 
Round 4: THBT affirmative action does more harm than good. 
Round 3: this house opposes Western influence in the Arab revolutions. 
Round 2: THB that environmental protection should take precedence over economic growth. 
Round 1: TH supports the right to physician assisted suicide.

AWDC 2011

Final: That the house believes feminism should embrace the word slut.
Semi Final: : This house would establish a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to investigate sexual abuse within the Catholic Church.
R6: This house would refuse to uphold confidential out-of-court settlements.
R5: That this house would oust the Karzai administration.
R4: This house supports democratic education.
R3: This House would redistribute, aggressively and without compensation, all land taken from black South Africans during apartheid.
R2: This house believes that, in times if economic crisis, economic bodies should withhold information that may damage market confidence.
R1: That this House would never prosecute child soldiers for crimes committed during war.

RVDT 2011

From: Skanda Prasad:

1: THBT universities should encourage and promote sexual activity.
2: THW hold criminal only the possession to peddle and not possession to consume marijuana in India.
3: THW disallow mosh pits.

Round 2
1: THBT competitive examination coaching classes are antithetical to the greater cause of education.
2: THBT all primary and secondary schools should not make any subject mandatory.
3: THW allow corporal punishment in schools

Round 3:
1: THBT FIFA must use female officials in the world cup.
2: THW always prefer heterosexual couples to homosexual couples for adoption.
3: THBT zoos are immoral

Round 4:
1. THBT cricketers shouldn't walk.
2. THBT the highest governing body for a sporting club should be constituted by its fans.
3. THW lift the ban on team orders instructing drivers to deliberately lose a race in motorsport racing.

Round 5:

1. THBT all patents must be accessible (in exchange) for a reasonable remunaration to the patent owner.
2. THW peg the price of fuel to the fuel efficiency of the vehicle.
3. TH regrets the Tata Nano.

Round 6:

1. THW conduct pharmaceutical trials on death row convicts
2. THW forcibly abort foetuses that are infected with HIV/AIDS.
3. THW make blood donation compulsory for all

Binghamton IV 2011

[Thanks to Steve Llano for tweeting the motions!]

Round 1: THBT the state should not fund art.
Round 2: THBT governments should be allowed to disable social networks during civil disorder.
Round 3: THBT Obama will not me re-elected.
Round 4: THW make the behavior modifying drugs available without a prescription.
Round 5: THW give women equal position in war with men.
Round 6: THBT the UN should recognize Palestine as a state.
QF: THW allow the creation of donor siblings.
Novice Semi Final: THW increase the number of permanent members on the UN Security councils
Main Semi Final: THBT it is time for all the EU members to issue only debt bonds that are backed by all members, i.e. Euro bonds.
Final: THBT nationalism is a virtue.

IIUM Debate Open 2011

Round 1 :THBT the billions spent by Sheikh Mansur in Manchester should instead be used for the Ummah
Round 2: THW extend Child Abuse Laws to include punishing parents who force homosexual children to become straight
Round 3: THBT it is time to induct India as the 6th member of the United Nations Security Council
Round 4: THBT Libya's assets should only be totally unfrozen post-elections
Round 5: THW Ban any Audio Visual depiction and/or staging of interspecies intercourse
Break Rounds
Quarter Finals: THBT the west should support and not condemn the unilateral declaration of an independent Palestine
Semi Finals: THBT raising the US national debt ceiling was a big mistake
Grand Final: THBT Saudi Arabia should prohibit Afghans, Pakistanis and all citizens of countries with Al Qaeda bases to go to Mecca to perform their Hajj and/or Umrah as part of the war on terror.

BIND 2011

R1: THW impose the one car/one house policy in greater Jakarta.
R2: THW abandon the EURO.
R3: THW ban political parties formed along racial or religious lines.
R4: THB women should pay less income taxes than men.
R5: THBT NATO should provide air support to Syrian Rebels in their struggle against Bashar Al- Assad.
QF: THBT the Indonesian Gov. Should pay reparations to victims of Suherto regime.
SF: THBT Obama Admin. should prosecute members of Bush Admin. for the crimes comitted during war on terror.
Final: THW Create a United States of South East Asia.

Auckland IV 2011

[Thanks to  Christopher Bishop for the tweets]

Final:THBT we should abolish political parties
R6: THBT the war on terror has been a mistake?
R5: THBT condoms should be manadatory in porn
R4: THBT feminists should rejuect slutwalks
R3: THBT NZ and Australia should normalize relationship with Fiji.
R2: TH suports a maximum wage
R1: THW ban male circumcision.

ANU Spring 2011

[From twitter]

Round 1: THW charge dictators with crimes against humanity when through corruption or mismanagement they impoverished their countryRound 2: THW ban websites which encourage or glorify eating disorders
Round 3: TH Supports the Austerity measures
Round 4: THBT the UN should hire private military contractors to undertake humanitarin intervention.
Round 5. THW involuntarily admit the severely mentally ill.
SF: TH supports tiger parenting.
Final: THBT the age of the American Superpower is over.

R1. THW offer dictators immunity in return for leaving power.
R2: THW allow free distribution of music on the internet.
R3. THBT Universal Primary Education is a misallocation of resources for the developing world.
R4: THW make voting in National Elections compulsory
R5. THW legalise the sale of human organs.
R6: THW stop sending humans into Space
R7. THBT women can only achieve equality under a secular system of government.
Round 8: THW penalize sporting teams for the behavior of their fans.
Octos: THW Abandon Nuclear Energy
Quarters: TH supports free immigration.
Semi Final:THBT Any State Should Have The Right to Secede if The Majority of The Population Wish.
Final: THBT autocracy is doomed in the age of Facebook.

UNSW IV 2011

R1 This house regrets the extrajudicial killing of Voldemort
R2 This house believes the world would be better without any states
R3 This house believes that politics is broken
R4 This house would not allow sentient exterrestrial aliens to be citizens of any state on the Earth
R5 This house believes that it should never be illegal to publish an intention to commit a crime
Semi-Finals This house believes that the world will lose the fight against climate change
Final This house would spend baby spend

(Courtesy:  Tariq Maketab)

RD 1: THW grant amnesty to illegal immigrants who have made great and/or unique contributions
RD 2: THW legalise commercial surrogacy
RD 3: THBT, save for isolation, prisons should simulate everyday life
RD 4: THBT ban commercial breeding of animals
RD 5: THBT the European Union is a failing project
Octofinals: THW demolish US debt ceiling permanently
Quarterfinals: THBT it is legitimate for individuals to publish derivative works that alter the original message
Semifinals: THBT courts should strike down constitutional amendments that remove or diminish fundamental rights.
Grand Finals: THBT in dealing with blasphemous art, a secular democratic state should still err on the side of the religious majority.

Galway EUDC 2011

(For full results visit www. worlddebating.blogspot.com)

Round 1: TH would bring back the death penalty.
Round 2: TH would prohibit the media from using software to alter an individuals appearance.
Round 3: TH believes that Germany should ban the publication of Mein kamph indefinately.
Round 4: THBT Barack Obama should have vetoed any debt deal that did not increase taxation.
Round 5: THW allow the creation of donor siblings
Round 6: THBT hacking is an acceptable form of protest against large corporations.
Round 7: THBT early childhood education in schools should undermine traditional gender roles.
Round 8: THBT America and the EU should cease all financial political and military support to both Israel and the Palestinian authority until they reach a peace agreement.
Round 9: THW Legally Require Priests to Report All Serious Crimes that They Hear in Confession. ESL Quarters: THW ban all EU arms companies from selling arms outside the EU. ESL Semifinal: TH would require persons working in the media to wait four years before running for public office or working for the government.
ESL Final: THB that God exists.
Quarters: THW Never Fight for King and Country
Semifinal: THBT the West should promise preferential economic and political cooperation to Arab democracies that adopt secular constitutions
Final: final: THBT the state should pay reperations to women.

1st National High School English Debating Championship

(go to www.worlddebating.blogspot.com for the complete results)

Round 1: This house would ban advertisements that use gender stereotypes.
Round 2: This House believes that university students should pay the full costs of their education.
Round 3: This House believes that environmental protection should come second to economic growth in developing countries.
Round 4: This House believes that animals should not be used as objects of sport and entertainment.
Round 5: This House would allow citizens to sell their organs.
Round 6: This House would require that students in all high schools (secular, religious, public, private, etc.) learn the beliefs of people of all major faiths, including those of no faith at all (atheists/agnostics).
Round 7 (Silent): This House would require users of online social networks to disclose their real identity.
Round 8 (Silent): This house believes that prisoners should have the right to vote in general elections held to form a national parliament.
Pre-Quarter Finals: This House believes that all countries should give up the use of nuclear energy.
Quarter-Finals: This House believes that the Arab World should stop selling oil to France until it removes its ban on the wearing of the Islamic Female Head Dress (Burqa) in Public.
Semi-Finals: THW allow school boards to fire teachers whose class consistently underperforms in standardized tests.
Grand Final: This House believes Western Governments should assassinate dictatorial leaders who use violence against their own people to stay in power.

The motions were uploaded by Kip Oebanda in the ASDC 2011 FB Group.
Test Debate – Non-human animals
THW disallow people from leaving inheritances to pets
THW abolish all animal cruelty laws
THW not allow people to keep wild animals as pets
Round 1  – Let’s get Physical
THW ban sports that aim to inflict physical violence on competitors
THW not allow minors to become professional gamers
THW have a minimum quota for local players in domestic leagues
Round 2 Equality
THBT the right to offend religion/s is an essential element to freedom of speech
THBT the feminist should embrace women who choose to disempower themselves.
THBT anorexia is a legitimate lifestyle choice.
Round 3 – Dorks
THW stop the public funding of NASA
THBT governments should fund research to clone extinct species
THBT humanity would be better off knowing that intelligent life exists somewhere else in the universe
Round 4 – Asia
THBT South Korea should stop seeking reunification
THBT China should abandon its one child policy
THBT the ASEAN should suspend Myanmar’s membership pending democratic reforms
Round 5 – Kings and Queens
THW abolish laws that protect royal families from being insulted
THBT monarchies have no place in modern democracies
THBT the LGBT (Lesbians, Gay, Bisexual and Transsexual Movement) should stop celebrating gay parades
Round 6 – Environment
THBT Japan should abandon civil nuclear energy
THBT it is justified to break the law to protect the environment
THBT governments should include environmental impact in measuring economic success
Round 7 –  You’ve been a bad boy/girl/etc.
THW televise executions of criminals
THW legalize all drugs in the USA
THW not grant tourist visas to states with high incidence of human trafficking
Octos - Knowledge
THBT US government should establish primary schools that teach immigrant children in their native tongue
THW force religious schools to teach sex education including contraception
THW stop all research towards the cure for autism
Quarters  - War
 THBT the ICC should try Bashar Al Assad.
THBT aid should be protected by force without the permission of the sovereign state
This house would allow objection to military service on the grounds of personal beliefs
Semis - Economics
THBT the Greeks should default
THBT all water consumption beyond basic needs should come from private sources
TH regrets the rise of microfinance
Novice Finals – Media
THBT tabloids are essential to a vibrant democracy
THW allocate airtime for racist political parties in public TV networks
THBT celebrity felons should have harsher penalties (finals motion)
Finals – Arts and culture
THBT post-conflict societies should destroy all artwork created in support of a fallen dictator
THBT award ceremonies should not recognize music artists with misogynistic or discriminatory lyrics (changed when we realized it was too similar to Semis)
THBT mainstream governments should not contact isolated tribes (finals motion).
TH celebrates the co-optation of political and artistic counter-cultures into the mainstream

South African NUDC 2011 

(Click here for the full results posted in Colm's site)

1. TH supports Walmart's expansion into Africa
2. THW create a regulated market for rhino horn
3. TH regrets the partition of Sudan
4. THW expropriate land without compensation
5. THW prevent parents whose children have been taken into protective care from raising future children
6. THBT the AU should support NATO's stance on Libya
7. THW force abortions for foetuses at risk of terminal conditions
8. THW frack the Karoo
9. THW pay Afghani citizens NOT to fight for the Taliban
ESL Octo: THW give Constitutional Court judges life terms
QF: THW allow rate payers to opt out of any public service and form private alternatives
SF: THW join the SlutWalk
ESL Final: THW regard state sponsored cyber attacks as acts of war
Final: THBT "I was only following orders" is a legitimate defence in an International Criminal Tribunal

NDDC 2011

R1: THW rebuild the Berlin Wall.
R2: THW allow military officials to critisice their goverment.
R3: THW assassinate Gaddafi.
Semi Final: THBT unipolar world is better off than bipolar world for world peace.
Final: THW not allow states to intervene in the political problems of other countries under any circumstances.

Korea Australs 2011

Round 1:
That sporting teams should not tour nations of match-fixers
TWS legalise all performance engancing drugs in sport
That we should restrict access to international competitions for nations which abuse their athletes

Round 2
That a fixed amount of development aid should be allocated to microcredit schemes
That developing nations should embrace medical tourism
That the World Bank and IMF chairs should selected on a rotational regional basis

Round 3:
That military officers should be allowed to criticize government
That we should abolish parliamentary privelege as a defense of defamation
That the US would directly elect supreme court judges.

Round 4: (I am still searching)

Round 5:
That Greece should return to t Drachma
THW prohibit price gouging after natural disasters.
THW recognise the necessity of sweatshops.

Round 6:
That the state should not fund medical care for those injured as a result of committing a crime.
That employers should not have access to job applicants' criminal record
That juries should return not guilty verdicts if they believe laws are unjust.

Round 7 and Round 8 Motions..still no clue.

Octo Motions:

1. That we should recognise the independence of Somaliland.
2.That China should remove all restrictions on internal migration.
3.THBT colonial states have a duty to intervene in failed postcolonial states!

Semi Final: ???

Final: Nations should use bounty hunters to capture or kill enemies.

JDC Debate Fest 2011

R1: THBT international aid agencies are crippling developing nations.
R2: THW limit the corporate financing of political campaigns.
R3:THW encourage the paparazzi
R4: THBT the minimum punishment for teachers who molest school children should be life sentence.
Quarters: THBT increasing the prices of necessities during the time of a natural disaster should be treated as a criminal offense.
Semis: THBT gov should fund sex change operations.
Final:  THW pay military of other nations who fight out battles.

WSDA 2011

(for full results log into: http://globaldebateblog.blogspot.com/2011/07/qatar-defeats-germany-at-wsda-2011.html)

1.   Voting should be obligatory.
2.   Require large online social networks to be controlled democratically by their users.
3.   The exploration and development of outer space should be done by an international organization.
4.   We support parents who secretly install spyware on their children’s electronic devices.
5.   There would be no Arabic spring without the Internet.
Quarterfinals: Children should be excluded from any religion until adulthood
Semifinals: Representative democracy has failed us.
Finals: A conscious consumer does for democracy more than a voter.

Berlin IV 
(the motions were tweeted live by berlindebating, ie. BDU's Twitter account and the results could be also found here at: http://abearstongue.blogspot.com/2011/07/berlin-iv-2011-break.html)

Round 1: THW financially incentivise parents to have two or more children
Round 2: THBT any language which needs protection is not worth protection.
Round 3: THW make all the prison sentences indefinite until the prisoner is deemed as rehabilitated
Round 4: THW privitise water.
Round 5: For peace keeping missions in Africa, THW only use African troops.
Semi-Final: THW establish international jurisdiction for cyber crimes.
Final: THBT animal cruelty is acceptable in a work of art.

ADF 2011

R1 : THBT dictators should be given amnesty of giving up power in return.
R2 : THW allow immigrants to join the military force of the host country.
R3 : THBT US should cancel all sacntions against Cuba.
R4:  THW instill moral norms in education institutions despite the mere obedience of law.
R5:  THBT eunuch prostitute should have the same rights as a regular prostitute.
Quarters: THBT US should subsidize Twitter.
Semis: THBT targeting religious sites is a legitimate tactic of warfare.
Final: THW punish journalist who carry out sting operations.

NUEDC 2011 

(Tweeted by debateindonesia in their Twitter account)

R1: THW abolish all forms of affirmative action.
R2: THW open state funded brothels in military bases.
R3: THW not allow oil companies to have patents on green technology.
R4: THBT GDP should not be a good measure of nation's standard of living.

R5: THBT UN should allow the prosecution of LGBT Questioning by its member countires. 
R6: THW require children consent for parents to divorce.
R7: THBT governments should ban their citizens departure for religious pilgrimage in times of major epidemics.
QF: THW make entry into universites based on a lottery after passing a basic high school exam.
SF: ???
GF: THBT ICC should have its own force to abduct heinous perpetrators of internationalcrimes who refuse to answer the cout's summons.

China Open 
(The motions were tweeted by G. Rhydian Morgan in his Twitter Account)

Round 1: THW privaitse top universities in China.
Round 2: THW forbid famiuly memebers of govermentr officials from workingin government.
Round 3: THBT developed nations should pay developing nations for the disposal of toxic waste
Round 4: THW punish search engines that provide links to websites that violate
Round 5: THW legalise all pornography.
Quarters: THBT tobacco and alcohol companies should not be allowed to be the sponsers in sports.
Semi Final:THW forbid media from publishing subjective comment on criminal cases until the verdict has been reached.
Final: THBT China should financially disincentivise labor intensive industries.

Great Serdang Debate 2011

(Motions were posted by Sharmila Parmanand in her Twitter account)

Round 1
1. THBT the poor nations should reject the storage and/or processing of hazardous materials on their soil by rich nations.
2. THBT we would impose English as the common medium of instruction in all schools.
3. THBT we would give the profits from mineral resources to exclusively to the local state/provinces from which they are extracted.

Round 2:
1. THBT we would dispose humanitarian aid through established religious organizations in the recipient states.
2. THBT we would reject micro credit scheme targeted exclusively at women.
3. THBT the first world nations should increase quotas for the labor migrants from target countries instead of giving them
development aid.

Round 3:

The kiddies
1. THBT we would require parents who seek to have biological children should meet the same criteria as those who seek to
2. THBT the school should actively erase gender difference among the students.

3.THBT the online gaming sites should restrict the length of time minors can access their services.

Round 4:
1.THBT we should not punish high ranking military officials who are publicly critical of elected politicians.
2. THBT the retired high ranking military officials should not be allowed to run for the public office.
3.THBT the  military recruit campaigns should not be actively targeted at low income groups.

Round 5:
1.THBT it is legitimate for companies to monitor their employees' internet usage on their IT infrastructure.
2. THBT the civil society groups should push for greater gov. regulation of corporations instead of supporting voluntary
corporate social responsibility practices by these companies.
3.THBT we would impose progressive taxation on corporations.

1.THBT woman's movements would condemn women who reached the highest level  of politics or the corporate ladder yet little for women in their sphere of influence.
2.THBT women should attempt to combat religion instead of attempting to reform it from within.
3. THBT we would abolish Ladies ' Night in bars.

International Affairs
1. THBT the US should sign a non-aggression treaty with North Korea without any preconditions.
2. THBT NATO should assassinate Gaddafi.
3. THBT the Mexican state should tolerate drug cartels instead of waging an all out war against them at the US behest.

Grand Final:
New world order
1. THBT the united stated should deprioritise maintaining its position as the most dominant global power.
2.THBT we would recognise a universal right to succession.
3. THBT post colonial states should not bee members of organizations based o a common colonial heritage and founded by their former colonial masters.

UADC 2011

Round 1
TH would not allow minors to be involved in politics
TH would scrap the government pension system
TH house regrets the practice of 'tiger' parenting

Round 2

1. THBT copyright of visual media belongs to the subject and not the photographer
2.TH would build a national DNA database
3.TH would ban the collection and sale of location and usage information by smartphone companies. 

Round 3
1. TH would ban adult entertainment from casinos.
2. THBT it is wrong to raise money for social welfare through natioinal lotteries.
3. TH would remove all sin taxes

Round 4:

1. THBT countires which pollute common waters should lose their Exclusive Economic Zones(EEZs)
2. TH would not grant citizenship at birth to the children oif foriegners on domestic soil
3. TH would pay the militaries of the other states to fight our battles.

Round 5:

1.THBT the doctors shld never lie to their patients, even for their own good.
2.TH clebrates the willingness of women to be 'sluts'.
3.TH would allow individuals to purchase behavior modifying drugs without prescription.

Round 6

1. THBT China should leave the WTO.
2. THBT China should support the unification of the two Koreas.
3. THBT China should actively incentivize celebrities and public figures who are non citizen ehtnic Chinese to naturalize.

Round 7:
1. TH would make education in the high arts mandatory in schools.
2. TH would require presidential candidates to disclose their official records upon public request.
3. TH regrets the high priority given to sports in the national consciousness.

Round 8

1.TH prefers a secular autocracy to a fundamentalist democracy
2.TH would erase the legacies and tear down monuments dedicated to deposed dictators
3.TH would require election campaigns to be bi-/multi-lingual 
Double Octo Finals:

1. THBT states should actively protect the practice of home grown religion.
2. THBT the state should cease to recognize the specific 'right to religious freedom'.
3. TH would not allow religious missions to access the vulnerable.

Octo Finals:

1. THW target the families of our enemies.
2. THBT its legitimate for states to exaggerate threats to pass unpopular legislation they deem to be in the interest of national security.
3. THW discontinue all Black Operations.

Quarter Finals:

1. THW make the raising of business and labour standards a prerequisite for development aid.
2. THW punish financial institution who fail to maintain liquidity in situation of market fluctuation.
3. THW discard tourism reliant economy strategies

Semi finals:

Th welcomes the development of the feminist discourse that embrtaces and expounds on the physical and the psychological differences between men and women.
THBT seduction is a legitimate tool in achieving political ends.
THW send women as ambassadors to the countries that oppress women.


TH would never offer ammnesty to heads of state in the midst of possible regime change.

Sciences PO IV

(for the full result's click to go Colm's site)

Rd1: This house would invalidate any election result with a turnout below 70%
Rd2: This house would children should be excluded from any religion until adulthood
Rd3: This house would allow animated child pornography
Rd4: This house would pay developing countries to host western prisoners
Rd5: This house would abolish state pensions and instead only award benefits based on disability.
Semis: This house would the US government should publish all visual material relating to Osama Bin Laden's death
Final: This house would offer immediate EU candidate status to North African states on the precondition of democratic transition.



Final: THW form an ethical commission with legal enforcement authority for violation of ethical conducts by politicians.
Semiz: THBT West should arm Burmese militia.
Quarters: THBT gov should not allow media to publicize the celebrity kidnappings.
R5: THBT we should completely shift to clean energy by the year 2021, in the light of the current natural diasters.
R4: THBT gov should financially support single pregnant teenage mother.
R3: THW legalize sex tourisim in develpoing countires.
R2: THW impose a salary cap for the players of  the professional team sports.
R1: THW make two years of military training compulsory for every citizen within the age group of 16-20.

1) This house would eliminate tenure for university professors.
2) This house believes that S&M contracts are unconscionable.
3) This house would give preference to immigration applicants whose values are consistent with those of the host nation.
4) This house supports parents who secretly install spyware on their children’s electronic devices.
5) This house would not use public money on life-extending medical care for people over a certain age.
Finals: This house believes that whenever individuals have a choice between spending their money on luxuries or donating it to ameliorating suffering, morality demands donating.

XLI Invitational

1 THW subject all infrastructure construction to local referenda 
2 THBT what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas
3 THW install condom vending machines in all Greek Lyceum-level schools 
4 THW remove all immunity from prosecution from elected officials
5 THBT Muammar Gaddafi should be offered asylum in exchange for stepping down
SF You are a Greek newspaper, THW not publish scenaria that predict the bankruptcy of the Greek state 
F THW force-feed individuals who are on hunger strike and face imminent death 


R1 Thbt the criminal justice system should only utilize secular rehabilitation programs.
R3 This house would introduce an international minimum wage. 
R4 Thbt the propagation of extreme nationalism during the War on Terror do/did/does more harm than good. R5 Thbt professional sporting leagues should be responsible for sports related injuries and conditions for the lifetime of their athletes. 
R6 This House would allow the defendants that belong to a minority group to choose to be judged by a jury composed exclusively of other members of their same minority group.
Semi THBT the international community should Recognize the leadership of populist uprisings over their national governments.

USU 2011

full results are posted in the Colm's blog as usual :D

Final: This House believes that the United States government should actively facilitate the circumvention of Internet filters in other countries.
Novice Final: This House would open brothels on military bases
Semi: This House supports a constitutional right to a minimum standard of living
Qtrs: This House would instruct juries to acquit where they believe conviction would not be in the public interest.
Octos: This House believes that human shields are legitimate targets in war
R5: This house would create a public forum for active duty military personnel to criticize government policy.
R4: This House would mandate a quota for women on the boards of large corporations
R3: This House would grant amnesty to dictators who voluntarily leave office.
R2: This House would charge players who commit violent sporting fouls with assault.
R1: This house would mandate insurance in disaster prone areas

1. THW Ban Public Sector Strikes in Times of High Government Debt (Music: "9 to 5"-Dolly Parton)
2. THB That France Should Open Its Borders to Any Migrant from One of Its Former Colonies ("Empire State of Mind"-Jay-Z)
3. TH Supports the Establishment of 'Harvey Milk Schools' in Europe (The Harvey Milk School is a school in New York for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning Young People) ("Teenage Dream"-Cover by the cast of Glee)
4. THW Use Partition To Solve Civil Wars in Divided Societies ("Better Together"-Jack Johnson")
5. THB That It Is Immoral To Donate To Animal Charities Whilst Humans Are Dying of Poverty ("Feel Good Inc"-Gorillaz)
Semi: THB That Israel Should Abolish Conscription ("Everybody's Gone To War"-Nerina Pallot)
ESL Final: As the Editor of Jyllands-Posten in September 2005, THW Not Have Published the Mohammed Cartoons
Final: THB That A Woman Who Wears High Heels Is No More Free Than One Who Wears the Burqa ("Broken Heels"-Alexandra Burke)

Final: This House would put boots on the ground for regime change in Libya
Semi: This House would end our dependence on robots before it's too late. Room1
Rd6 This House would ban home schooling. Would this motion make sense in Europe? Just curious.
Rd5 This House believes that recent regime changes in Tunisia and Egypt will cause more harm than good.
Rd4 This House believes that China should end its one-child policy.
Rd2 This House believes that now is the time to abandon nuclear power.

R1: THBT foreign countries should not intervene in the matters of Grameen Bank.
R2: THBT the new ME crisis is the next renaissance.
R3: THBT ICC should restrict the non test playing nations from playing the next 50 overs WC! 
R4: THBT all statutory teen sex offenders should be treated like adults.  
R5: THBT gay rights movement should oppose gay marriage.
Final:THBT it is now time to close down all borders to economic migrants.

Demo Debate:
THW prioritize military veterans for jobs.
Round 1: Malaysia Boleh!
THBT religious conversion should not be a pre-requisite for marriage.
THW allow political parties to announce alliances only before elections.
THW abolish unnatural sex laws (oral/anal sex).
Round 2: Food
THBT countries with overall food shortage should not join the race for bio-fuels.
THW ban speculative trading on food products.
THW penalize corporations that waste food.
Round 3: Animals
THBT PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) should only accept vegetarians as members.
THW ban the neutering of pets.
THW allow the sale of parts of endangered animals which die natural deaths.
Round 4: IR
THBT the West would recognize Palestinian attacks on Israeli settlements as legitimate.
TH supports military intervention in Libya.
THW reintroduce the Sunshine Policy towards North Korea.
Round 5: Movement
THW pay beggars to leave big cities.
TH rejects the confinement of refugees.
THBT countries should give open borders to traditionally nomadic groups.
Round 6: Religion
THBT fear should not be used as a means of propagating religion to children.
THW ban religious preaching in public places.
THW ban religious groups from lobbying.
Round 7: Adam and/or Eve
THBT governments of developed countries should incentivize overseas adoption from Least Developed Countries
THW introduce affirmative action for sexual minorities (LGBT)
THBT mandatory military service should include women
Octo finals: Media
THBT governments sponsorship of TV shows that promote its agendas is justified.
THW disallow the making of biographical movies without the consent of the subject or his legal heir.
THW not give awards to celebs who glorify or openly use drugs.
Quarter finals: Law
THBT states should remove diplomatic immunity for judicial fairness.
THBT states should pay compensation to criminals who are acquitted after appeal.
THW ban the media from airing opinions on ongoing court trials
Semi Finals: Health and Medicine
THW deny healthcare to those who engage in illegal organ trading.
THW allow drug companies to advertize their products only to doctors.
THW ban research on behavior modification.
Grand Finals: Culture and Society
THBT cultural compatibility is legitimate grounds for differential immigration policies.
THBT it is justified for governments to destroy historical evidence which can cause social unrest.
TH supports state initiatives to define a national cultural identity.

R1: THBT the masses of ME though won the battle but would lose the war.
R2: THBT journalist should not be compelled by law to reveal their sources.
R3: THBT communtiy services which be a mandatory part of the school cirriculam.
R4: THBT Gov should use economic incentives to encourage healthy behaivioir.
Semis: THW punish the celebrites with harsher punishments for crimes regarding sex, alchohol and drugs.
Final: THBT emigrants shld pay an exit tax when they want to change their citisenship.

Northeast Universities Debating Championship 2011 

1. THBT liberal democracies should actively support protest movements in non-democratic states.
2. This House would let states of the USA go bankrupt.
3. This House would allow jurors to question witnesses.
4. This House would ban universities from using legacy admissions.
5. This House would ban non-essential cosmetic surgery.
6. This House would give India a permanent seat on the UN Security Council and only allow one seat to a European nation to be selected by the EU.


1. This House believes that every adult should have the right to sell his or her organs.
2. This House would make public transportation in major cities free of charge.
3. This House would subsidize multicultural marriage
4. This House would apologize for colonialism.
5. THBT governments should have an Internet kill switch.
6. This House believes that the Fall of Mubarak will benefit the west.

R1 : THW ban all advertisements during children programs.
R2 : THBT the gov shud limit access to social networking.
R3:  THW put a bar on development aid to Pakistan.
R4:  THW ban mini-skirts in the campuses of all educational institutions.
R5:  THBT all countries should give up their nuclear weapons.
Quarters: TH condemns military intervention in the name of public interest.
Semi:THW prefer corporate social responsibility over carbon tax.
Final: THBT all islamic states should recognize Israel

R1: THW allow doctors to actively lie to their patients to create a placebo effect.
R2: THW penalize female celebrities who allow themselves to be objectified in the music videos.
R3: THW not allow posthumous trail.
R4: THW not allow the international trade in sports people under 18.
Quarters:THW enforce copyright laws in the developing countries.  
Semis:  THBT quotas in public sector for women hinder development of women in developing countries.
Final: THW assasinate Hosni Mubarak.

SEO 2011
R0: This house believes that countries with problems of overpopulation should pay willing citizens to sterilise themselves 
R1: This house would directly elect captains of national sport teams
R2: This house believes that state funded health services should be provided by competitively tendered contracts by private companies, without direct state provision
R3: This house believes that it is legitimate for governments to deliberately lie to their citizens in times of war
R4: This house believes that individuals in developed countries have a bigger moral responsibility to poor people in the developing world than their own families
R5: This house believes that democratic countries should punish communication companies which cooperate with oppressive governments’ censorship policies
R6:This house would ban advertisements that use gender stereotypes
R7:This house believes that post-genocide states should punish the perpetrators of the genocide both visibly and publicly for the long term 
NOVICE FINAL: This house believes that developing countries should ban family members of the Head of State/Government from running for the same position
GRAND FINAL: This house would ban the celebration of martyrs

John Jay College's Gotham City Debates 29-30 January 2011

Round 1 - THB that health care is a privilege not a right.
Round 3 - THB that states should prioritize highly specialized worker visas over family visas.
Round 4 - This House believes that lotteries generate more harm for the state than good.
Round 5 - This House would try Sarah Palin for incitement.
Round 6 - This House believes that the right to vote cannot be rescinded for any criminal action.
Quarterfinals - THB that Haiti should not try Jean Claude Duvallier.
Semifinals - THBT in certain cases the state has the obligation to racially profile.
Finals - This House believes that corporations have the right to ban their employees from having children.

The Frank Thakur Das Memorial Debate (Delhi, India)2011

(The results could be found at www.worlddebating.blogspot.com)

Round 1
1. Festivals : THBT commercialization of festivals is good
2. Fasting : THW ban religious fasts unto death
3. Faith: THW use faith based rehabs in prisons.
Round 2
1. National Anthem: THW not force children to sing the national anthem in schools
2. Cultural Societies: THBT cultural societies should tax their members’ earnings.
3. G.I Joes: THBT parents should not give their children GI Joes and other war toys (tanks, guns, submarines, grenades etc)
Round 3
1. Bosses / Subordinates: THBT bosses should be held accountable for corruption activities of their subordinates
2. Espionage: THW decriminalize corporate espionage
3. Rashtrapati Bhawan: THW rent rooms in the Rashtrapati Bhawan (president’s residence)
Round 4 – Fictitious Setting
1. Superheroes : THBT all individuals with superpowers should be de-powered
2. Harry Potter: THBT Aurors should be allowed to use all unforgiveable curses at all times
3. Archies: THBT the makers of Archies should create a homosexual Love story.
Round 5
1. Gujarat : THW legalize the sale of alcohol at competitive prices in Gujarat
2. No man Left Behind: THW discard the no man left behind policy
3. Voter Rights: THW grant voters the right to recall.
Round 6
1. Illegal Immigrants: THW grant birthright citizenship for children of illegal immigrants
2. Ex-Rebels: THBT ex-rebels should not be integrated into state security forces.
3. Scientists & Researchers: THBT full time scientists and researchers should not pay tax on their salaries.
1. Black Money: THW allow citizens to transfer black money into white without the fear of prosecution
2. Lifestyle Choices: THBT the government should restrict lifestyle choices to combat climate change
3. Gender Discrimination: THBT religious bodies should not be allowed to discriminate on the basis of gender.
1. Material Advancement: THBT material advancement is more important than civil and political rights.
2. Koreas: THW reunify the Koreas
3. Islamic Dress: THBT the Arab world should stop selling oil to France until it removes restrictions on Islamic Dress
1. THBT Democracy is a luxury
2. THW create an international battlefield (war haven)
3. THBT a world where lying is impossible would be worse than one where it is possible.
WUDC 2011:

Rd1: This house believes that national sporting teams should reflect the diversity of the national population
Rd2: This house believes that  all states have a right to nuclear weapons
Rd3: This house believes that governments should not provide benefits on the basis of marital status
Rd4: This house believes that central banks should set limits on government spending
Rd5: This wouse would prioritise asylum Seekers who have engaged in armed struggle against oppressive regimes
Rd6: This wouse would allow teachers unions the right to strike
Rd7: This wouse would require individuals to reveal their actual identity when communicating on the internet
Rd8: This house believes that the southern african development community (SADC) should pursue political union
Rd9: This house believes that social movements should use the courts rather than the legislature to advance social change
Octo: This wouse would buy countries votes in nternational organizations
Qtr: This house believes that courts should not enforce wil>
EFL Semi: This house supports a one state solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
EFL Final: This wouse would give more votes to the poor
ESL Qtr: This house believes that domestic courts should try foreign nationals who commit war crimes abroad
ESL Semi: This wouse would prefer that the children of racial minorities be adopted by parents of that race
ESL Final: This house believes that the courts should break up consistently dominant political parties
Masters Rd1: This wouse would buy local
Masters Final: This house prefers a philosopher King to a tyrannical democracy

OIC 2010 

On Classics;
This House Supports Capital Punishment
This House Will Not Prohibit Smoking in Public Places
This house Supports Euthanasia (voluntary suicide for the terminally ill)


"On Rights"

This House Supports Polygamy
This House understands the French Position to ban the Hijab
This House believes that the State should set the curriculum in religious schools.

This House believes that OIC member countries should organise a women-only Olympics
This house will punish teams for the misbehaviour of their fans
This house will allow performance enhancing drugs in sports.

1. THBT member states should grant free movement of labour in the OIC.
2. THBT the OIC should intervene to protect persecuted ethnic minorities in its member countries.
3. THBT there should be an OIC representative as a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council.


"The right thing to do"

1.This house beleives that OIC should recognize the state of israel in exchange of a two state government.
2.This house believes that state should not rebuild in areas prone to natural disasters
3.This house would convict family members of public affairs found guilty of corruption.



1.THBT OIC should promote democracy amongst its member countries.
2.THBT the West has no right to impose elections on transitioning democracies.
3.This House would give corporations a vote in general elections.



1. This house will impose a minimum quota for female teachers on government subsidized madrasas.
2. THBT governments of conservative Muslim countries should fund corporations that employ only women to further the feminist agenda.
3. This house will punish parents who refuse ti send their daughters to school.

GF: THBT OIC should have its own elected parliament.

RUMC 2010

Round 1: THW ban Internet Gambling
Round 2: THBT international space station is a wastage of money.
Round 3: THBT religious leaders should not comment on any political issue.
Round 4: THW penalise teachers involved in school romance.
Octo Finals: TH regrets the power of internet.
Quater Finals: THW allow soldiers to sue their government for negligence
Semi finals:THBT the "Ban on Burqa" is a failure of the feminist movement.
Final: THW reduce the prison time for the prisoners in exchange of formal education.

2nd East Asian Invitational 2010
Results posted on worlddebating.blogspot.com

Round 1 This House would pay the poor not to have children
Round 2 This House would refuse to extradite suspected criminals to states where they face the death penalty.
Round 3 This House would stop all development aids to Africa.
Round 4 This House believes that oil companies should not be allowed to hold patents on renewable technologies.
Round 5 This House believes that army bases should their own state-sponsored brothels.
Semi-Finals: This house believes that USA should end all efforts to broker peace in the Israel-Palestine conflict.
Grand Final: This House believes that 1st World Liberal Democracies should repeal all laws on treason.

Grand Final: This House believes that 1st World Liberal Democracies should repeal all laws on treason.

EWU Debate Spree 2010

Preliminary Rounds
Round 1-THB in Bailing of the Failing Financial Icons
Round 2-THBT military should overthrow governments which have lost popular legitimacy
Round 3-THW Abolish All Restrictions Against Immigration
Round 4-THW Remove All Legal Barriers to the Genetic Enhancement of Humans
Round 5-THBT Love is an Overrated Concept
Elimination Rounds
Semifinals-THBT a mosque constructed at Ground Zero is a Representation of Religious Freedom
Finals-THBT the poverty of the 3rd World is the fault of the 1st World

2010 Oxford Intervarsity
Results posted on worlddebating.blogspot.com

Final: This House supports the use of a draft by lottery when engaged in extended military interventions.
Semi Final: This House believes that a free market economy does not make the workers free.
Qtr Final: This House believes that the UN should offer large bounties for the capture of pirates and the destruction of pirate ships
Round 1: This House believes that Adoption Agencies that receive state funding should give priority to same sex couples and infertile couples.
Round 2: This House would ban the use of armed combat drones.
Round 3: This House would tax those who use expensive lawyers in order to fund state prosecutors and legal aid.
Round 4: This House would require large online social networks to be controlled democratically by their users
Round 5: This House would hold the state liable for injuries or deaths due to being homeless.
ESL Semi: This House would abolish all funding for arts degrees
ESL Final: This House would allow poor countries to erect trade barriers against rich countries under the WTO

R1 THW forcibly remove women and children from extreme religious communities
R2 THW punish poachers who kills endangered species with first degree murder.
R3 THE ban members of political families from partcipating in politics.
R4 THW remove US bases from South Korea.
R5 THW prevent criminals from publishing the acounts of their crimes.
Semifinal-THBT states have no moral responsibilites to intervene in any other countries even in cases of genocide
Final-THW kill all the cattles like the way Europeans did, in the case of Mad Cows.

HKDO 2010 Motions

Round 1: This house would force corporations to produce advertisement that feature only people who represent the region they are advertising in.
Round 2: This house believes that awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to Liu Xiaobo will harm the human rights situation in China rather than improve it.
Round 3: This house would not allow law enforcement officers to impersonate minors online to entrap pedophiles.
Round 4: This house would ban artificial reproductive technologies (such as IVF, Sperm banks, surrogacy, etc.) to force people to adopt.
Round 5: This house would recruit rebel soldiers into state armies once conflicts are concluded.

Round 6: This house believers that in the event of natural disasters in areas prone to those disasters, the state should only provide reconstruction aid to people that agree to relocate to safer areas.
Semi Final: This house would subject religions to anti-gender-discrimination laws.
Grand Final: This house support the violent removal of corrupt officials by citizens in the weak democracies.

The Macau North-East Asian Open 2010

(The full result could be found at :http://worlddebating.blogspot.com/2010/11/macau-north-east-asian-open-2010.html

R1: THBT parents whose children are grossly obese should be penalized for child abuse.
R2: THBT China should support United Nation sanctions on North Korea.
R3: THBT energy companies of developed countries operating in developing countries should adhere to the environmental standards of their countries of origin.
R4: THBT EU should sanction its members for denying practice of religious freedom in public.
R5: THW ban beneficiaries of public welfare from entering casinos.
EFL Semi: THW allow the Taliban to join the elections as a legitimate party.
EFL Final: THBT Nobel Peace Prize should only be awarded in recognition of individuals who have already brought peace.
Quarter-Final: THBT African Union should monitor and be responsible for the security in Somalian waters.
Semi-Final: THW shut down websites of political bloggers that spread lies.
Grand-Final: THBT drug addicts should only be eligible for social welfare under condition of rehabilitation.

Edinburgh IV‏

Round 1: THB that university graduates should pay the cost of their university education through a graduate tax.
Round 2: THB that if the biological father is willing and able to raise the future child, he should have the right to prevent the abortion.
Round 3: THB that the EU should recognise an independent state of Palestine.
Round 4: THW subsidise companies for the employment of ex-convicts.
FINAL: THB that states should have to re-ratify all international treaties every 25 years.

Hart House 2010

(The results and details can be found in www.worlddebating.blogspot and http://progymna.blogspot.com/)

R1: Thw would never conscript its citizens
R2: THB that Quebec should field its own national sports teams.
R3: This House opposes Valentines Day.
R4: This House supports a united Ireland
R5: This House supports shorter jail sentences for aboriginal offenders.
Quater Finals: This House supports a constitutional role in government for the Pakistani military.
Semifinals: This House supports positive discrimination in favor of male educators
Final: This House prefers an equal society to a rich one.

IUT IV 2010

1st round: THBT Ground Zero Mosque Should Not Be Built.
2nd round: THW punish the HIV positive who commit themselves to unsafe sex as murderers.
3rd round:THW ban Religious Political Parties.
4th round:THW financially incentivize petty criminals for not recommitting the offense.
5th round: THBT a portion of salaries of married individuals should be credited to the spouse account.
6th round: THBT international criminal court should prosecute crime against earth.
Semifinal: THW use educational institutions to instill moral norms in children beyond mere obedience to law.
Final: THW demolish half a century old buildings of Dhaka city.

Binghamton IV 2010 (US WUDC circuit)

1. THW ban for-profit universities
2. THW allow wildlife park officials to sell parts of animals who have died natural deaths
3. THB that the parents of morbidly obese children should be charged with child abuse
4. THW reduce prison sentences in exchange for convicts gaining educational qualifications.
5. THW allow people to sell their votes.
6. THW require independent professional accreditation of all individuals who receive compensation for providing political commentary in the media.
Quarters: THW grant dolphins, porpoises and whales rights equivalent to those of human children.
Semis: THW ban the creation of artificial life.
Finals: THW make all middle schools and high schools single gender

Full Results available at http://worlddebating.blogspot.com/2010/09/binghamton-results.html


Round 1 THW Not Build The "Ground Zero Mosque"
Round 2 THW Abolish Drug Trafficking in Malaysia
Round 3 THBT Social Disgust is Legitimate Grounds for the Restriction of Artistic Freedom
Round 4 THW Have Quotas for Female Representation in Politics
Round 5 THBT the Pope Should Get Laid
Quarter Finals THW Abolish All Single Sex Schools in Malaysia
Semi Finals THBT the OIC Should Unconditionally Recognize the State of Israel
Grand Finals THBT Former Colonial Powers Should Pay Reparations to Their Former Colonies

Full results is available at :http://worlddebating.blogspot.com/2010/09/ucti-open-results.html

ANU Spring‏ 

Round 1: This house would require prosepctive parents to obtain a
license in order to have children
Round 2: This house would cease all public funding for the arts
Round 3: This house believes that Lady Gaga is bad for feminism
Round 4: This House believes that juries, not judges, should decide
issues of constitutional law
Round 5: This house believes that the Mexican Government should
legalise all drugs
Semi Final: This House believes that gene patenting should be illegal
Grand Final: This house believes that the Vatican should not be
afforded the rights of a state

Full Results available at

Red Sea Open 2010

The motions:
R1: This house would actually build a mosque in Ground Zero
R2: This house believes that state subsidy for higher education should
priorities students whose parents did not have higher education
R3: This house would allow the use of lethal force against intruders
in defense of property.
R4: This house would not have a Facebook profile
R5: This house, which is China, would cease all political and economic
support to North Korea
R6: This house believes that environmental terrorism is morally justified
SF: This house believes that multi national corporations should trade
with rebel groups, and in the areas they control
F: This house would ban all forms of Missionary activity in Israel

Full results available at : Results of the Red Sea Open 2010

Assumption UADC 2010


Round 0 – Ban
THW ban websites that do your assignments for you
THBT that governments should totally ban smoking
THW ban hymen reconstruction surgery
Round 1 – Religion
THBT the right to free speech does not extend to offending religions
THBT religious organizations should pay taxes on donations received and assets owned
THBT the Pope should be prosecuted for the crimes of Roman Catholic priests
Round 2 – Medical Ethics
THBT Doctors should be obligated to report suspected cases of domestic abuse
THBT Doctors should not be forced to perform medical procedures that are against their faith
THW Ban treatments that claim to cure homosexuality
Round 3 – Post Conflict
THBT post conflict societies should recruit rebel soldiers into state armies
THBT that it is justified to represent fallen regimes as absolutely evil in history textbooks
THW confiscate property of those who cooperated with oppressive regimes after the fall of the regime
Round 4 – Big Cities
THW pay youth to not move to urban centers
THW place a prohibitive tax on car ownership
THW impose curfews in high crimes areas
Round 5 – Media
THBT that western liberal democracies should ban online anonymity
THBT the willingness to participate in formal public election debates should be a pre-requisite for candidates running for national office
THW ban advertisements that use sex to sell products
Round 6 – Pop Culture / Art
THBT Harry Potter has done more harm than good for literature
THBT that important characters in movies should be portrayed by actors of the same ethnicity
THW impose a minimum age for pop stars
Round 7 – International Relations
THBT it’s time the US recognize Hamas as a legitimate representative of Palestine
THBT the NLD should not boycott the elections in Burma
THBT the leaders of nations that stockpile agricultural products for economic gain while global hunger persists should be charged with crimes against humanity
Round 8 – Social Dilemmas
THW compel children to care for their parents
THW allow minors to apply to be recognised as adults before they reach they age of majority
THBT individuals who have undergone cosmetic surgery should be required to disclose it to anyone whom they want to have children with.
Pre-Octos - WTO
THBT Russia should be admitted as a full member into the WTO now
THBT the WTO should hold all countries to uniform labour standards
THBT the WTO dispute regulation mechanism should allow disregarding intellectual property as a form of retaliation to unfair trade practices
Octofinals - Environment
THW make environmental protection a legitimate defense in the prosecution of destruction of property
THBT The environmental movement should publish outright lies about the extent of environment harm to promote their cause
THBT governments should only subcontract to environmentally friendly companies
Quarters Finals and EFL Semifinals – Immigration
THBT ASEAN nations should accept Burmese refugees
THS accept migrants even if they do not respect laws banning polygamy
THW give asylum to sexual minorities
Semis – Sexy Time
THBT gay parades do more harm than good to the gay community
THW fund sex change operations
THBT women should withhold sex with their partners to get them to end violent rebellion against the state
EFL Finals – Crime and Punishment
THW create a DNA registry of all criminals
THW physically castrate rapists
THBT prisoners sentence to life without parole should be allowed to choose the death penalty
Finals – Asia and Unity
THW Abolish parties based on ethnicity
THW create an Asian Parliament
THBT China’s rise to power is in the best interest of Asia
(Finals motions the adjudication core wanted to run but didn't)
THBT Asia should have a common currency
THBT Asia should have the same electric socket configuration
THBT Asians should all drive on the same side of the road

Auckland Australs 2010

Round 1: Religion
That we should prevent parents from raising their children in a
particular religious faith
That governments should refuse to recognise Scientology as a religion
That it should be a crime to insult religions

Round 2: Sport
That we should ban the international trade in sportspeople under the age of 18
That we should ban the private ownership of professional sporting clubs
That all countries competing in the Olympics should have to include
male and female athletes

Round 3: Australia (and New Zealand)
That New Zealand and Australia should remove the Fiji Government by force
That New Zealand and Australia should place no restrictions migrants
from Pacific countries, other than those relating to health and
That we support granting land rights to indigenous peoples as a means
of redressing historical injustice

Round 4: Families
That infidelity should be a factor in the financial resolution of divorce
That senior citizens should be financially supported (when required)
by their adult children
That courts should refuse to recognise pre-nuptial agreements

Round 5: Asia
That the US should not sell arms to Taiwan
That China should abolish the 'one child' policy
That the Philippines should have a Truth and Reconciliation Commission
into the crimes of the Arroyo administration instead of criminal

Round 6: Liberty, Freedom and Choice
That we should prohibit the labelling of products as ‘fair trade’
That we should prohibit discrimination in the labour market on the
basis of physical attractiveness
That we should end all government funding for health, education, and
police measures that aim to prevent suicide

Round 7: La Vieille Europe
That the US should withdraw its military bases from Europe
That we should say, au revoir, tot ziens, and, finally, partition Belgium
That Turkish admission to the EU should be contingent upon a full
recognition of the Armenian genocide

Round 8: The Law
That all defendants and victims in sexual assault trials should have
their identity protected until a verdict is reached
That socially progressive movements should use the courts to advance
social change
That we should prohibit private prisons

Octo-finals: Learning
That we should ban homeschooling
That we support the use of school vouchers
That we should link funding of schools to performance in standardised exams

Quarter-finals: Democracy
That we should ban professional political lobbyists
That the leaders of parliamentary parties should be chosen by party
members rather than their parliamentary colleagues
That individuals should be able to sell their vote

ESL Semi-finals: Health
That we should stop the search for the ‘gay gene’
That we should abolish private health insurance
That we should ban non-essential cosmetic surgery

Semi-finals: Tax and Equality
That there should be a constitutional limit on the regressiveness of
the tax system
That income tax levels should be determined by the relative privilege
of an individual’s upbringing
That we should use the tax system to subsidise the ownership of major
businesses by members of disadvantaged social minorities

ESL Grand Final: Immigration
That we should auction the right to immigrate
That emigrants should pay an ‘exit tax’ when they change their citizenship
That ASEAN should allow free and open movement of labour within its borders

Grand Final
That the West should immediately withdraw from Afghanistan
That the right to a minimum standard of living should be legally
enforceable in developed countries
That the International Criminal Court should allow for the prosecution
of ‘crimes against the earth’

Full results available at: http://www.australs2010.com/